Non fast day plans

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  • Would it be possible to have a new permanent thread for members to post what they eat on non fast day’s the fast day’s seem easy but I struggle to know what to eat on non fast days, I realise I can eat what I want but up until starting this diet I have hardly ever ate enough during a day, now I find I should eat up to my TDEE 2300 I find this hard to achieve

    Hiya ttfan, you don’t have to eat right up to your TDEE on non-fastdays. You should aim for above your BMR number but you can (and if you want to lose weight probably should) eat less than your TDEE.

    A paella made with seafood and bits of chicken with cauliflower rice works well! I have pork and aubergine hotpot to eat alone or with cauliflower rice and a Thai beef salad which is basically spicy mince served on lettuce leaves like a sort of wrap. Fish and meat with veg or salad is best – simple food that you don’t have to count calories for. We’ve found combining low carb with 5:2 very effective!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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