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  • My whole life I was told breakfast was the most important meal to eat.. I ate it even if I wasn’t hungry. Since I started this new way of life I stopped breakfast.. Before I started this I ate an egg and toast and sides every day. Now I usually crave some sort of toast or a piece of banana or pumpkin bread..I am a tea drinker so cup of hot tea and water.. I will have that on non fasting days.. On fasting days I have a half of piece of toast.. I am not hungry for breakfast anymore.. I started this in september and lost about 12 pounds.. It has made me notice on the non fasting days how much calories I have been taking in. It makes me pause and say hmmm I don’t think I will eat all that now. I love this because I find if I have a craving for something and its too much calories on a fast day, I just know that I can wait till tomorrow to have that. The thing I like about it is I can do this for the rest of my life.. I look at it like I am giving my organs a rest on the fasting days…. I have discovered popcorn if I am hungry is filling and low in calories..

    Hi Pomollygram, I am the same. If I eat breakfast I need food sooner in the day generally. I have started not having breakfast and I am not hungry because of it. In fact, generally the less I eat (ie nothing) the easier it is. Fast days are easy whilst at work (non active at a desk). I have only started this week though (day 5) so perhaps it will get harder.. I hope not.
    Fingers crossed and good luck with your journey..

    Hi Pamollygram, if you aren’t hungry why even have a piece of toast for breakfast on fasting days? I find I have less hunger if I don’t eat. Once I eat a little I start getting hungry. Typically I break a fast by eating some walnuts. Half hour latter I’m hungry.

    When I eat breakfast I tend to eat a larger one. Typically oatmeal with 3 or 4 servings of fruit, some peanut butter and a small amount of dark chocolate. I don’t think it is a problem for an adult to skip breakfast, I just like breakfast myself. I often find that I eat more in the morning and very little after about 1pm. My dinners tend to be light, but there are exceptions. When I started fasting I did it by skipping dinner and eating in the morning. For me that was easy.

    So while I’m a breakfast eater I don’t really think breakfast is a necessary meal. It is just whatever fits your lifestyle. More power to you, losing 12 pounds in a couple months!

    I have never been a breakfast eater – with rare exception like maybe if we are on vacation or out with friends or something.

    Like said before, once I start eating – I am hungry. Especially if I eat carbs (which are very prevalent in breakfast meals).

    I say why break the fast (which is how breakfast got its name, of course) until needed?

    Congrats on the weight loss, obviously your body is pleased with the way you have been treating it. Way to go !

    Interesting! I read somewhere that you have less willpower at nighttime because it’s been used up during the day. Skipping breakfast and keeping food intake to a minimum until later on in the day definitely works for me too, because that way when my mind is weaker and less able to resist food I have more calories left.

    Dykask my body responds to food in the same way as yours. Once I start eating in the morning I find that I am hungrier throughout the day. So I do like to wait until later in the day to begin eating. Early afternoon to mid afternoon is best for me. Also I work a second shift on my job so it does make it a little better that way.

    thanks good luck to you too!

    thanks for the reply, I do find that if I don’t eat anything i am less hungry but my stomach feels queasy in the morning so I need something like dry toast. I have found that graham crackers are really low in calories.. sometimes I will have 2-4 crackers with a cup of tea and that does it for me.

    hi thanks for the reply, yes this way of life really works for me. I plan to do this the rest of m y life. this is a new lifestyle not a diet..for me.

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