Newbie here .. drinks for coping with hunger pangs ?

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Newbie here .. drinks for coping with hunger pangs ?

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  • Hi. I’m new and about to step into my first 5:2 day tomorrow using MM’s original 500 cals FD (Tuesday Thursday) from his first 2013 Fast diet book.. anyone had good experience while drinking sparkling water as well as tea and coffee to help the hunger pangs throughout the day? Female 56, to loose 14lbs this year Start 13.04.2021.

    Hi 21Aprilnewway,

    Yes – I use all 3 plus zero calorie coke when I feel like a different flavour. I’ve been on 5:2 now for over 8 years and I normally use sodastream sparkled water and black coffee during a fast day, with zero cal coke at the evening meal. Sometimes I want black tea instead during the day. Apart from the fact that sometimes when you think you are hungry you are actually thirsty, I think simply the distraction of drinking also works to make you forget about being hungry.

    Best of luck with it.

    Thank you for your advice… yes found out that one had to drink a lot to rid the hunger pangs. Mostly water Tea or Coffee. Fantastic you have kept going for 8 years well that’s inspirational! 1lb off 1st week so that was fab.

    No problem. I don’t know if it helps, but when I started I set myself a few interim targets to maintain enthusiasm, plus you need to treat it as a marathon, not a sprint, and not worry too much when a few inevitable plateaux occur. I hit my minimum weight after 6 months, then set myself a general target a little bit more than that to try to maintain a BMI around 22.5 – it was 22.9 today but I always seem to put on a little more weight from Christmas to Easter and then lose again for the rest of the year. 6:1 maintenance never worked for me, so I’ve kept it as 5:2 the whole time (but never on holiday). Also don’t worry if you appear to put weight on after a fast day – that’s happened to me loads of times but didn’t stop the general trend being downwards.

    Very best of luck with it.

    I find a broth or light soup is really good. It fills the tummy and it has good salts and minerals in that seem to help.

    Thank you to both above. Finding it a little easier into third week and have lost 3 lbs so far (probably still water coming off). Will see on this coming saturday if any further movement on scale However feel more energised day after Fast. Generally feeling very positive about this method.

    Glad to hear it’s going well so far. Long may it continue.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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