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  • Dear all
    I am a newcomer to this forum,,,even I have tried all those other diets..but didn’t work, may be due to my loss of willpower.Istarted my 5:2 fast diet last Wednesday, planning to keep Wednesday and sunday as my fast days,but sunday my calorie intake went to 800,but on other days its around 1200 to 1300,but happy that after starting I have reduced around 900gms…so that’s a positive feel…eventhough I have to loose around 20 kg…so suggestions are always welcome…..

    Hi I also started this diet last week and am on my 4th day today. I was surprised how good I felt on the fasting days and am using the recipe book and a calorie calculator on my ipod to help me start off. I have been told by a friend who started me on this diet that for the first few week a calorie counted meal pre bought is helpful is this ok? Am definitely not getting on the scales for a while as would be too disapointed if they didn’t move!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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