New Year – New Start – January 2019 Challenge

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New Year – New Start – January 2019 Challenge

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  • DAy 3 FD- NY

    Winding down on my second fast day this week. My first fast day was New Year’s Eve: I don’t ever celebrate it or do anything. If anything,I thought a fast was appropriate.
    Over the holidays I tried to cut out soda but found I just replaced it with wine. So, it was more of a lateral move. (I like Riesling and Pinot Grigio. I just don’t like red wine. My favorite mixed drink is a grey goose sour)
    I think instead of saying “I can’t have….” I substitute, “ I don’t drink soda”. I’ve also found lots of tricks to taper things down; if I eliminate something I automatically want it. So, before I drink a Coke I drink a glass of water. Then if I still want it, I might indulge. But more often than not, it gets easier not-to. Or sometimes I say, “ well that would taste good” but I think being smaller in the future would be more rewarding. It helps.
    My husband does 16:8. He lost about 20 lbs only doing that. He’s gained a few back in the last month but not much. He did this with me a few years ago but found it too difficult. Now he thinks it’s cause he ate breakfast. I never eat before 12pm on a fast day. I sacrifice food calories so I can drink my americano the way I like it, usually before 12, but it helps keep me happy. So, I do have sugar before 12 but I don’t think it’s as bad as when I eat. Then I’m hungry for the whole day.

    My heart is soaring with love right now! And it’s all because of @anna6!

    You remembered…….I was so surprised when you asked!

    Yes, I will be attend First Friday Mass with the whole family in tow!

    I know that it does not seem like much but just having you remember means so much to me!

    Thank you!

    Okay, I know this is my third post but I have a very important question to ask……

    I do not want to leave my Christmas decorations up until Candemas Day which falls on Feb. 2nd….

    With that being said….. do I take them down the 12th night which is Jan. 5th or epiphany on Jan. 6th.

    I can’t remember what I did last year and for what ever reason, I’m sick of look at Christmas decoration. Not sure why this is….I did not actually put them up until about a week and half before Christmas and I only put up a quarter of what I normally do.
    Plus, We didn’t even put our outside lights up either! The only thing we did put up outside was the Star of David which went out two days after Christmas!

    Oh….. my……. I’m trying my luck with St. Peter this holiday season!

    Day 4 – Japan – WFD

    First fast day of the year.

    I’m a bit plump because I haven’t been working out hard. I’ve been letting my hand heal. The injury is pretty minor, but it is easy to spread injuries when working out hard. I’ll probably start building up my workouts again tomorrow.

    Day 4 Massachusetts USA FD I’ve been gaining 1/2 pound/month on maintenance. That’s not acceptable to me. I need to go back on a strict 5/2 then devise an effective maintenance plan. I have five pounds to lose. That’s not much compared to the 23 I had to lose in 2917/18. I’m back on track.

    Day 4. FD. London. UK

    I’m starting a pocket list. I messed up yesterday but today, Friday, I’m going to nail it.

    @emma-taylor. FD

    Night night. H

    Day 4 – Perth AUS – FD

    Going for the 3rd fast day in a row. Was meant to start off with 4 in a row, but three is pretty close and I’m feeling the fast a little today, so will not be a water fast. Looking forward to something substantial to eat tomorrow, but part of me is hoping that a three day fast means my stomach will tell me when I am overeating by saying “I’m full”. The Fast 800 book is out today, so will be hunting down a copy from BigW – only $19 there and don’t have to wait for shipping 🙂

    Realised I haven’t done any Just Dance yet, so will have to do 4 songs to make up for the 4 days. It’s a fun way to exercise though and isn’t weather dependent so no excuses!

    Day 4 pocketeers:
    @emma Taylor

    Day 4 country West Australia
    I am IN…. again…..
    Firstly @at you are wonderful to take the reins again so thank you in advance.
    Me – 60 year old female started 5:2 with a vengeance in November 2016. Got down to 70 kg ( a loss of 7 kgs) in a few months due to doing 5:2 very conscientiously.
    Hit a plateau for SO long that I took up residence there for months.
    Became a bit half-hearted in the way I then did 5:2 for the rest of the year.
    Tried to fool myself into thinking that I was fasting , but really…. you can fool yourself only some of the time….
    Anyway over the next 12 months I put ON 14 kgs !!!! to become the heaviest I have EVER BEEN!!!
    Apologies for shouting but seriously, what was I thinking.
    Tried fasting half heartedly on and off for many months, then the past 6 months ( which have been really difficult on many fronts – parents dying; other family members with serious health issues and so on ) I ate my way through enough food for a small country.
    Knowingly ate hot chips ( fries), chocolate , double portions of EVERYTHING, forgot about TDEE and ate about 3 x TDEE daily … yada yada yada.
    Long story short I now need to lose about 20 kgs which is not the best way to start the year.
    BUT with the support of this group I am happy to be back on the wagon from next week – 2 chefs currently in the house, a big party here tomorrow, another celebration on Monday ….
    I AM committed to starting 5:2 and staying on the wagon this time.
    Hello to the many ‘old faces’ here.
    So good to be back in the fold. Ahhhhhh…
    Happy New Year to all.
    Onwards and downwards.👍😀

    Day 4, Wellington NZ – FD

    lilymartin – you are singing my song! And I’m back again too, and everything you said applies to me – half hearted fasting etc and ending up heavier than ever at 81kg. When will we learn this is a way of life, not something to come and go on??

    I was on earlier version of this forum a couple of years ago, even taking the reins a couple of times. I have a couple of family weddings coming up and have started a six kilos in six weeks thread, but I am signing on to this and putting myself on the spreadsheet to add to the commitment and tap into the support.

    hi to everyone

    What is CD in the spreadsheet please?

    Day 4 – Melbourne AUS – NFD

    A scorcher here today at 42C (am sitting in the office with a jacket on, typical!)

    Successful first FD of the year at 490cal yesterday, and feeling much more like myself with that under my belt.

    Official Jan weigh in had me at 70.1kg, so a gain 3kg in 2 weeks. But all good, it’s what I expected. Think some food in transit, not to mention a bit of extra water retention from the extra salt over the holidays (salt rimmed margaritas, I’m looking at you!!) but after two good gym sessions and a solid FD I’m feeling the body tighten back up, so I’m sure the number on the scales will come down a bit next week. Quick on, quick off! And can’t expect to lose it in 2 days if it took 2 weeks to put on…lol!

    @emmataylor I feel you! I often overindulge over Christmas. Just be patient and trust the process, you’re not the only one!!
    @michelinme congrats on the restraint!! Not easy with temptation at your fingertips.
    @at thanks for the welcome back and for hosting! The forum is always on my mind (warmly, with loving support) even if I don’t post daily. A bit of an internet cleanse was welcomed over the break 
    @redrockgirl302 hope you feel better soon!
    @debster251 & @emma1202 I also absolutely love the idea of putting ticks against days avoiding sugar, probably a pipe dream on some days, but I might join in on that too if you don’t mind?!

    Happy Friday everyone!

    @chipmunk13 – CD refers to “Controlled Day” – often not a very low calorie FD but controlled, maybe 800-1200 calories

    Day 3 Ohio, US —- FD(#43)

    A good FD, stayed on task and had a little more energy than in the recent past.

    @gretta It was 42 here today also! Of course that’s Fahrenheit and we’re having a little heat wave. (I guess that translates to 5 C.)

    Also @gretta, @debster251, and @emma1202 I too need to tame the sugar monster. What’s amazing to me is that when I realized I was consuming too much alcohol, I just stopped and never had the urge again. (I do partake now and then — at Christmas I had some alcoholic eggnog, but the time before that was probably some time in July.) On a cross-country trip about 20 years ago, I decided to stop eating meat and fish and never have had the desire to consume them since. So why is it that I can smell the sugar in the air as I walk by the candy aisle at the grocer’s and immediately have a craving? I’ve often wondered whether having a couple of beers and a steak every night would solve the sugar problem, but I can’t bring myself to run the experiment. Hopefully we can all find another way!

    Day 4 Melb Aust FD (more like a CD)

    Well, horribly hot here. @gretta, I share with you the joy that is Melbourne heat, except that I’m at home. The temperature has apparently dropped 10 degrees in the past half-hour, to 31.7, and the forecast is still for 24 degrees at 5 p.m. – not long now!!!! So glad it’s cooler. I just don’t do well in the hot weather. Actually, that’s something this forum will help with – keeping me accountable during the heat, when my eating tends to derail.Late January to the end of March are my “danger” times.

    @Emma1201, thanks for the comments re sticking to 5:2 instead of trying to speed things up with 4:3. I think I’ll try to do that for the next couple of months, and maybe change things around once I’m accustomed to this WOL.

    @at, my normal TDEE is probably around 1900 cals, but I’ve a fitbit Charge 2 which also records my exercise, and when I have a really heavy day of gardening plus exercise as well, according to the fitbit, my TDEE on those days is often closer to 2300, because of how much I’ve done. Most times it is around 1900, though. Just that yesterday I did about 90 minutes of heavy gardening as well as walking, so exercised for nearly 2 hours in total, and the fitbit showed the TDEE increase. I find it helpful on a day-to-day basis, knowing what I have to stay under with a NFD. Maybe I’m fooling myself, but it seems to work.

    @lorky35, I agree re breakfast. I am much happier being “allowed” to skip breakfast, because once I start eating that early, I will just eat more than normal for the day.

    @bert1802, not sure about the Christmas decorations removal time. My mother always said they should be up for the 12 days of Christmas, but I can never remember if she took them down on the 12th day or the 13th. Does anyone know what the English custom is?

    Thanks for all the advice re Dr MM’s book availability and also looking up Dr Jason Fung re autophagy and loose skin.

    Additional post day 4

    I’ve been noticing that when I back off from working out or fasting I tend to put on fat really fast. Then I realized it isn’t any faster than before, it is just more noticeable because I’m starting from a much lower amount of fat in the first place.

    For example people tend to gain about 2kg/year in the U.S., mostly over holidays. When one is really slim, that is a lot of fat and very noticeable. After 25 years that is less than a 2% gain in body fat (assuming 50kg has been put on) and probably not so easy to notice.

    So when we are at the point where we can see the changes in body fat, that is a better than being where it is hard to notice the changes.

    Day 4. UK. NFD

    Yesterday’s FD ended a little high at 466; scrambled egg for a late lunch and a piece of crabbed topped cod for supper. All rather nice. However, I’m not worried as my weekly calorie count will be reduced enough overall.

    @at & @basyjames what a good idea. Two screens! I’m doing it now :). Thank you for the tip!

    @redrockgirl302 Here’s hoping you’re feeling better! I understand about being disappointed when weights up after low calorie days. It happens to me. All we can do is carry on and hope the results will catch us up.

    @bert1802 I tend to take mine down on the twelfth night. However this year we took the decorations down yesterday as we are going away today for the weekend and won’t be here to do it. I couldn’t face coming back and having it to do next Monday which isn’t the right day either!

    @lilymartin Welcome back and condolences for your loss. This forum is a fantastic source of support and guidance. I feel blessed to have found them!

    @betsylee Santa brought me a Fitbit Charge 2 & Aria 2. I’m loving it! But I didn’t know it showed TDEE… doh. Do you look on your Dashboard or does it come up on screen? I had a Fitbit One a few years ago but when I got my sci which saw my daily steps drop from 20,000 a day to virtually nil it was assigned to the back of the drawer. I will never get to where I was before but I do like to do my best every single day. Plus the Charge2 buzzes every hour to encourage some activity/movement which I find useful. Edit … Just checked my Dashboard and it shows cals burnt …. is that what you mean?

    Wishing everyone a great Friday 😊

    Day 4 Pocket List


    Jan 1 fd, Jan 2 fd 70.1 kg , 200g loss. Jan 3 nfd, jan 4 fd

    Day 4 Wales FD
    2nd fd with day off in between. Feeling pleased that I’m actually enjoying this way of eating and waking up to a fd doesn’t fill me with trepidation as embarking on ‘diet’ journey. I checked up and realised I started the FD in november and lost 6lbs by Christmas wasn’t hard and I felt so well! Christmas over and now day 4 and the benefits I know I will gain excite me. Everyone here is a success story. I want to be part of this story 🙂

    Day 4 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Finally got my first FD of 2019 done yesterday. Loss of 2lbs. Still loads more to go (at least 8lbs and then a further 5 to reach maintenance) so yup, I have put on a stone weight since starting my sedentary job plus trips, holidays, celebrating, …..what a difference 4 months can make.

    Can I lose that stone in 4 months? Yes I WILL!!! And even if I don’t I will continue on with this WOL. I will get there.

    Off out tonight though for an overnight at my friends then an early start tomorrow for some serious retail therapy with the girls in Northern Ireland and hopefully lots of bargains.

    Have a great Friday all

    @lilymartin so glad to see you back and welcome. Hop on board.

    @emma1202 thanks for the shout out, yes it was my day!

    @bert1802 here in Ireland it’s 6th January when decorations come down. It’s knows as “Women’s Christmas” and in rural parts of Ireland its traditional that the women get a day off from traditional “women’s work” …(I know, I know)……anyway, most people take them down on the 6th, and we will too.

    Day 4, Emden Germany, FD

    Pocket list day 4


    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 4 – Ireland – FD

    Fall off… Jump back on…yesterday’s FD unsuccessful as the temptation to have a full portion at my business lunch was too strong…also there were too many sweet temptations in work as treats brought back from exotic places meant I had to try them or miss out 😂 I like tasting new things which is why I will never be truly sugar free…but there you go…I’m back on the sugar free train from today..

    Thanks @emma1202!!! It makes me smile too 😁…so in French jaifaim is “I’m hungry” but also up to now my private mantra has been : Just Another Intermittent Fast And I’ll Maintain…😂… I wish!!! BUT one day I will! It made me chuckle when you mentioned it 😂😂😂

    @dykask love your comment about weight gain when starting from a lighter base…makes a lot of sense!

    So…here we go.. First week of January nearly done..always a tough one..
    Pocket list day 4


    Day 4, Cornwall UK, NFD

    Weekly weigh-in this morning and 0.3kg down to 72.3kg. I went up over a kilo in december so thats a result to shake some off already!

    A quick summary. I started my weight loss journey in Jan 17. Found fasting in Jul 17 and joined this forum in Nov 17. I’ve lost 34kgs so far with another approx 7kgs to go. I am currently battling towards an intermediate target to get my BMI below 25 and i only need to lose 1kg to do it. But its hard!

    I also follow a Mediterranean style whole food plant based diet, started nearly a year ago.

    Its Jan and stock-taking time and a message for anyone out there with a lot to lose who is lurking and not sure about starting 5:2. Don’t be put off by all the people here who weigh a lot less than you. Because most of us started with big challenges and we are here months/years later because it works. I was reading @borealis and what a great job you have done in 2018 – big congratulations. And many others.

    And if you are large, don’t feel your weight loss journey needs an expensive and onerous gym membership. My journey started with some very embarrasing weekly yoga sessions and a bit of walking on the beach. And I’m now one of the bendiest in the yoga class after just a year. So go for it, start fasting and join us!

    Day 4 UK CD

    Well… I blew yesterday’s 3rd b2b OMAD FD at the last minute by eating a whole box of chocolate truffles. Annoying automatic eating- I think late night,not doing yoga and meditation, feeling unwell but overdid chores bc I had help.

    On the other hand, I fasted for 22 hrs yesterday,drank 2.5litres water again and ate a rainbow of vegetables. Lesson – sleep early, go gently and make time for yoga and meditation.

    Amazingly this morning I’m back down to 65.5kg, 2.5kg down this week and only 0.5kg over pre-Christmas weight. Most of my gain was bc carb consumption so water weight/bloat -how easily scales go up and down when eating patterns change. So a good 70 hrs fasting this week – and reminder why I need to work on bedtimes!

    Today is about yoga, meditation then a few hours of urgent project work. This evening I’m off to celebrate an old friend’s big birthday at a smart do in town with fork buffet. I think as long as I long as istay away from wine I’ll be fine! Feels like a lot with limited energy, but I’ll pace myself and aim to be home by 10.30pm.

    Onward and downwards!

    Day 4 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Good FD yesterday and happily at the lower end of my maintenance weight range this morning. I feel like I’m dreaming…..I’ve never before begun a new year without a big Christmas weight gain and I was concerned that temptation would be too much and I would exceed my maintenance range but I haven’t and I never felt deprived as I enjoyed enough treats to satisfy….I love 5:2!!!!!

    I’ve seen a few here are battling the sugar dragon, an evil beast 🐉. I suggest reading Michael Mosley’s Blood Sugar Diet (BSD). I began 5:2 in July 2017 doing BSD on a 5:2 basis and it has changed my taste in food for the better and much improved my relationship with food…..and my health and shape 😊

    @bert1802 I like to celebrate Twelfth Night with the decorations up and take them down next day, 6 January. Good to have you back aboard 🤗

    Right its time to break my fast with brunch of blueberries, nuts and Greek yogurt 😋have a fab day everyone.

    Day 4……Florida……NFD

    So, the hubby and I decided that the decorations will come down on the 6th. Since this old school tradition is falling to the side for most, the true day is I think undecided.
    We continue do it not only because of our faith but as a way of keeping the true meaning of Christmas in our home and in our children’s hearts.
    Now, as the kiddos are older it definitely is getting harder, here to hoping when their little mini me’s come along, Christmas will again take on a new sense of wonderment for us.

    Although today is an NFD for me, I am in hopes of keeping it some what controlled. I will eat my very low calorie lunch which is just a salad for 35 calories. The hard part will be keeping my belly from rumbling during mass. It’s at 7:00 tonight, will arrive at the restaurant and possibly have our food on the table by 8:30. If mass doesn’t run passed 8pm. I guess it all going to depend on which Father we get. Some are quick, the younger ones but the older ones, I think they give you more time to digest the message before the move on.

    @dykask……. when I was walking alone on the path and not participating. I did find that my mid section got a bit potty. I marked it down to not allowing my belly time to do its thing. So, I know your our resident scientist, so, have you found any research or experienced how long it takes for our bodies to resume storaging our excess food as fat? Do you think the time between stopping and storing is the reason some people never really stay with in there weight loss? I’m eager to know your thoughts.
    Your research has always giving me that extra amount spunk to stay on the wagon!

    Okay well… that time again!

    I finally did it!
    I bought a pair of shoes with memory foam
    So, no more forgetting why I walked into the kitchen!

    Day 4, London, UK, FD

    I’m really looking forward to todays’ FD, it may be closer to 700cals since I’m easing myself slowly back into doing this WOL properly!!! Like you @lilymartin, I’ve become quite good at fooling myself, from time to time, that I’m fasting, when really, all I was doing was having a CD!!!! So soon I’ll be back to basics …………. 5:2, 500cal days!!!! Easy!!!

    @dykask, your right on the money, when I was at my highest weight (shudder!!) I could easily add 7-10lbs and not notice!! Perhaps it was laying itself down around my internal organs???? (again …… shudder!!) whereas now, the 3lbs I reaquired over Xmas is there for ALL to see, particularly in my face!!! It’s so obvious, yet such a relatively small gain!!!

    @michelinme, my only advice is ………….. Bin it or re-gift it!!! If it’s in the house, there’s nothing stopping me eating it, whether mindlessly or conciously, it only has one destination ……………my tummy!!!!

    Stay strong everyone, especially my fellow Dry-Januarians!! I’m desperate (WHAT???) to get back to work on Tuesday, just for the routine & enforced control!!!

    Day 4: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Cold and mostly grey. Parcels galore at work. Is it the sales now?!
    @erika45: I haven’t done a FD for months, but currently I’m trying not to eat after mid-afternoon, making it about 15 hours till breakfast. It’s all I can manage at the moment.
    @redrockgirl302: Hope you managed to fight off the sore throat lurgy.

    @bert1802:Strictly speaking the decorations come down on 12th night, but you don’t want to take them down during the night, do you? We will take ours down anytime during the 5th or 6th as the mood takes us.
    @betsylee: Weird weather in Melbourne? Our DD has just moved out there over Christmas for three years… doubt comes as a shock for her fair winter skin….42C one minute, 25C the next….is it always like that?

    Day 4 – UK – FD

    A much needed FD – hoping to make it well under 500cals with plenty of water and some chicken and vegetable soup……

    Went for brisk 5mile walk this morning with my regular group – a grey and misty day and rather chilly too – really enjoyed that pot of black earl grey tea afterwards!

    @bellyblast – well done on that successful Day 2 FD – getting that first one done after the festive season is always hard!!
    @daw1962 – you were added to the list and I have put you on the spreadsheet if you want to use it and fill in your details – remember keep drinking plenty of water especially on FDs
    @ciren2 – thinking of you with your deliveries with this cold and grey weather we have been having 🤗
    @redrockgirl302 – hopefully that sore throat does not develop into anything worse – drink plenty
    @elainevick – the day is the same as the date of the month regardless of when you start the challenge – it just makes it easier for everyone to be on the same – sign in and read when you can especially if you are struggling – it does help!!! we look forward to hearing from you during your journey with the WOL
    @emma1202 – great job on that first FD of the year – 400cals is great! I’m trying to do my first for the year today!!!! the cold is making it hard but I will persevere…….You are so right that the support on here is what keeps us motivated and supports us in this WOL – I for one would not still be in maintenance without these monthly challenges……..
    @bert1802 and others – sorry to say we are a bit bah humbug in my house – Christmas decorations were all down yesterday – they never stay up much longer once new year is gone 🤭
    @dykask – great to have you with us for the January Challenge – my first FD of the month too but not a WFD – you are a machine with those ☺️ and love your words of wisdom about weight gain when starting from a lower weight – makes perfect sense!!
    @mogaman – good on you for taking back control before those 5lbs become 1/2 stone……I’ll hold your hand today with that FD – I need the support too….I have taken the green maintenance colour off your line to give you that encouragement and strength to dispatch those 5lbs 💪 You have got this!
    @emma-taylor – Thank you for starting a pocket list for today….
    @elektron – 3 B2B FDs – go you…….
    @lilymartin – great to have you with us again – you know you can dispatch those 20kg – stick to the basic 5:2 – drink plenty and reduce white and unhealthy carbs on NFD – Time to give@ lilymartin some self love ❤️
    @chipmunk13 – welcome to the challenge and I see you are using the spreadsheet – it does help to keep you focused and honest about what you are eating/drinking I find. I don’t remember your name so you must have been part of the challenges before I joined in November 2016 – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER – I count anything that is 300cals or more below my TDEE as a CD 😀
    @gretta – that 3kg gain can soon be made to disappear especially as your first FD was so successful
    @betsylee – if you worked out your TDEE on the resources available on this page – it already takes into account your exercise level so try not to consume the extra calories your Fitbit says you have earned – its a lesson most of us have learnt along the way – the accuracy of those extra calories is not to be trusted in my experience and is certainly overestimated………..sorry to be a bit of party pooper on this!!!
    @daffodil2010 – sorry to hear that your new job and change in lifestyle has caused that 2st gain – you know you can get rid of it with this WOL – your seatbelt on this 5:2 bandwagon is securely fastened so off you go knowing you are on board with us safely xx
    @cornish-jane – only 1kg off that intermediary target and that elusive BMI of 25 – you can do this – just look back at how far you have come already 34kg dispatched for good 💪💪 1kg can be got rid off by mid month……
    @michelinme – my sympathies about that box of truffles – I have been known to do the same especially the dark chocolate raspberry ones or the bailey’s ones made by my local chocolate shop 🤭🤭
    @missybear – I hope that you did a💃💃 for beginning a new year without a big Christmas weight gain and at the lower end of your maintenance range – I am so happy for you 🤗🤗

    Day 4 Pocket list
    @dykask WFD

    “It starts with a DREAM
    Add FAITH and it becomes a BELIEF
    Add ACTION and it becomes PART OF LIFE
    Add PERSEVERANCE and it becomes a GOAL IN SIGHT
    Add PATIENCE and TIME and it ends with a DREAM COME TRUE”
    Doe Zantamata

    @daffodil2010 – apologies I typed that you had gained 2st instead of only 1st in the above post 🤭 and ABSOLUTELY YES you can lose that in 4 months – you have our full support 🤗🤗

    Day 4, Gozo, Malta, cfd

    Bert1802 such a warm thank you from you, you’re welcome.

    I take down our Christmas decorations 7 January normally.

    I cooked a chicken, mushroom, and sweet corn risotto and a chicken noodle soup. I had the risotto after coming from my daughter s flat and babysitting baby Eve and her brother. Baby Eve is keeping her mother awake at night and while I babysat my daughter slept for a couple of hours.

    Today is the last of a B2B2B I’m having this week. I’ll eat within my tdee these next three days and Sunday will be a feast day.

    Keep on keeping on. In a world you can be any be kind. Not my quote but I like it

    Day 4: Colorado, USA FD

    The visitors are all gone and today is trash day, so I am cleaning out the refrigerator and getting rid of all the dangerous food. I’m ready for my first FD of 2019.

    I’m also going to start a plank challenge today. My core area could definitely use some tightening up, especially when all those pounds start falling off 😉

    I’m glad I’m back to my routine of reading this forum everyday. I love starting out the morning drinking my cup of coffee and reading the posts from around the world. Most everyone is ahead of me in time zones (or even a day), in a weird way that is helpful to me. When I read what other have been up to that day, I think “I’d better keep up, and stick to my FD, exercise, etc.”

    While reading this morning, I noticed that I was hearing the posts in my brain with an Australian accent, Irish accent, etc. So nice to be in such an elite international groups!

    Pocket list day 4


    Day 5 Wellington NFD

    So jazzed to weigh myself this morning after 2 FDs and find 2 kg gone. Not kidding myself this is anything other than mostly water weight but it’s still very motivating!

    Reading through the posts this morning I see how happy we make ourselves by taking control of our eating. This is so consistent it’s a mystery to me why we then fall off the wagon 🤔

    OH and I are off for a big bike ride this morning- yes, Summer has finally arrived and it’s lovely. I sympathise with you Aussies and your high temperatures, I’m happy with our modest mid 20s (that’s in the high 70s for you Fahrenheit folks)..

    @at yes, I was part of the challenges @coda started when we werecalling each month Little Voices

    Go well to all those on an FD today

    USA Day 4 FD

    I’ve been so busy today that I almost didn’t make it on the site! Adding myself to the pocket list, even if the day is well on. 🙂


    Hope everyone is having a great day!

    Day 4, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    I think I might get the upper hand in fighting the sore throat. Thank you @gretta, @judyjudes, @ciren2, @at. 😊❤

    Unfortunately, the sugar dragon got me again yesterday. It is a real addiction.
    Trying again today but after I eat a healthy low carb meal, the need for something sweet is there. I tried an apple yesterday but still ended up with my ginger candy. Sugar is just so bad for you on so many levels! Keep on fighting.

    Walking to the museum coffee shop for an Americano, then perhaps also a round in the botanical garden.

    Later salad with chicken, avocado, shredded mozzarella, same as yesterday.

    Have a good Friday everyone! 😊😊😊

    Day 4 Minnesota, USA NFD

    Feeling much better after two FDs B2B, and both ended as liquids only, and under 500 cals. Weight this morning was 153.4 lbs, or 69.7 Kg, and that put’s me about 24.1 BMI. About same as start of December, so that is a true success!

    Today, I have been toying with the idea of a 3rd FD, but I think I will keep the goal of adhering to 5:2 as originally conceived so as not to start putting pressure on myself. It’s about 1:30 pm my time and I haven’t eaten yet, so today will certainly be at least a 18:6. My bone broth supper was at 5pm last night. I may try for a CD today.

    @betsylee, do read @at‘s message to you about TDEE and what many of us have learned about the Fitbit’s estimate of calories you’ve burned. I’ve used a Fitbit for over 2 years and I found early on that my weight loss was slowed down or stalled by going according to it’s estimates. I am early 60’s, 169 cm tall, and my goal is about 140 lbs (63Kg). So according to the Resources….the BMI calculator here, my TDEE for that weight is about 1460 cals, sedentary, and that is what I try to go by. Two and a half years ago I lost about 28-30 lbs (13 Kg), in 6 months by using that formula. Of course, I didn’t always stay at or under TDEE, and I didn’t always fast successfully, and some weeks I had plenty more exercise, bro that gave me wiggle room. And it also got me use to recognizing and eating portions of food that I would be eating when at goal weight.

    @lilymartin, chipmunk13, glad you are back! I too am a prodigal, and so happy to be back and full of hope for a healthy and active future! We will do it together!

    @daffodil2010, of course you will meet your goal in 4 months or so! You are a veteran 5:2 er!

    @cornish-jane, you have had such an amazing success so far! Your body is probably just stabilizing and readjusting. You’ll hit that healthy BMI very soon.

    Yesterday, I spent an inordinate amount of time reading Dr. Mosely’s twitter feed of the last couple weeks, and clicking on various studies and papers that were linked to about IF, TRF (Time-Restricted Feeding), Fasting-Mimicking Diets, and such. He says there is so much more data and science to be shared in his new book about all of these things. In one tweet, he hints at using a couple weeks of using FDs and then a couple weeks off entirely as a way to maintain. So sad the book will not be available until September in the USA! I hope you Aussies and Brits who get a copy will share some of the new information in the book. I’ll certainly be buying it the minute it hits the States!

    Good luck everyone. Stay strong you fasters, and remember how great you will feel tomorrow!

    Day 4 Belfast CD

    Last night I attended a WI meeting where an entertainer performed a soliloquy about the blitz, telling her mother’s story. It was very moving. And… I drank a cup of tea afterwards and avoided all the beautiful biscuits and buns. I’m so pleased with myself. The really motivating factor was that I had already put the tick on the spreadsheet and didn’t want to change it or let you down!

    @betsylee – if done well, 2 FDs per week do the job. I would stick to the basics until it becomes second nature. Then think about playing around with the routine if you need to. I wouldn’t count any exercise. Just treat it as a hidden bonus. 😜. @at always advocates working out your Tdee for your target weight and sticking to that.
    @emma1202, and @gretta I’m delighted you’re going to use the same system. Its too easy for me to eat sugar and public accountability might just make me think twice about what type of calories go into my mouth! Hope you’ll join us too @matpi and @Redrockgirl. Let’s spur each other on and we’ll all be winners.👍
    Good to see you back @lilymartin. You’ve been through a lot. We’re right behind you for your fresh start.
    @chipmunk13 – nothing like a wedding to focus the mind! A CD is a controlled day. For me, probably around 800 – 1000 cals.
    What a motivating post @cornish-jane.
    @missybear – I’m hoping this year will see my taste buds change. For too long I’ve hid my head in the sand and even though I’ve been maintaining, I’ve been eating far too much sugar. Now I must treat this like giving up smoking. Going cold turkey. Watch this space…..
    @hyacinth – great idea. I’ll join you in adding a few planks to my daily squats etc.

    The 12th day of Christmas is the usual which is the 5th Jan. Traditionally, the majority came on the 6th. However how you calculate that varies. It depends whether you count Christmas Day or not as the first day. In saying that, I usually take mine down on 1st Jan because I always went back to work directly after that and hated coming home from work to the job of removing the decorations! @daffodil2010 – I’d never heard of Women’s Christmas before.

    Another day on the way out. No booze and no sugar. What a good girl am I!

    Day 4 – Eastern WA USA – ?

    Probably will almost be a FD today. I plan to break my 70 hour fast this evening as I have my children and grandchildren over for one more Christmas event. With everybodies’ schedules, it took a while to find a date suitable for everyone. So on water, coffee with cream, and maybe a little chicken bone broth until this evening.
    I’m so glad that with the recent fasting, my weight this morning is just .6 lb higher from Christmas feasting. So @flourbaby – pretty much kept it sideways (I think we called it.)

    @chipmunk13 – it’s great how quickly fasting can get us back in the grove! Good job on your start to 2019.

    @bert1802 – I tend to go through Jan. 6th as well. While I lived in Spain that was the primary day that was celebrated Dia de los Reyes Magos or 3 Kings Day. @daffodil2010, that’s interesting that it’s Women’s Christmas where you are.

    I better get ready for company!

    Together we can do this!

    I’m so behind but staying accountable.

    Day 4 (technically 5 for my week) UK – half fast day!

    Fasted full on Monday and Wednesday then fasted Thursday 3pm to Friday 4pm.

    So the struggle I’m having is non fast days and the remaining Xmas and new year treats laid around. I fast and then will eat sugar at some point on NFD and the headaches and misery that creates is insane. Also, and I apologise for TMI, I get the runs from the swings between calorie laden food and fast days. My body is on a roller coaster screaming to get off!

    NotthernDawn I preordered the last book of Michael Mosley too and first amazon informed me that they’ll deliver 10 January but now they said it’s due 21 January. I can’t believe we’re talking about the same book to be available only by next September in the USA.

    Good night

    Day 4 – California -NFD

    I lost just over a pound this week which makes me very happy. I’m only strictly adhering to the two fast days but not tracking anything on the other days although I’m trying to be careful. I love reading everyone’s posts and @ciren2 I was born and raised in Gloucestershire before I moved to California.

    Day 4 USA (Illinois)NFD

    Yesterday ended up being a CD since I had to do a 12 hour fast before my annual blood test this morning, and that ended up being more like 14 hours. Truly, though,so much easier to manage since I started 5:2.

    Hang in there, friends —
    Onward and downward.

    Day 4 Minnesota, USA 1840 (6:45pm)

    @anna6…I can’t believe that Dr. Moseley’s book will take so long to get to the USA, either! But, I wonder if it is because he will be doing book tours in Australia and then United Kingdom for the next several months.

    The 5:2 diet is not as popular here in the states as in Europe. In talking to my friends it is still thought by many of them that I am doing something unhealthy. But it is gaining popularity. So maybe the publishers are just focusing on the areas and countries that will be most profitable?

    As always, I wish the best for you and your lovely family, whom I love hearing about!.
    @anna6….I admire your dedication to your family and I feel we are the same in our love and dedication to our children and grandchildren.


    Day 5 – Japan – NFD

    Good luck to the reminding day 4 Pocket List. Also thank you for hosting again, and again @at!

    Day 4 Pocket list
    @dykask WFD

    @bert1802 – I don’t starting noticing the fat building up for a few days. I think there is a hysteresis effect involved. That is it takes a few days for my consumption to slow down to match my energy requirements. Also the when I start working out harder, it I tend to ramp up my eating much faster than I tend to slow it done, so I guess there is some gluttony involved too. In my case I tend to feel if the fat is soft or firm. If it is really soft, it is probably just extra water and that tends to go fast. When it starts getting firm, it tends to take two or three weeks to go away. For me it is much more a problem this time of year. More treats and less reasons to workout outside. Cold isn’t fun, cold and wet is simply miserable. Even today I started doing pushups but I’m just doing them inside, somewhat slowly.

    However the actual scope of the problem is small. A kilogram of fat isn’t much compared to the over 20kg of fat I’ve already taken off. It is just important to keep fighting it back down.

    Day 4 Ohio, US — NFD

    It’s been a good NFD — relatively close to the TDEE.

    @cinque Thanks for the link to the podcast with Dr. Giles Yeo. I just got done listening to it. He does a good job of giving science-based information.

    @anna6 and @northerndawn I too ordered the book today and yes, it will 3 weeks or so for it to arrive. Unfortunately I didn’t see a Kindle version that they would let you read while your hard copy is in the post.

    Have to sign off now — the dog is getting persistent in reminding me that he’s due for his nightly constitutional.

    Have fun everyone!

    Day 4 – USA – NFD

    Yeah, yeah, I know. I made a promise to post every day and here I am, 4 days in….sorry, all! I’m keeping up the spreadsheet though, and still doing 16:8 and slightly over TDEE some days. Incorporating upper body toning this month every other day, nothing too heavy, just to manage the bat wings, lol! Within two days I lost and gained 3+ lbs, so I’m not really taking Cruella very seriously these days. My lower weight (148.6) on days when the whoosh happens is below my goal of 150, so I’m happy with that.

    Day 4 Canada NFD
    Went for a run and ate less. That’s a win!!!

    Day 5, Emden Germany, FD

    @basyjames Happy Birthday!

    @dingping are you with me today?

    Pocket list day 5


    Have a nice day everyone!

    So I still haven’t done my first FD this year but this week (since the 1st Jan) has been very good in terms of healthy eating and exercise. No chocolate, desserts, sweets, snacks. Not easy with the Christmas goodies still in the cupboards and rest of the family still enjoying! I hope to walk 1000 miles this year, that’s about 2.75 miles a day (intentional outdoor walking – not to include all the normal steps I do in a day). I reckon this will help with weight loss. So far have walked 14 miles in the last 4 days. The weather has been great for this time of year with blue skies and sunshine. Weigh in on Monday and then after that will do it daily as it keeps me accountable. Have a great day everyone!

    Day 5. UK. NFD.

    Just a quick post as away for the weekend.

    Warm Wishes to All.

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