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  • Hello everyone. I am new to this and have no idea what I am doing. Can anyone give me any tips to help me to stay motivated on fasting days as I imagine it would be very easy to fall off the wagon in the early days/weeks.

    Hello Sponge123, there is a newbie thread that is very helpful. Have you read the 5:2 book? Have you read Dr. Jason Fung’s The Obesity Code? Both eye opening and motivating

    The only person that can motivate you is you. With regards to tips. Get rid of all treat foods out of the house. Throw them in the bin. The day before a fast don’t have any processed carbs, it will make your task all the harder. No processed carbs during your fast. No sugar, no sugar drinks, no fruit juice (its NOT HEALTHY for you), no breakfast cereal (its not healthy for you), no bread, pasta, pizza, cake biscuits etc. If it contains a processed grain DONT have it.

    Drink lots of water, chew gum, keep busy. Hang tough for about a month, after that it gets easier.

    just new to this what times can you fast is it better to do a full day or go from eight in the evening till eight the next evening doing 500 kcals next morning right up untill eight that evening would this work ok

    Hi murphy5, Michael Mosley’s 5:2 consists of a 36 hour fast. What this looks like is starting my fast, say on a Sunday eve after dinner at 7:30 pm. I consume nothing more but water that evening. The next day I consume my 500 calories (I find I do best saving all the calories for a late lunch and/or early dinner). I then break my fast on Tuesday morning at 7:30 am.

    Dr. Mosley’s original version of the Fast Diet book recommended a 24 hour fast though he revised this to a 36 hour fast since it affords greater health benefits in the subsequent updated version. Hope this helps. I shed my extra kilograms utilizing the 36 hour fast. I find it very effective and have continued with it into maintenance phase of my 5:2 program.

    Do the 36 hours like Lael suggested. More bang for your buck. Some people do 24 hours, say dinner to dinner. Some people like myself do a 36 hour water fast. Sunday night dinner say at 7pm. Then all day Monday on water. Then break the fast on Tuesday at 7am with breakfast. I actually find it easier to not eat anything rather than try and have 500 cal. Wont sugar coat it (pun intended) it will be tough for about a month. It gets easier after that. Ive now been doing it for about 18 months and I noticed it became very easy to do after 6 months. That’s how long it takes to get your liver working a it was designed to do. Our liver is designed to store fat and access fat for energy. Its the second part that VERY rarely gets used because of lifestyle choices.

    Drink lots of water. Some salty water helps. people have bone broth. Chew gum. Take a good vitamin B, it helps liver function. Drink coffee (or tea).

    Sugar and processed carbs will undermine your efforts. Avoid them!! Good luck it works if you give it a genuine go.

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