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  • Hello,

    I have recently started going on the 5:2 way of eating. Started off with it on the 13th of December, did 3 water fasts for 36 hours before I fell sick with cold and fever. Had to take a break from fasting.

    I have a tendency to put on weight very quick, but surprisingly this time I did not gain much in the 2 weeks I was off fasting.

    Got back to 5:2 from yesterday, but this time I consumed around 550 kcal during the fast. Was very tired and had headache, was constantly thinking about food. But when I ate food, it was like my body knew how much it wanted and I did not over eat as I thought I would.

    I’m obese and have pcod, have been very sensitive about sharing my weight in public. But I am very much inspired by the posts of @buttonbottoms where she has tracked her weight loss diligently. I am also very encouraged by the warm and supportive community and hence thought I would log once a week to keep track of the journey and how my body changes with this lifestyle.

    Starting weight: 31 Dec 2022(day after fasting) 115.15 kg

    Fasting days are Monday and Friday. Planning to log every Saturday about my experience and progress.

    Let’s support each other on this journey to a healthy living.

    Much love to all 😊🙏

    Hi Tomatochutney, wow you’re courageous! Absolutely fantastic.
    I’m just restarting 5:2 after quite a break. My husband died suddenly 18 months ago and obviously my life has changed rather a lot. I’m about 1st over where I want to be but I know 5:2 works – I started it in 2012 when the original Horizon documentary went out. I’ve tried all kinds of ‘diets’ which work but can be restrictive; I’m fasting today (with much tummy rumbling 😂) but I know I can have coffee with friends tomorrow.
    Good luck! This really does work.
    Much love

    Hello purplegranny,

    Thank you for your kind words. Im so sorry about your sudden loss. Wishing you strength and sending love 🧡

    I was fasting today, too. Learning to ride over the waves of hunger.

    Congratulations on getting back to the 5:2 diet!

    Hi, and thank you for your loving thoughts.
    Let’s keep in touch – we’re both starting a new way of life

    @purplegranny – yes!!!!👍


    Hi Tomatochutney, how is it going? Today is my 3rd fast day – I’m doing Mondays and Thursdays – and I’m quite looking forward to it. Monday was quite tough and around 5.00pm there was a lot of rumbling 😂 but I held out. Don’t you find that when you do eat it just tastes amazing?! How do you do your fast? I just do one meal in the evening because if I have breakfast, I find it just makes feel more hungry later so I’m better without.
    No obvious weight loss yet but it’s early days.

    Hello purplegranny,

    That’s wonderful! I just finished my 3rd fasting day today too. Yes it’s much easier to delay eating, like you I too am left hungry if I eat earlier.

    I did 36 hour water fasts the last 2 ones. Yesterday was quite tiring as I’m very near my period. Felt weak this morning and am craving things salty. I suspect I was dehydrated though I was consciously drinking a lot of water.

    Totally agree about the weight loss. I get demotivated by the pace in which the scale is moving(though on a downward slope). The effort seems to be not so proportional to the outcome in terms of weight. But I’m losing inches and that’s good sign. Will stick to 5:2 but have decided to weigh myself much less frequently like maybe once a month or even 2/3 months.

    Hoping to fast Monday and Friday the coming week. Will alter the days depending on the monthly cycles.

    Hi Tomatochutney,
    Amazingly, I lost 2.5 kg ! I know I weighed straight after a fast day and the first week is mostly water but it’s a real confidence boost all the same. It’s interesting but I find even though I can have naughty stuff on non-fast days, I find I just don’t want it which is a good thing.
    You definitely have to trust your body to tell you what it needs and if that means changing your fast day then that’s better than struggling and maybe giving up.
    Good luck with your fast days this week – I’m doing Monday and Thursday

    That’s a great start💐 our body is just amazing, a little help and it can heal itself. Keeping unhealthy stuff off would greatly aid in the weight loss.

    There certainly seem to be more benefits to this fasting than just weight loss.

    Definitely. I do have weight to lose but not a lot – it really is the other benefits of fasting that I’m after.

    Hello Tomato and Purple. I did 5:2 five years ago and lost 30 lbs, I didn’t quite reach my goal…I can’t really remember why I fell off the wagon…life gets complicated sometimes. I’ve made several attempts to get back to it…like you I really do enjoy all the benefits of fasting. As I have now regained the 30 I lost and probably a little extra, I am making it a priority to get back to it and stick to it. I’d like to join you in this quest to get healthy and shed some weight. I did get one fasting day in last week, and I am planning 2, maybe 3 this week. Monday and Thursday for sure.
    Good luck this week!

    Nice to hear from you Floridag1rl!
    Please do join in – the more the merrier and more to keep us all on track. It’s definitely true that life overtakes us sometimes as I have discovered. The thing about living healthily is that I just feel better altogether – mentally, emotionally and physically – I do wonder why I let myself get out of the habit?!
    I did my fast day yesterday instead of today because I was meeting friends for coffee this morning. I just love how I feel after a fast day
    Good luck to you and Tomatochutney for this week xx

    Tomato, I hope that you had a nice week with good fasting days. I also fasted on Monday and Thursday…Thursday was rough as I was home all day…But I did it! no cheating…fasting days are much easier on work days.
    Purple, I hope that you are doing well with the goals that you set for yourself this week. Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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