New to 5:2 – help please

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New to 5:2 – help please

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  • Hi Everyone

    I’m starting the 5:2 diet but will weigh-in tomorrow and do my 2x fast days next Tues and Thursday.

    However, I have a question. I normally follow MFP which gives me a daily calorie goal of 1280 which is 8960 per week, 1280 is the minimum to lose 1lb I think. I workout 4-5 days a week ranging from gym classes, running or the stair master. If I still stick to the 1280 for 5x days then reduce two days to 500 that means my overall weekly calories will be 7400 which seems low considering MFP has given me 8960 for the week which is the lowest they give you.

    Therefore could I eat 1500 on my non fast days which would be 8500 calories for the week?


    Hi, kf2, and welcome to Fasting.
    If I knew what ‘MFP’ means, I could answer your question.
    Are you trying to ‘eat up to’ 1280 calories on a Slow Day? Forget about adding all your exercise into the calculation, just focus on the calories ingested. [keep exercising — it is good for you!]
    If you are accustomed to eating 1280 calories on Slow Days, and you find that to be satisfying, then continue to do so.
    How much are you looking to lose? Or are you Fasting for the other health benefits?
    Good luck.

    Ha Fasting_me, MFP Will be My Fitness Pal. I don’t use it, but I have seen people on the forums talking about disabling something or other. I expected one would come along and give you the info you need kf2018. Maybe our comments will bump the thread into sight of someone who knows. I hope so!

    @kf2018 – I think you are making it too hard. Your goal ~9000 kcal … wow that is really low, you must be pretty small. Anyway:

    9000 – 2 * (500 / fast day) = 8000 kcal

    Then there are 5 non-fast days so 8000 kcal / 5 / non-fast day = 1600 kcal / non-fast day.

    Personally I think the focus on calories is misplace. I think it is better to focus on nutrition. Since your calorie budget is pretty low you don’t want to waste calories. My first piece of advice is to avoid all added refined sugars. Those are wasted calories and after a few months you won’t miss it and probably will fine things that you never thought of as sweet are actually sweet. Don’t worry about natural sugars if they come packed with nutrition. (i.e. whole fruit)

    Some seasoned sages giving you advice here so listen to them. All diets work, even the Big Mac diet. The problem is they only work for a very limited time. Ask yourself this. Is what youre about to embark on do-able for the rest of your life? Im going to stick my neck out and say that its not. Hence its a “fad diet” and not an “eating way of life”. Exercise is good for lots of reasons. I ride my bike, its my happy place. If youre going exercise with the belief that it will allow you to lose weight then you’ll be disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, if you enjoy doing it keep doing it.

    I also place very little importance in counting calories. Have never done it. Ive been in maintenance mode for close to 3 years now. Eat the right foods and there is no need to count calories. Eliminate refined sugar, refined grains and processed foods. If you have to open a packet to eat it, seriously question the value of that food.

    Its more about what you eat rather than how much you eat. I have yet to read anyone posting that they are addicted to too much broccoli and its causing them to have health issues.

    Good luck with it. 5:2 works and it works supremely well when coupled with healthy food options.

    bigbooty has a really good point. You need to eat for enjoyment too. We are all a little different. For me refined sugar causes me problems some people though even have to avoid things like fruit or even diary. Other people like my teenage daughter can daily eat 100’s of calories of sugary junk without issues. (That will probably change in a few years.) Some people do better on a high fat diet and others thrive on a high carb diet of whole foods.

    Once you figure out what works for your body, eating can be very enjoyable. That goes for exercise too. Anyway I must enjoy it because I sure don’t do for the weight loss!

    Ditto to all the above.

    Thanks All

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