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  • Hi

    I’m new here! I found this site two days ago and decided to give it a go. I lost about 9kg a few years ago, but I am well on my way picking it all up again and need take action. I’ve tried IF before with good results, but I never found something sustainable. I’m hoping this is it!

    Hi busymom,

    Very best of luck with it. I’ve been doing 5:2 for 7.5 years now and have found it to be a very sustainable approach due to its flexibility.

    For what it’s worth, my approach has always been to never have a Fast Day on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or when on holiday. The Fast Days are always non-consecutive and if life sometimes gets in the way I’ll just do a 6:1 as necessary, and get back to 5:2 as soon as possible afterwards – hopefully the very next week.

    I’ve always weighed myself every day but I know a lot of people only like to do a weekly weigh in. The advantage I see of doing the daily weigh in is that I got very used to the daily fluctuations in weight and could see the general trend very quickly, which isn’t always so clear from a weekly weigh in. Also don’t be disappointed if you plateau for a while – I plateaued twice during the initial weight loss, but persevered and started losing weight again after a few weeks.

    I hope it works for you as well as it has for me.

    Hi Mr Data

    Wow, 7.5 years! That’s amazing! It gives me more hope that this might be a long lasting thing. I’ve been reading The Fast Diet by Dr M Mosley and M Spencer and I am surprised at all the other health benefits this diet have (not just weight loss). Definitely something worth pursuing in my mind.

    Thank you for your kind and encouraging message!

    Hi, I’ve just joined this site. I’ve done intermittent fasting for a short while previously but felt quite isolated which made it too easy for me to lose focus. I need to lose weight so I don’t end up with unwanted health issues and I have my son’s wedding next June as a target. Hopefully I can shift some weight and improve my health by then and in doing so find a safe and easy way to maintain it.

    Hi Joobie,

    5:2 is marathon, not a sprint so having about a year to the wedding fits well. I initially lost weight at an average of 1.4lbs/0.65kg per week for the first 26 weeks I was on 5:2. There were some plateaus and even weight gain in those weeks, but they only lasted 3-4 weeks at the most before I started losing weight again. It took me about 10 years to put on the unwanted 17kg, but it took just half a year to lose it all by following 5:2. That was 7 years ago. I’ve fluctuated a bit since then but the worse case has only been back to a 12kg loss, and currently I’m at a 16.9kg loss. Working from home during lockdown has helped a lot recently as not commuting gives me time to do a 4 mile walk most days, as well as doing the normal 5:2 regime.

    Very best of luck with it.

    Hi Mr Data,
    Thank you for the encouragement. Your story is inspiring and I hope I can stick to the plan. I have had two good, separate fast days this past week but my non fast days are a continuing challenge. My non fast days allow far too much flexibility and historically I push the boundaries. More self discipline should bring the benefits I’m hoping for. J

    No Problem Joobie,

    Hopefully you will find your portion control improves quite quickly as your stomach gets used to smaller potions on the fast days. I think it was after about 6-8 weeks that I said to my wife that my dinner seemed a bit large – and she told me it was less than half of what I used to have. I was fairly stunned at the time. Obviously it’s not the same for everyone, but give yourself time to adjust and stick with it.

    Hi Joobie

    Welcome! I also push the boundaries on my non fast days. This weekend was particularly bad! And it’s not so much what I eat as it is what I drink… but I am fasting again today and I’m going to try to be more disciplined this week. Keep me posted on your progress!

    Mr Data, I am looking forward to getting used to the smaller portions. I like that you say it’s not a sprint. It’s easy to become impatient.

    Hi Busymom,
    Thanks. I plan to fast Monday’s and Thursday’s but with some flexibility around ‘events’. I realise it’s my late evening drinking that leads to late evening snacking that usually takes me out of my limits. On fasting days I don’t drink and am pleased not to (sounds like I’ve got a problem oops lol) but non fasting days when my hubby thinks I deserve a ‘treat’ make it hard. I will keep trying and keep posting. J

    Mr Data,
    I do notice I am happy not having big portions. I rarely feel hungry so I know that’s not a problem. I guess it’s a lifetime of over indulgences, excuses and being fed up with never getting my diet consistently right. I do choose healthy foods during the day until that danger zone late evening. Then one sip of something nice and I can go to pot. I do enjoy the ’empty’ feeling I get on fast days and that makes me look forward to the first meal after fasting. That will become my treat and I’ll just have to weather out the other times as best I can. J

    Oh yes Joobie, those late nights are dangerous. And after a tough day (which at the moment feels like every day) a glass of wine easily becomes more than one. And I then end up making popcorn (popped in oil) and binge watching series. I do not think you have a problem at all! I can completely relate πŸ™‚

    My hubby is very supportive. I think he sees the benefits of fasting and even considered doing it himself, not for weight reasons as he is a very lean man by nature, but for the other health benefits that come with it. He does enjoy buying me chocolates on weekends though, and who can say no to that?? Lol. I do believe in enjoying life and not feeling deprived, which makes this lifestyle so appealing. I weighed myself this morning (I was so scared after this weekend) and I actually lost a bit!! Could not believe it.

    I also fast on Mondays and Thursdays and avoid alcohol (and popcorn, lol) on those days. How did your fast day go yesterday Joobie? How often do you weigh yourself?

    Hi Busymom,
    My fast day went well yesterday although it took a while to get off to sleep and I woke early (5.15am) and found it difficult to get back to sleep again. I might’ve been a bit cold but disturbed and restless sleep and a snoring hubby make my night times a challenge at the best of times. I had 577 cals which is slightly over but I was fine with that. I was going to weigh myself after every fast but it was recommended (on another site shhh) that I should weigh after the second fasting day as there could be fluctuations during the week. So, I planned to weigh Friday morning. That’s assuming hubby doesn’t want us to go fishing (one of our hobbies) which might distrupt the day. If that’s the case then I’ll fast Friday and weigh Saturday. That’s the good thing about fasting, you can change days if something crops up but I’d really like to get into a pattern first to give me a routine so I know what works and what doesn’t. I don’t have a chocolate thing, take them or leave them. I wouldn’t cross the road for them but offer me savoury stuff and I’m lost. Whether it’s salted peanuts, pretzels and dip, anything that makes having a drink a little less wet lol. Hubby likes snacks in the house but snacks less than me and although he is in desperate need of losing weight (nearly 19stone) he’s not committed to losing and or giving up his drink sadly. It would be nice if he at least tried it, he might be surprised. Oh well. I’ll have to focus on me and hope he sees the benefits and changes his mind. J

    I’m glad it went well. I don’t find the fast days very difficult anymore. I only had my 5th one on Monday and it is definitely getting easier. I’m sure 577 cals will not make a big difference, you will still see results.

    Fishing! We love that as well. You must enjoy! Do you find it easy to fast on a weekend?

    We booked a short getaway for the weekend and we are leaving tomorrow. So I have decided to have my second fast today instead of tomorrow. My kids kept me awake this morning so I’ve been up since super early. This means that I am tired and already hungry, but I’m motivated because I want to enjoy the weekend without losing out on a second fast day.

    Perhaps your hubby will get inspired by your success and try it out πŸ˜‰ In the end, it has to be a personal goal which no one can force on anyone else.

    Hi Busymom,
    I don’t fast at weekends. I’m hoping that I’ll achieve what I feel is realistic during the week. I had a terrible evening yesterday. My son came over and brought wine and snacks 😳😱. I’m back on it being sensible today and fasting tomorrow but what an idiot I was. It’s so easy to undo all the good. I hope I get into a sensible pattern and can be moderate at other times. To slip up so badly, so early is stupid πŸ˜•.

    It’s good to get away. We’ve a short break planned for the 16th so I really should try to focus on getting on top of things so I can enjoy it. We’re going to Hythe in Kent, uk. There’s a canal there so we’ll be taking our fishing tackle, just me and hubby. My kids are grown up and have their own homes now.

    Tell me about your break and kids, if you like. J

    Hi, sorry for being so quiet, but I took a break from everything. We had a wonderful break! My kids are still small (all three under ten years) and they had an awesome time. I completely let go and undid all the good work from the last few weeks. I’m not climbing on that scale anytime soon, lol. Oh well. Like Mr Data said, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Our school holiday is almost over and things should go back to “normal” soon, whatever that is. But I reckon it’ll get easier again.

    I planned to have a FD today, but then we had an attempted break-in last night. We didn’t sleep much at all and were a bit rattled today, so I decided to postpone my FD to tomorrow when I feel stronger. The perks of living in South Africa – never a dull moment. I’m just thankful we didn’t get hurt and my kids are safe.

    I love the UK! I hope you get to a point so that when you go fishing you can really enjoy it without guilt πŸ™‚ Sounds awesome to have your son bring wine and snacks. Family time is so precious! Did you fast today?

    Hi Busymom,
    Well I had a couple of good fast days and weighed. Oh dear, somehow is put on weight, I can’t see why that should have happened but maybe my treats were just too big and frequent. Oh well, I fasted today and shall again later in the week but I too fear the dreaded, accusing scales lol.
    I’m glad you had chance to get away. 3 youngsters must be exhausting. What a treat the break must’ve been for you and you’re right, we’re in this for the long haul so don’t beat yourself up. We will succeed, in time.
    Sorry to hear about the break-in attempt and glad no one was hurt but boy what a shock. I don’t know how I’d cope with that. Reinforce everything.
    My son usually comes empty handed but once in a while he comes up trumps lol. I usually match what he brings anyway but it’s all good.
    Hubby and I are planning a short 3 night break on the 16th for our wedding anniversary. 39 years on the 18th. I doubt I’ll fast while away lol. Hopefully I can lose a little before then so I can enjoy a few treats without fretting.
    Good luck with your fast tomorrow and we can talk again when you’re in the other side of it lol.

    Hello! I’m a newbie to the 5:2 and hoped maybe you have some answers to help me out!

    I just started about 3 weeks ago and havent seen much of a change in weight yet – was wondering if any of you experienced that also?
    My Fast days are Sunday and Wednesday (in Dubai our weekdays are Sun-Thurs, Fri and Sat weekend). I work out everyday Sun-Thurs also (about an hour of HIT).

    Just wanted to know if you have any tips or advice for me πŸ™‚


    What helpful posts! I’d like to mention that upping my calories to 800 on fasting days (Dr. Mosley’s new book The Fast 800) was a game changer for me. I’m still amazed how an extra 300 calories can make all the difference, at least for me. I am very excited because this is sustainable.

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