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  • Hello everyone. I came across this diet through reading it in the Evening Standard and saw the book in Sainsburys. So having read the book I decided to take the plunge. Started last week and so far coping pretty well with it. Weighed myself this morning and found I have lost 2lbs. I don’t need to lose a huge amount but this is more of a lifestyle change. I love food and find myself overeating unnecessarily and as I’m getting older I’m getting spare tyres!! Going away in little over a month’s time so would like to have a reasonable beach body or I’ll scare a lot of people away!!

    Since starting I’ve become much more aware of what I’m eating on non fast day and that’s a good thing I think. I try to keep myself busy on the fast days like walking or swimming.

    Looking forward to hearing from like minded people on their experience and sharing information.

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