New info about 6:1? At goal, but want benefits

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New info about 6:1? At goal, but want benefits

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  • This diet has been a revolution for me – as a former sufferer from ME/CFS I am convinced this woe has lowered the levels of inflammation in the brain (which ME has been linked to in recent studies).

    However, my weight loss goal is met a long time ago. Initial goal was 5-6 kg, now I’ve lost almost 14 kg. (Goal was set low because I didn’t want to set my hopes too high 😉

    I don’t need to lose anymore. But I need to keep the fast up because of the ME/inflammation part. Is there any new info about benefits of 6:1? I exercise a lot, so I actually find it difficult to eat it all back. I can’t just stuff myself with snacks to avoid weight loss…

    Any thoughts on 6:1? Or Maybe 5:2 and 6:1 alternate weeks? 6:1 + one low calorie day?

    Lizamor, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of information out there on maintenance. Michael Mosley presumably kept the health benefits of 5:2 as well as the weight loss when he switched to 6:1. I recently reached goal myself, thought I would have to do 5:2 for maintenance at first because the last few pounds came of very slowly and with 4:3, but I suddenly dropped about three pounds and so am having to cut back to 6:1, and it feels really strange to go a whole week without fasting. I also have CFS/ME and don’t feel like IF has made a huge difference with that, but I am super-interested in maintaining the health benefits. There are people in the bodybuilding community who try to fast without losing weight by confining all their eating to an eight-hour period during the day. This pattern is referred to as 16:8. Some people even try to do 20:4. I don’t think I could stuff myself that full in four hours. I am not sure to what extent the health benefits of this have been confirmed with research studies. I think most of the research has been on calorie restriction for longevity in one form or another, but many people who do 5:2 also do some 16:8 days. There is a thread of people who are maintaining, it is called ‘Thank you Dr M for my success!’ Would you like to join us there? We are in the process of figuring out what works for each of us.

    Thanks for your reply! So sorry to hear you haven’t had much recovery from ME, it is for sure a mystery disease. 🙁

    I do 16:8 on my fast days, saving all my 500 for 2-3 meals in the afternoon/evening as I can’t sleep on an empty stomach. That thread may be very interresting, will try to find it 🙂

    Hi Lizamor,

    I just posted my story separately. I have been on 6:1 for 8 months after 1 year on 5:2. Beside my cholesterol level, which was excellent on 5:2 but then skipped back to 5.4 (which is still just slightly higher than ideal), my body weight, glucose and IGF1 were all just great on 6:1. My experience is that “maintenance mode” is the right thing to call it – I managed to keep what I built up on 5:2 (well, besides that cholesterol level then :))

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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