New diagnosis Type 2 diabetic/ 3 stone weight loss: dietary advice please :-)

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New diagnosis Type 2 diabetic/ 3 stone weight loss: dietary advice please :-)

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  • Posting for a friend who is still freaking out, BS 20 and has always been 5 in previous yrs. She was given a small booklet from Tesco and Metformin and sent away to get on with it. Metformin not being tolerated so its down to diet completely.

    Should she fast? Does she need to cut the carbs completely or is low carb OK at this stage? Anyone been there and have a clue? Thank you folks 🙂

    Your friend has a serious disease and needs information from health professionals. So check everything people write here (including me!)

    Here is Diabetes Australia’s website which is packed full of info.

    After his success with 5:2, Dr Mosley wrote The Blood Sugar Diet which particularly addressed people at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. This is the website:

    I have read of people who have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes who did the 8 weeks Blood Sugar Diet (BSD) and were able to reverse the diagnosis. I hope your friend might be able to do this! Good luck and best wishes.

    Aaw, thank you so much, so kind of you to reply.

    I don’t live in the same country as her so can’t lend her my copies of Dr M’s books so I will send her the 8 week BSD book ( I am not diabetic so have no clue how to help). Unfortunately her GP hadn’t even recognised her symptoms were Diabetes, she had to ask for it to be checked out. She also has long-standing hypo-thyroid. The thing that concerned us was the weight loss, from 12.5 stone to 9.5 stone in 6 months, without trying and the GP hasn’t even referred her to a specialist.

    I will have a look at your diabetes australia website.

    Once again, thank you 🙂

    Healthy, has your friend looked for a new GP yet? Or gone to a GP with specialty training in diabetes treatment? Might be time for a move in that direction.
    Good luck to her.

    Unfortunately, where she lives, there is no choice. I was once at that practice, they are absolutely hopeless, which I discovered once I got a copy of my medical history.

    I’ve told her that if she doesn’t manage to get her blood sugar down to a reasonable level in 2 weeks that she must insist on a referral upstream. Fingers crossed the BSD will do the trick 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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