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  • Hey all

    I am new here and am about to embark on this plan. Bought the book (but not read it all yet) and have surfed the net and the answer to my question is probably out there, I just haven’t found it yet.


    With the fasting days and the 500 cals…..can you eat absolutely anything up to the 500 cals?

    What I mean is……is there any other counting ie saturated fat etc that you need to be mindful of or is it just the calorie count?

    For instance, Wotsit crisps have approx 100 cals per bag, so in theory, on my fast days I could eat 5 bags and that’s it – never mind what else is in them? (not that I would eat them but just for an example)

    As I said, apologies if this has been asked before……it’s all too easy to ask questions of experienced folk rather than search out the answer.


    We are free to exercise whatever ideas we have about what constitutes healthy eating as well as our own preferences in deciding what to eat on fast days. Some people limit saturated fat, some limit carbs, many do not limit anything in particular. Many would agree that it’s a good idea to get a decent amount of protein, since the body needs it every day and doesn’t store it. Lots of people like to fill up on low-calorie vegetables. But to each his own.

    BTW, welcome, and there is no such thing as a stupid question, only the one not asked! Congratulations on finding this way of eating.

    I agree with franfit. Eat what works for you up to 500 calories.

    I like to eat 500 calories at the end of day in almost all veggies as I am full when I go to bed and don’t wake up hungry during the night.

    just so I can Clarify on fast days do you count the calories in vegetables and salad ?

    You account for every bite that goes in your mouth, no matter how many calories.

    charliehill174, yes, all calories count. If you are like me, is possible to eat several hundred calories’ worth of vegetables. Yes, they bring lots of nutrients with them and are good for me to eat, but their calories still count, on fasting days or any day.

    P.S. No question is stupid, except the one not asked.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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