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  • Hi Everyone. I am just starting out on my journey. I was wondering if anyone had tips re exercise for someone of 67 who leads a fairly sedentary life. I want to start slow and wondered what would be best to begin with. As far as the diet itself goes I am going to post my impressions weekly and hopefully my weight loss will be posted at the same time.

    Not sure about your physical condition so hard to say what exercise you can do. With regards to exercise and burning fat a brisk walk will burn the most fat as a percentage of overall calories burnt (i.e. calories are burnt from glucose, glycogen or fat).

    Not sure I know what you mean when you say you want to start slow? 6:1 instead of 5:2? 1000 calories instead of 500 on your fast day?

    If you eat healthy, avoid sugar and processed carbs and do 5:2 it works well.

    keencook, as bigbooty says, start by walking. Time how long it takes you to go a given distance, and then the next week, see if you can do it faster or go farther in the same time. That will get you moving again. I’m 69 and fairly active. don’t play sports or anything, but I do some machines at the gym twice a week. If you are still fairly strong and flexible, try modified push-up [2-5 of them] or jumping jacks. Wall sits are good exercise, as are squats. Hold 15 oz soup cans in each hand while sitting and raise them over your head with your arms straight. Or do bicep curls with them. If there is a fitness center near you, take chair yoga or tai chi. Anything to get moving and to rebuild some muscle mass.

    Good luck to you. Let us know your progress.

    Thank you for responding. Sorry I confused you I meant take the exercise slowly. First fasting day today was not too bad. Breakfast at 9 dinner at 5 with only water and tea in between.

    I have a fitbit and managed to do 9058 steps today. Will take on board your advise re exercise and try the modified sit ups and squats. I get annoyed that I cannot get up from foraging in lower shelves in the supermarket without pulling up on the shelf itself. Amazing how quickly you lose muscle power. Never heard of chair yoga must investigate that. Have some gym equipment at home, step, treadmill and weights will try and get a dvd instruction on how to do this safely. I am in a very positive frame of mind to start this so here goes

    Well done. Keep going.

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