Nervous about switching to a maintenance regieme – any advice?

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Nervous about switching to a maintenance regieme – any advice?

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  • I’ve been following the 5:2 plan since January. I’ve done two fasts (500 calories) two days a week every week except one, when I was travelling and only manged one fast day. Fast days are pretty easy for me now (apart for the dreadful bone-sucking cold!), I have all my calories as one evening meal and excercise on almost every fast day.

    On non-fast days I’m pretty good at sticking to within 100 calories of a TDEE of 1,700; there is normally one day a week when I will have over 2,000 calories, the extra calories being mostly from alchol :-(. This TDEE is high based soley on my weight and height but a few years ago when I was training for endurance sport I had my calorie requirements looked at on an aeroscan machine and that gave me a TDEE of 1,800 – I deducted 100 for my increased age and the fact I’m no longer doing endurance sport to come up with 1,700.

    I excercise between 5 and 7 days a week, most weeks hitting at least six days. I do a mix of cardio, weights and yoga and I don’t add my calories burned onto my calorie allowance for the day (which is the other reason that it’s high and I’m happy to have 100 calories or so leeway).

    Before the diet I was the dictionaty definition of skinny-fat. I’m small framed was still mostly wearing a UK size 8, sometimes buying a 10 and my BMI was safely within the normal range; but my body fat percentage was at 32 and my waist/height ratio was on the cusp of being high enough to be an indicator for all sorts of health nasties. I’ve had great results, losing 7.2 kg so far which is 12% of my body weight. Through some nifty maths and my posh scales, I’ve also been able to calculate that I’ve lost 6.14 kg of fat. I’m now very near my goal which is 50kg and less than 25% body fat.

    I’m nervous of transitioning to the the maintenance regieme for a couple of reasons. The first is terribly superficial, but I still have some belly fat that I’d like to lose for purely aesthetic reasons and I’m worried that I’ll stop losing fat if I switch to 6:1. The second is that becuase I’m not abosolutely comitted to eating at my TDEE on non-fast days and I normally have one blow-out a week I’m worried that one fast a week won’t be enough to maintain my target weight. I should note that I’m not really willing to commit to sticking more rigerously to my TDEE because I don’t believe that’s sustainable as a lifestyle, and my blowouts are unavaoidable (a dinner party with three courses and three or four glasses of wine on a weekend, a brunch to celebrate someone’s birthday etc…). I’m also concerned that one I do shift to one day a week fasting, it might be hard to reintroduce a second day.

    Thank you for reasding my 5:2 life story(!); does anyone have and advice about moving to the maintenance regieme?

    Hi Lee,

    There’s lots about you that may be relevant to maintenance but that you haven’t told us, such as age and eating habits (particularly carb and sugar consumption).

    You ask two specific questions.

    If you go to 6:1, will you continue to lose weight and shrink your belly?
    Hard to say! How much do you lose now per fast day/ on 5:2?
    If you want to lose more fat why are you thinking about going to a maintenance range instead of continuing on a loss regime?

    Will 6:1 be enough to maintain?
    Again, hard to say! How much weight do you lose now on 5:2/ per fast day? If you’re losing very slowly or not at all then perhaps 6:1 won’t be enough. However, you aren’t going to know until you try.

    I’ve been maintaining for over two years now. I was initially worried about relaxing from 5:2 and waking up to find I’d put all of my weight back on overnight. It doesn’t happen that way!

    I don’t calorie count, but I do weigh myself every day to gauge what’s going on and decide on whether to fast or not. I’ve set an upper weight limit (a nice round 60kg). If I’m consistently below that I don’t fast. If I approach it or go over once I don’t panic (did I eat a lot of carbs? Am I premenstrual?). If I see 60+ more than a couple of times it’s time to cut back/ fast.

    Maintenance for me is basically: see a gain on the scales, fast it off; see no gain, be a bit more relaxed…until I see a gain on the scales.

    Intermittent fasting is very flexible and, together with reducing refined carbs and added sugar, has given me the tools to control my weight (first time in 40+ years 😀).

    There is a maintenance thread, a bit quiet at the moment because the regular contributors know exactly what they need to do! But posting questions about maintenance there will get responses from some very experienced fasters/ maintainers.

    Maintenance is really no diff

    Ha ha, not sure what happened there! Maintenance is no different to weight loss, except you’re fasting to stand still rather than to continue losing.

    Im a little confused. Have you reached your goal weight or not? Sounds like youre not sure. If yes then flip over to 6:1 and enjoy. If not then continue with 5:2. I reached my goal weight back in March and went to 6:1. I have consistently been between 71 and 72 kg ever since. Im a male and 5’10” tall so Im happy with that weight and my BMI is 22.4. My waist to height ratio is 0.49, so not a lot below 50% but I really don’t want to lose any more. I keep doing 6:1 as I firmly believe that this way of eating has benefits that go WAY beyond weight loss. My blood results have never been so good. We have genetically evolved over thousands of years to eat in a feast/fast manner. It is just in the last 50 odd years that this style of eating has disappeared and been replaced with the “western diet” and sugar has become a food staple. How crazy is that? Sugar is now a food staple.

    Thanks for the advice everyone!

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