Need to lose 200lbs, looking for support.

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Need to lose 200lbs, looking for support.

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  • Hi, I am a 52 year old woman with a huge weight problem. I need to lose 200lbs. I watched Eat, Fast, and live longer on Youtube and bought the book. I am going to fast three days a week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. On the days I’m not fasting I will eat in a 8 hour window(11am to 7pm).

    Hi Penny

    Good luck, it can be done, but can I suggest be kind to yourself, get used to the 5:2. Then tighten it to 4:3.

    I have weeks where I do three fasts, been known to do 5 – but that was a one off, helped by a cold!

    There will be days were your arm, heck anyone’s arm, will look tasty, even without seasoning, or even cooking. It takes a while to get to the point that 500 calories isn’t exactly starvation.

    Read the how to on the TDEE, you might be one of the lucky ones who will lose loads in the first few weeks, but realistically it’s about a pound a week.

    Also read buttonboots journey – a real star, who is quietly out doing us all.

    I wish you well on your journey.

    You have my support and encouragement as well. I agree with milena’s advice as you start. Best of luck and enjoy the changes coming your way!

    New here myself. Sounds as if you have throughtly researched the subject and are very motivated. I’ve read some of the threads here and it appears we will be surrounded by a knowledgeable support group. And so, we begin our journey to reclaiming our health. Good luck!

    Best wishes Karate Penny, what a huge difference losing that weight will make to your life! All power to you!
    My best tip is to make 5:2 sustainable. That is THE most important thing. If it can become a natural part of your life, you will get there.
    Most people have a bit of trial and error first, working out which days, which foods, which times to eat etc. Also whether they can manage more, like you hope to, and how 5:2 fits in with exercise, and other food and lifestyle requirements.
    All you have to do is persist until you have everything working to be a regular part of your week.
    Cheers! Keep writing here please!

    Hi karate and welcome:

    Here is some information that might help:

    Good Luck!

    Thanks everyone for your advice and support. I didn’t have any problem sticking to my 8 hour window. I think I will try 5:2 the first couple weeks.

    Lovely start! 🌸

    Best wishes to you too Marygp 🌸

    My BMR is 2110 and my TDEE is 3270, so if I just stick to 2000 a day and add regular exercise I could lose 2 lbs a week. With two days of fasting I could do even better and heal myself too. I am also going to eat better food and try to get at least 30grams of fiber on feed days.

    Hi Penny,

    The very good news is that when you have a lot of weight to shift you will almost certainly start to lose the pounds quite quickly.

    Two things: if you do blow it on a fast day, don’t beat yourself up. It happens to everyone. Move the fast to another day. As you lose more weight, you may occasionally land on a plateau and find you don’t lose an ounce for days and weeks on end – I speak from experience. Don’t worry. As long as you don’t regain any of the lost weight, you are still winning.

    After many attempts to lose and keep the weight off, this is the first way of eating that has worked for me. I think the fasting is the clincher. I agree with Milena. Two fast days a week is enough to start with and probably enough to continue for quite a long time. So go for it! We’ll all be rooting for you. 🙂

    How are you going Karate Penny?

    I didn’t have a great week, but I did eat better than I usually do. I cheated some because I had family visiting and we ate out every day. I did well on fast days but didn’t stick to the 8 hour window on the other days and I ate to much. I didn’t do any exercise either. In spite of it all I did lose 3 lbs.

    Wow you did well!
    Once the family has gone and life settles down you can get into rhythm and life will be easier I bet.

    Maybe not a great week, Penny, but still a great result! Well done!

    My experience syncs with Cinque’s – once you are past the holidays and can be in control of your daily routine, your plan will be much easier to follow. When the future disruptions come, and they will of course, there are two things to do. The first, stand your ground and stick to your plan no matter the situation. Tell people, or not, what you’re doing, but stand firm. The second thing you can do is remember like now, that if you go off plan it isn’t the end of the effort by any means. Tomorrow is another chance to get back on the plan and get stronger as you do so. The pounds will melt away and you’ll be proud of how you accomplished your goals and changed your own life.
    On Jan 1st I started a year of no simple carbs and no sugar in any form, just to help overall health and some other things. But last night my wife and I had an important dinner date with another couple and the situation required me to eat some things I had resolved not to eat this year. Today I restart that calendar. So instead of reaching my goal on Dec 31st 2016, now it will happen on Jan 2nd, 2017. No big deal. I just climb back on the wagon today.
    Keep at it and soon you’ll find you’re in total control – temptations will fade away in the face of your continued successes.


    If you have done this I.e. Posted what you need to, then you will do it, just stick at it. We are all behind you, o.k. That will go smaller!

    I also find it helpful to read things like the following for motivation:

    My greatest weakness has always been sugar. Reading articles like this one remind me why I need to turn off the sugar consumption once and for all.

    I have been away for a while. I had a family emergency and had to do some traveling. I then came down with a bad cold. I didn’t exercise but I did my two day fast. I ate out too much. I still lost one pound a week. At least I didn’t gain, which is what I expected to happen.

    Well done penny. 1lb a week is the recommended, so well done to keep losing in the face of stressful situations. I’m going to join your thread for mutual support. I also have a lot to lose! Back later when
    I get onto my laptop.

    On my laptop now I’m 58 years old. 5′ 2″ and need to lose a lot of weight too. The other thread I’m on is the ‘My 10 week weight loss, week by week’ with Ginette, because a succession of little goals is the only way I think, otherwise it’s too overwhelming.

    Think about what you’ve achieved already. You started during the festive season, have had family emergency to deal with and have still managed to lose weight. That deserves congratulations in my book.

    I’m a very recent returnee after backsliding last summer when we had a succession of people come to stay. I keep reminding myself that I managed to give up smoking last spring after 40 years, so I really can control myself given the right support.

    Take care of yourself and try to think glass half full rather than glass half empty.

    Hi KP,

    Been doing a lot of research and trying to separate the crap from good advice. Not as easy to do as the web is full of dubious information. Perhaps it would be beneficial to look at what you are eating on your non fast day to give yourself a bigger fighting chance. Try and get rid of anything with refined sugars in the food. Cakes, chocolate, chips, biscuits etc. Try not adding any sugar to your coffee/tea. Avoid fruit juice!! Eat a piece of real fruit instead. If you have a sweet tooth try a serve of berries (strawberrie, blueberries even better) with some LOW SUGAR yogurt. Go for the low sugar yogurt instead of the low fat yogurt which will have the sugar content through the roof. Avoid “healthy” low fat cereals and muesli which once again will have sugar content as high as 35%!!! Insane!!

    Good luck with it.

    Still looking good, Penny. Hang on in there. If you aren’t putting any weight back on, you’re still winning

    Thanks everyone, I lost 2 lbs. this week. I am making some changes this week. I going to do some weight training three times a week and HIIT three days a week. I also plan to take a 30min. walk every day.

    bigbooty I should do better with the sugar. I do eat sweets and fast food on my non fast days. I plan to do better, like limit myself to one cheat day. Joan57 Hello It is good to have someone close to my own age. WOW you gave up smoking after 40 years! I have a 40 year addiction. It is junk food, chips, ice cream, cake, and fast food.

    Way to go KP. As long as youre heading in the right direction all is good. Don’t try and do too much at once. I eliminated “bad food” stuff slowly one thing at a time. Sugar in my coffee was easy. Then I said no more sugar drinks. Then it was “healthy” (sick joke) cereals. Sneak up on one thing at a time and see how you go. Once you’ve eliminated that pick on your next food item.

    Hi Penny, that’s a lot of exercise all at once. I am going to get onto my vibraplate machine next week.
    I’ve just come in from a walk, about four miles.
    We’re very lucky, we just step out of the door and good walks east or west along the Moray coast. Just been watching surfers. Beautiful day here. I’m going to a Burns’ Night tonight. First time for my husband, and I’ve not been to one since I was at school. Haggis, neeps and tatties is not really the best thing on a diet. I’ll just have to make sure I watch it tomorrow and do lots of dancing! I’m off to measure myself. Haven’t done it since I fell by the wayside last time and I think it’s really important to monitor loss of dimensions. Muscle weighs more than fat and with all this increased activity weight loss might be a bit disappointing. Take care.

    Well another week and another two lbs. I didn’t stick to the exercise plans. I am going to try harder this week. I was much better on my diet. At least the weight is going down, slow and steady.

    5:2 is not fancy, is not expensive, and it is not fast (but you fast) but it works. The big payout on 5:2 is health benefits. The reasons Drs don’t recommend it is because it is not pharmacologically driven. The don’t make points with the drug company’s by written a script.

    I recommend adhering strictly to 5:2 as laid out in the book for at least two months. fast 2 times a week for 36 hours. consume only 1/4 of your TDEE on those fast days. On your non-fast/feed days stay within/under your TDEE. This is the hard one for me even after a year.

    After you’ve established the basic “pattern” as a habit you can start to tweak it.

    Remember to recalculate your TDEE as you lose weight. Every time the scales drop recalculate. or you can set your TDEE for a goal weight and eat to that TDEE. TDEE is important.

    You can do this! 5:2 is a pattern of eating that you can do for life and your life will get better as you go along. You will be amazed at yourself in a year!

    Well done Penny! You’ll get better and better at the process over time and you’ll see the results you desire. I’m amazed at how simple and effective 5:2 is, and how it influences how I eat on non fasting days. I’m making much better eating decisions and so will you.

    Well done Penny. Slow and steady is the way to go. I’m trying to get over haggis twice in a week, so I’m not expecting much on Monday!

    Managing the fast days OK though. Good luck with the exercise next week.

    I’m going to try a smaller plate and eating more mindfully. I eat too quickly, so my brain hasn’t registered that I’ve had enough and I end up feeling stuffed.

    Half a bottle of Cava is 250 calories. Looking forward to that with my salmon and vegetables for dinner this evening. I’m going to have a go at eating it with chopsticks, see if it will slow me down!

    Been watching Dr Robert Lustig on YouTube and have been convinced about fructose in processed foods and the link to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Must get the book.

    Fortunately we tend to cook most things from scratch, but I’m going to check the store cupboard. Managed to lose 6lbs during January, so I’m feeling very positive after yesterday’s fast day. It’s good not to feel stuffed.

    Hi Joan,
    Dr Robert Lustig-‘fat chance, the hidden truth about sugar, obesity and disease.
    Damon Gameau ‘that sugar book’. Both books have changed how i look at food, but Lustig is my guru and I have given up sugar in my tea(after 40 + years) and reduced sugar consumption overall….and feel much much better.

    Hi Annette

    I picked up on Robert Lustig from reading another thread where someone referred to it, and they thanked you for putting them on to it. I think it might have been Quietman. So thank you.

    My pleasure Joan. The more people that look at the amount of sugar in their diet and reduce it, so much the better. Did you hear about the study that got rats hooked on cocaine, but when they offered them cocaine or sugar…they chose the sugar?!

    I’ve been waiting for somebody to say “silly rats”.

    I’m not a big sugar holic. Only thing I used it in was coffee or tea really, I did cook with it some. Not a big fan of cakes or pastries, one piece of cake once a month and I’m pretty good. Though those mini chocolate bars at Halloween don’t last long at my house. But I won’t buy a whole regular chocolate bar but maybe once a year.

    Prepped foods I really watch the sugars. I was prediabetic before coming to the 5:2 pattern of eating so have been very sugar conscious for several years now. READ the food labels people. But I have to admit the companies are pretty good at hiding sugars in food.

    I’ve switched to Stevia fresh, dried, or tincture for most sweetening. Though I do use spoonable Stevia in recipes or Splenda but really leery of Splenda with all that’s in the press on it.

    Hi Annette.

    No I haven’t seen that piece of research. Please send a link.

    I have seen that picture of the rat that is so fat that it can’t stand up.

    I gave up smoking last March after 40 years, so I know about addiction. I’m still addicted to coffee and I drink too much alcohol. Fast Days are good really, and I’m considering doing the water only.

    I do believe that sugar is addictive and that for lots of Scots sugar’s been deadly. Cranachan is our national sweet because it features our traditional national products: oats, raspberries, honey, cream and whisky. Only natural sugars in that lot. What happened to us?

    I didn’t know that Lyle of Tate and Lyle was a Scot. I learned this in Greenock last December just before getting on a short cruise to Dublin. Just had a wee look at their website. Going to look further. Talk soon.


    How are you doing KaratePenny?

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