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  • Hey, I’m very new to this diet (yesterday was my second fast day) and I need some help with ideas of what to eat on the fast days.
    The 2 fast days I have done have looked like this;
    Boiled egg
    Black coffee
    Spinach with small can tuna in springwater (drained)
    Fish and some veggies for dinner

    It’s just…. Boring! It probably doesn’t help that I don’t really like cooking :s

    I am considering skipping breakfast and trying to go as long as I can before eating, so I can have more exciting meals.

    Does anyone have any easy recipes (up to ~200cal max) for lunch and dinner? I say up to 200cal to leave room for snacks if I have to have them!


    Hi Jesska000, there are quite a lot of threads here on this forum with recipes.
    If you click on “Forum” at the top, a dropdown list will appear, click “the official fasting forum”, then scroll down to “Food”. Then select “Recipes” and there are plenty of threads, the longest (most recipes) is the LOACA threat.

    If you google “meals under 500 calories” there is also plenty on the tinterweb. Having just done that, one just jumped out at me:

    but there are many more.

    Good luck.

    I’m a male and attempting to improve my health and lower my weight.I’ve started the 5/2 diet. For my first day in the morning I have a sprinkling of All Bran and moisten it with milk in my breakfast bowl followed by three thin slices of banana and two grapes one red,one green.Attempting to keep within the framework of the 5/2 diet.300 calories.I wait twelve hours until my evening meal and then have ones snapot of Heinz baked beans lower suger and lower salt on a small piece of wholemeal bread.Could I have two pieces of the same bread toasted or will that me past the 600 calories.
    I’ve thought to alternate that I could have instead of bans on toast,two small hard boiled eggs in two pieces of of lightly spread flora proactive.would I keep within my 300 calorie allowance?
    I’m afraid I’ve always had an unhealthy and limited diet so I’m attemting to rectify that here.Compounding that is that I am housebound with major mobility problems so I can’t go and explore the wonderful different foods available in shops and supermarkets.I can use the Microwaive forall my cooking needs.
    Any advice would be much appreciated.Many Thanks.Alan

    Alan, a help to stay within your allowed calories is MyFitnessPall. It calculates calories and also protein, carbohydrates and fat, and that way you can see whether your foodintake is a bit balanced. And you can make sure you stay within your TDEE on non-fasting days. Good luck!


    If ate all bran banana and grapes I would be starving by 1pm. Toast would have the same result at dinner time. Have you tried poaching an egg in microwave put into cup stab the egg yolk add a few drops of water then cook for 30 seconds or longer depends on microwave. You could have two eggs 87 calories each. Night time meal cook some chicken breast with flavour of your choice and have a large salad. Much better in nutrients and protein.

    This is of if you are not vegan thought of that afterwards

    Many thanks for your informative ideas which has given me a great deal more clarification.


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