Need help guys i started fasting 3 months ago, need your ideas.

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Need help guys i started fasting 3 months ago, need your ideas.

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  • Hello i’m Damon it’s my first time in here nice to meet every each one of you.

    I been active my entire lifetime, with sports, calisthenics, gymnastics etc.

    I always been on a 6 meal diet and tried many diets.

    On the last 3 months i started fasting, i changed my body for good, the results are amazing and i changed my soul, mindset, life for good, i’m calmer and more collected in general, in control of myself fully.

    I fast for around 24 hours a day, meaning from 12 am to 12 am to the new day, i fast around 7 days a week, sometimes i would have a cheat meal in every 3 weeks like a pizza.

    After the 24 hour fasting is done i would have my clean 1 meal which includes:2 plates of salad, chicken breast, a handful of almonds, a soup.

    Now here is the question that keeps bugging up my mind, any ideas would be much appreciated guys.

    We all know to lose fat and weight we need to be on a calorie deficit.

    With 24 hours of fasting i’m being on a -2000 calorie deficit, i also combine fasting with 7x HIIT(on an empty stomach) so with HIIT i burn around 500 calories with my jump rope routine, plus the whole day fasting -2000 that’s – 2500 calories burned combined with my clean diet.

    What i’m trying to ask is should i use limited amounts of carbs?Sometimes i feel like eating a banana or two, barely sometimes when i’m out of energy after the long 24 hours of fasting, would i still be on a calorific deficit with my diet that i follow of:2 plates of salad, chicken breast, a soup and almonds somtimes?

    Please guys help me ease up my mind and logic i’m really worried any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you once again.

    A medium sized banana is 105 calories and has lots of potassium. So long as you include these calories in your fast day calorie count (600) crack on and have a banana.
    I sometimes have one for breakfast with a hard boiled egg on a fast day.
    Be warned that the carbs in it may cause you to experience a strong hunger pang. Drinking some water will help to stop you feeling hungry.

    @damon. Are you wanting a banana because you are craving it? Or are you just wanting to eat a piece of fruit? If youre craving it youre probably lacking magnesium. Pumpkin seeds are a better source of magnesium. Youre having carbs now so if you want a banana have one. Almonds have carbs, the soup youre having has carbs. Look at the total carbs versus fibre content. You want a ratio of at least 5:1. better still is 3:1. Banana ratio is about 8.8:1. Granny smith apples 4.8:1. Almonds 1.8:1.

    Hope that helps.

    Hi Damon and welcome to the 5:2 forum,

    I’m a bit confused about how often you’re fasting. I’m reading you message as saying that you fast from midnight to midnight 7 days a week and have one large meal at midnight every night. So.. I’m thinking I’m understanding your message wrongly. May I ask some questions?

    How many days a week do you fast?

    Are you fasting for health or weight loss, or some other reason?

    What is you goal?

    Have you read the 5:2 book by Dr Mosely or have you watched his Documentary on Intermittant Fasting?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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