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  • Hi All,

    I have been on 5:2 for about 2 weeks now. lost around 2kgs. Looking forward to losing another 15 at least. I started the 30Day shred by Jillian Michaels today. Before this I have been doing some light exercise & elliptical -15min 3-5times a week.

    I want to know whether it is good to do exercise on fast days as I do water fast (+ a glass of milk )and don’t eat anything the whole day. I just started it today. I could do the 30min but what I found difficult was the bicycle crunches. Can any1 please guide me as to whether I can include any other workout along with this? or this will be enough?

    I have a small bump to get rid of (post 4month miscarriage).So I want to know if doing the jillian’s 6week – 6abs workout along with the 30Day shred will be good for me?

    I live in New jersey USA, and its is very cold here rite now so I cant go out for walking which I used to do frequently. I am trying to be as active as I can? Any help and suggestions are highly appreciated! Thanks

    Hiya CrazyTrying, You can do whatever suits you and your personal situation hon. Some people would have trouble doing exercise on a fastday so early on in the lifestyle but some have no issues whatsoever. It’s up to you how much you think you can get away with doing without it making your fastday a real trial. Just make sure that your fastdays are manageable for you, so that you don’t start seeing them as ‘too much’ or ‘too difficult’ to stick to.

    Once you’re used to the fasting and well into the lifestyle, you will barely even notice that you’re doing exercise on a fastday (even if it’s a 10k run or a 5k swim) but at the start you should listen to your body and just build up as you can manage more without suffering.

    Think of the fasting aspect of 5:2 as the health benefits, the calorie reduction aspect as the weight loss portion and exercise as improving your body’s condition and fitness only. The exercise wont help the weight loss necessarily (it MIGHT but then again it might even hinder it) but that’s no reason not to do it if your body needs some help to get back on track. Do the exercises that will help your body recover its muscle conditioning. It’s all about you, it’s very personal.

    I want to reply to Ginger (forgot the second part of the name). Yes, the cold is a factor. I drink lemon and ginger tea made with two bags and very hot with a piece of tangerine peel squeezed in for flavour. I make a clear consommé from chicken or whatever and vegetables and a bay leaf. strain it, when cold put in the fridge and remove any fat when cold. You can freeze this is little pots and reheat as needed. A teaspoon of dry sherry or marsala improves it further. Calories? very few.

    @tracyj : Hi, right now I feel I will not workout on fast days and do the other days. Once I feel I have the developed the strength and will need to add more workout I will start slowly doing it on my fast days.

    I feel scared bcoz we want to start trying for a baby soon again I don’t want things to get messed up bcoz of this. Thanks for your kind words. If you have any advice please feel free to share.

    @helen T : I think you misplaced your post here?

    Hi CrazyTrying, that sounds sensible to me. You’ll very quickly get used to the fasting days and feel more capable of taking on exercise on those days, just build up slowly to a full-on exercise session & I’m sure you’ll get there no problem. As you say – for now you have the other days to do your workouts anyway.

    I used to always exercise on non-fastdays only it took me ages to realise that I could manage more than a light walk on a fastday and start experimenting with doing the occasional swim on a fastday. Now I swim at least 3k on my monday Fastday every week and do my other fast on wednesday, which is the longest working day of the week for me, as I am a part-time sports massage therapist after my day-job. Believe me you need some strength for that job and it’s a workout in itself but it is no problem whatsoever now that I’m used to fastdays. You’ll get there too 😉

    Hi CrazyTrying,

    I think I’m in the same boat as you, I can’t keep up with the intensity of work out videos every day. I found a good solutions, I do an intense workout every other day and do a few easy exercises on the off day. Found this article to be very useful!7-Exercises-To-Do-Daily/c7ll/312AD100-17D7-406B-A8EC-2F2132A83E21. It gives you a few exercises that are less intense and will help you progress with your 30day shred program.

    Hi guys,

    Check out what Mimi Spencer has to say on the topic:

    She brings up the fact that some may find it actually easier to work out on a fast day (and fatigue may set in the following day). If you enjoy cardio workouts, training while fasting can help your body tap into its fat stores. She recommends a few exercises as well alongside our tried and tested HIIT. Whatever you do, ensure that you include two rest days free of exercise to allow your body to recover.

    @tracyj makes a few great points as well: it is important to start slowly and it’s very personal. There is much to be said for finding exercises that you genuinely enjoy. Best of luck @crazytrying and keep us posted on your progress!

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