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  • I did the fast diet last year to help me trim down for my wedding :).. Since last August I have piled on all the weight I lost. Super lazy and just eating .. Anyways I have to lose 2 stone in weight for health reasons, so I need a fast diet buddy for the days I just want to give up on the fast day and eat.

    Hi kitten1
    I could do with a diet buddy too. I have two stone to lose also. I’ve tried lots of diets before and I have lost weight but put it back on either when I got complacent or with each pregnancy. I have three small kids! I really need a buddy to motivate me when the days are going slowly and I want to eat everything in the fridge! I only started last week but going well so far.

    Hi @kitten1 and @slimgirl – I would like a diet buddy too. I have 15-20 lbs to lose which is a lot when your 5’1. Can I join? I would like to be at a healthier weight before a family reunion and photo shoot at the end of July.

    Hi fastenough
    Great to hear from you. I’m only 5 2 so I understand how hard it is to be carrying excess weight when short and how hard to get it off. I really need to lose 28lbs to be a healthy bmi. End of July is lots of time to do it in a healthy way. Have you just started this week? I started a week ago and lost 3lbs the first week. I was delighted but of course don’t expect that to continue.

    @slimgirl – yes, just started this week. I am finishing my 2nd 36-hr “fast” day today (or in the morning). I feel really heavy tonight and bloated. 🙁

    I will weigh in the morning. Wish me luck! Gook luck to all of you!

    Hi slim and fast ; I was the same the first week I lost 3lb and I also managed the gym everyday that week I felt so good after.. rheni crashed on week three ! Anyways next Tuesday and Thursday I’m back on it.

    I use a Fitbit app to track my cals on fast days and log foods on my non fast days so I am always at a deficit. How do you two manage on the fast day?

    What hours do u start and finish ur fast days and what do u eat.

    Hi kitten and fast,

    Hope the weigh in went well fast! I fast on Mondays and then it could be either Wednesday or Friday. Today is a fast day and I’m starving. Had a boiled egg and slice of brown toast for brunch around 11am and I will have a chicken peppers and onion stir fry at about 5.30 then nothing until tomorrow. My fast days are from when I sleep on say Sunday night until I wake up on the Tuesday so a full day Monday.

    I usually try to keep myself really busy on fast days to make it go faster and then watch tv in bed in the evening to keep away from the kitchen.

    Good luck back on Tuesday kitten. Plan something you really like to eat for dinner on those days might make it easier. Roll on tomorrow for me.

    Slimgirl, you might find yourself a bit less hungry if you ditch the bread on your next fast day. Some people find that he refined carbs will kick your blood sugar around, and stimulate hunger.

    Also a short thing … 5′ 1″, where every pound counts!

    Hang in there!

    I’m still trying to figure this out. I didn’t feel sick after my 1st fast day but today I feel nauseous. I tried eating a small pack of trail mix with lots of peanuts and a little chocolate but it made it worse. Sipping on a Diet Pepsi seems to ease the nausea some. I lost 2.2-lbs this week (water weight certainly but I’ll take it) which I’m excited about. Don’t feel bloated or heavy today so that helps but being nauseous sucks. LOL

    I am curious, do you feel weighing on Monday makes it easier or harder to stick with the program during the week. I think the weekends are going to be my difficult times.

    Should we do a challenge for April? I think that would motivate me. 🙂

    Yes a challenge sounds good. What do you have in mind?

    Today is my fast day ! I ate a snack yesterday around 10:30 so will have to delay my non fast day breakfast.

    This morning I had some granola and home made Greek yog .. Portion was tiny it was so yummy I wanted more.

    Feel really cold on fast days.. Sipping on hot herbal drinks all day so I don’t feel hungry..

    Will make myself tomato and basil soup or cabbage soup, enough to last for my Thursday fast day.

    So what challenge shall we set ourselves?

    We could do a monthly challenge? How about

    weigh loss goals
    Fitness goal
    Healthy eating goal

    Any ideas

    I hope to do a 10k run in sept .. Hoping I get the motivation to get my trainers on

    What if we do all three that you suggested @kitten1?
    Weight Loss: 4-pounds in April
    Fitness Goal: exercise 2-3 times/wk
    Health Eating Goal: eat more veggies

    We could make them all individual goals or all have the same. You guys choose.

    Are any of you in the US? We could exchange numbers and text to motivate. Is there a way to message our numbers and not put it out for everyone to see?

    Cool! Here in the US

    @k-lo, I’m in NC. Can we share our numbers somehow privately through this site?

    @kitten1 and @slimgirl how are you doing?

    I’m down a pound from Friday’s weight in today but feel supper fat today. Like my pant’s don’t fit and I’m not even bloated. Very strange. I also haven’t eaten since lunch yesterday because I feel fat and gross.

    Today is not a fast day and neither was yesterday. Because of feeling gross, I may do 16:8 today which doesn’t seem too difficult considering the “condition” I’m in. Maybe my body is just trying to adjust.

    Has anyone else felt like this?

    Hi Fast

    Not sure if that’s possible on this site.

    So I had my first fast day yesterday ! It was tough I managed to have my 500 cal allowance by around 3pm so was feeling hungry tired headachy cold and miserable. I headed out to the cinema and got a giant Coke Zero and that worked a treat felt full no headache and felt so much better husband was munching on a packet of malteasers and I didn’t have a single one. This morning I was full of energy PT weight training done fastest 1k run and a flatter yum.
    I do find probiotics has helped me also with losing weight so I have been busy making homemade bio yogurt and sourdough bread.

    What’s the 16:8?

    Well done on you pound loss. I found some weeks clothes felt baggy other weeks not … But I had an overall drop in weight last year…. Depressing I did not continue

    On a non-fast day you fast for 16 hours and then eat your meals in the next 8 hours. Great job on your run restraint at the movies. I am not active other than an occasional walk with the dogs and/or family. I need to be more active!

    Hi all,
    Busy few days but trying to keep up with all your posts. Great to hear all the different feedback and stories. I have lost another 2lbs this week so feeling good. Had second fast day today and again cold, tired but happy to complete it. I’d love to lose 2lbs per week for the next 8 or so weeks but not sure how realistic that is so will take it week by week. Starting to exercise now too. Some walking and plan to use an exercise bike. I’m in Ireland by the way so guess no sharing of numbers here. Haha.

    Hope everyone has a good week this week.

    Well done slim!!! That’s fab! I’m in the uk too.

    I am on a fast day today… Yesterday I ate above my tdee which was shocking ! So today is a fast day and I’m trying not to eat anything until later we have a games night with the boys and it’s Taco Bell take out :0 so I’m saving my calories for an evening meal. Crunchy taco and Pepsi max I can’t wait!!!!!
    Going to sip on some Coke Zero to keep me going once I get sick of the herbal teas. I don’t normally drink fizzy stuff at all but it’s my savour at the moment.
    I made a yummy tuna and bean burger from a Pinterest 5:2 recipe board and added lots of veggies. It was scrummy.
    What has everyone been eating on a fast day?

    Managed a 2k run, 10 min bike and 20 min swim at the gym this morning. I have noticed my tummy is slowly getting flatter.

    Keep on it 🙂 everyone …happy fasting ..

    So on the eat more veggies challenge I think we should try and aim for our 5 portions of fruit and veg

    Excellent @slimgirl. 2lbs, that’s awesome. I suppose it depends on how close you are to your goal weight and how strict you are with your calories if you can continue to lose at that rate.

    @kitten1 – I’m fasting today as well. I’m always cold on fasting days and I’ve noticed even on my non-fasting days. Small price to pay for trying to undo years of bad to my body. The tuna and bean burger sounds really good.

    5 portions of fruit & veggies a day? That seems excessive, count me out – LOL. Just kidding, I will try. 🙂

    My goal is to be a runner by the end of the year. Even if I’m a slow runner. I have tried 100s of times throughout the last 5 years and have always failed. I have tried Couch-2-5k and all kinds of running apps. Just don’t seem to stick with it. But I want to try again. Any thoughts?

    Hi fast,

    Have u thought of joining a running club ?
    I have but on the run days I’m at college. When terms over I will be joining. Most of the clubs around me want u to be able to do 5k as a beginner. So I’m just running on my own
    I use map my run and I use a Fitbit and the Fitbit app. It also makes sure I’m keeping mobile during the day, makes logging food easy. Maybe enter in for a 5k race for life? Have a goal 🙂

    I bought one of those breville smoothie makers and keep loads of frozen fruits in the freezer and unsweetened juice in the fridge , whizzed up some kale and froze them into cubes to pop them in the blender.

    Does anyone have an iphone or whatsapp? We can text internationally for free if we use imessage with the iphone or if we use the app. Let me know if anyone is interested and we can exchange email address to exchange numbers. I’m not comfortable putting me cell number online. 😀

    There is a running club here but I feel like I would hold everyone back. I definitely cannot run a 5k. I had a fitbit for the past few years but then I got an apple watch that basically does the same thing so I don’t wear it anymore.

    The smoothies sound delicious!

    Have you found you lose more weight when you run?

    I did find it helped tone and if I did a run on fast days (gentle) I had the most weight loss

    I’m on bindle or Kik (like what’s app) without the need to exchange phone numbers.

    My user name on them is Kil (it’s a gaming name before u ask!)

    Not sure if anyone uses them already?

    On bindle I have set up a group for us you can search by #kitten1fastdiet. And I can add u in

    I am resident in Nigeria and I am 86kg. I need a fast diet buddy anywhere in the world that we can share our achievements or goals together. I want to lose at least 10kg by July 2016

    Ha-ha, I like the name Kil. I don’t use any of the app you mentioned about but just downloaded the bindle app. Excellent idea – much smarter than me! I’m not always able to access this site at work so thank you.

    screen name is FastEnough

    Hi mama! 10kg (or 22-lbs – I googled :)) before July may be doable. Got to stick with it. You can do it. Good luck. Are you fasting today?

    Hi mama

    Welcome to the fasting club!
    How long have you been on the 5:2?
    What are your fast days?

    🙂 hopefully by July you will

    Lost 1.6lbs in my 2nd week! Woo Hoo!

    Well done fast 🙂

    My weight loss is so slow like 0 loss for the past three weeks!

    im throwing in a third fast day.

    Has anyone ever had a slow start?

    Hi, I would love to join you, if I may? Have 5:2’d before, lost weight, kept it off for a couple of years and then relapsed. I am finding it soooo hard to restart. Just keep eating, hungry or not. I start my fast day tomorrow and this time I will stick to it.

    Hi Missfire, welcome! Kitten and I text through a fee app called Bindle. Just look me up (FastEnough)and I’ll add you to the group.

    Hiya all doing the fast diet but I think I’m doing it wrong I’ve been on it for 2 months and only lost 4lb I’m. Gutted and gave up last week. I want to start again. Can anyone give me tips ;-(

    Hi jafmensah:

    You might check both the ‘Plateaus’ link and the ‘TDEE’ link on this thread:

    Good Luck!

    Hi jaf …

    I have not lost any weight for about four weeks now … Still doing the diet as I feel better for it. Apart from the headaches ! Tried the salt trick and it hasn’t worked yet.

    I know it works as I did it last year for my wedding.. It takes a long time to see results. Fell off the wagon on my honeymoon 3 months later all that hard work gone.
    This time I wrote all my measurements down at the start. I have seen body changes but no loss. A centimetre off my neck and a cm gain on thighs and calves … From weight training.
    Sim posts and newbie links are really useful to motivate.

    I used to obsess with the scales but I go by how my clothes feel…and how I feel.

    I do find I have to snack through the fast day with my cal limit otherwise I crash at around 3 pm

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