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  • Morning 🙂
    Fasting today, however, when fasting on a Monday I call it my repair day, treating it a more off a post-weekend detox
    Friends over Sat night, so quite a bit of wine seemed to disappear, and yesterday was lazy with far too many carbs! LOL!!

    Does anyone else have any other names for their fast days ? 😉


    Today is a ‘two’ day for me 🙂 I didn’t want my brain calling them famine and feast days.

    Completely understand! I use the term “health day” for my Fast Days and use those days for my exercise days as well. I am doing alternating day fasting and am dropping from 1.5 to 2 pounds a week. Have lost almost two sizes now (…going shopping this week for smaller jeans…again!!!) and several inches…along with over 14 pounds 🙂 Last diet I’ll ever need!

    Good luck…stick to it…it is well worth the results!

    Congratulations Carla – have fun shopping! 😉

    I’m doing ok today so far, lots of tea and water (and trips to the loo!LOL!!)
    I am feeling a little low today, so fingers crossed i can just get through lunch time, when the other 2 girls in the office bring out their food
    I should be ok and if all else fails, i always have a chicken noodle cuppa soup to fall back on (43cals)
    definitely determined this time round!

    ” I call it my repair day, treating it a more off a post-weekend detox”

    I like feed and fast days, keeping it simple and clear for the day I’m on.

    My wife says detox and retox and there’s some truth in that.

    I tell my husband that today is My Fasting day. He knows what that means and will ask what I would like to have for dinner. He does all the cooking and will eat the same thing I eat but in a bigger quanity. This way I am not tempted to eat something I shouldn’t. It is great to have support at home when you are trying to get through this.

    I just call them my low and normal days. Feast and feed has a negative ring to it for me, so I’m not using those 😉

    And @b4, it’s very important to have support like that at home! Your hubby sounds great.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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