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  • Can anyone suggest a fitness tracker which records ALL activity? I cannot walk far so step counting is not useful, and I do not engage in formal sports but I am very interested in tracking and increasing my N.E.A.T by every possible means. I do exercise in the pool so would like a waterproof tracker which also warns me when I have been inactive for more than 15 minutes.
    Apart from those requirements I am not looking for anything complicated, i just want to look at it towards evening to see if I have done enough for the day.

    Hi Bordercol Fitbit Charge3 is water proof, can be used for swimming etc. You can set reminders on it so it reminds you to move too. Also it monitors sleep, BPM which is useful. It’s a device that is worn on your wrist.

    Thankyou JudyJudes. Do you think it would capture most non exercise activity? I try to keep on the move but am concerned that most of my movement is not sufficiently vigorous to be called exercise!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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