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  • I saw MM on TV in January and started 5:2 soon after. I haven’t dieted for years because I’d read a book which helped me understand the issues about food that go on in our heads and it seemed to me that actual weight-loss dieting was wrong. The change your lifestyle for ever; eat more healthily wasn’t for me either. I like white bread, cheese, curry. . .

    So armed with the thought that a little hunger might be good for me, and knowing I was 2 1/2 stone overweight with high BP, I started my first fast. I wasn’t hungry when I woke on the day so I drank tea (with milk) and lots of water. When I became hungry I ate a peeled carrot and a couple of tomatoes and drank lots more water. I admit to being a bit head-achy by 9 pm so I watched something good on TV and then bed. I didn’t sleep especially well. The strangest thing was that I wasn’t hungry the next morning so I put off eating till 10 am. I don’t know how many calories 6 cups of tea with milk in, one carrot and 2 tomatoes have, but it can’t be 500)
    (I’ve recently retired so I can please myself about the time I roll out of bed)

    I kept my 2 fast days a week going through February and March before I noticed my legs were thinner, I could do my bra up tighter and then people started making comments about how well I looked. That was nice.

    I wasn’t worried about slow start to the weight loss so much as the other health benefits. So now, in June, I’ve dropped a dress size, stopped snoring (according to OH) and feel well and fit. I don’t know what I weigh but I’m going to see if the doctor is happy with my blood pressure fairly soon.

    I imagine that the fasting would be impossible if I had a family to feed each day. As it is, my OH and adult son fend for themselves and I stay out of the kitchen and away from them when they eat.

    My fasting days now continue with tea and water but finish at 9 pm with a low cal hot chocolate drink as a pat on the back for myself. I’ve only missed 2 fasts in 4 months.

    “leevee – stopped snoring”

    You have received many wonderful benefits, including no longer snoring?

    I’m wondering how that is continuing to work for you?

    My goal is to stop snoring and improve my sleeping.

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