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  • 1st Week

    I started my 5:2 diet after seeing Jimmy Kimbel and his transformation. I googled it of course and I am so excited to do this. My husband has done this off and on for a few years successfully. But he has a knack for dropping weight super easily. 😛

    Anyway, here I am and I’m starting with:

    166 lbs
    27.3 BMI
    40.5% body fat
    25.7% muscle
    1475 RM kcal
    49 Body Age (Actual Age 41)

    I have an Omron scale that gives this information so I will add it once per week. I need to do some tape measurements too. So I will shoot for that in next week’s post.

    So what are my goals:

    140 lbs
    20 – 22% BMI
    My actual age = body age
    Happiness when I look at my body

    I have a big trip planned in November so I am doing the 4:3 -> 3 days of fasting Th, Sa and M

    1st Week
    I have had 3 fasts so far – pretty easy so far because I pick days that I know I am super busy and I completely forget to eat anyway. My 500 Calories come in the form of a super awesome drink, low cal, low sugar, high veggie count, low-ish protein, good fats, phytonutrients, etc. I will include the recipe in a separate post. Everyone that tries it, is pleasantly surprised by just how good it is. I have two of those drinks later in the day and a stick of cheese or apple.

    Drinking lots water and drinking diet cola – I don’t drink coffee otherwise it would be that.

    Exercise – I go to spin class on Saturdays and Sundays – Love it! On Mondays and Thursdays, I do an isometrics exercise program and has helped significantly build muscle, etc. – Love it too!

    No weight loss yet per se but I feel really good and more slender. On my way to not feeling like a slave to food anymore!

    Looking forward to next week.

    Doing It Live

    PS “______, we’re doing it live” is a quote from a talk show host that still cracks me up today! And for me, that’s how I roll, let’s just do this thing and make it happen. 🙂

    Here’s my favorite drink:
    1 – 12oz Blender Bottle

    12oz of Unsweetened Coconut Milk or Almond Milk (~55 – 60 Calories)

    1 scoop of Vanilla Greens First Boost (38 Calories)
    1 scoop of Greens First (Veggie) (40 Calories)
    Total – ~133 -138 Calories


    1 scoop of Chocolate Greens First Boost (42 Calories)
    1 scoop of Berry Greens First (Veggie) (35 Calories)
    Total – ~132 – 137 Calories

    The Greens First blends can be purchased in multiple locations but I go to Amazon because it is easier.

    Enjoy! Tell me what you think of the drink

    I will put this in the food forum, too! I was just putting here since I referred to it in my first post.


    Hi Doing and welcome:

    Here is most of the information you will need as you do 5:2:

    Good Luck!

    2nd Week
    164 lbs -2
    26.9 BMI -0.4
    39.20% Body Fat -1%
    25.60% Muscle 0%
    1461 RM kcal -14
    48 Body Age -1

    All the numbers are going the right way! Yay!

    3rd Week
    161 lbs -5
    26.4 BMI -0.9
    38.10% Body Fat -2%
    26.90% Muscle 1%
    1454 RM kcal -21
    47 Body Age -2

    Again all the numbers are looking good. Keepin’ it up!

    Well I try to keep up but it can be challenging with two little kids….

    4th Week
    164.2 lbs -1.8
    29.9 BMI 2.6
    40.20% Body Fat 0%
    25.80% Muscle 0%
    1463 RM kcal -12
    47 Body Age -2
    (Actual Age 41)
    5th Week
    161.8 lbs -4.2
    26.5 BMI -0.8
    39.10% Body Fat -1%
    26.20% Muscle 1%
    1454 RM kcal -21
    47 Body Age -2

    6th Week
    161.8 lbs -4.2
    26.5 BMI -0.8
    39.20% Body Fat -1%
    26.20% Muscle 1%
    1453 RM kcal -22
    46 Body Age -3

    7th Week
    158.8 lbs -7.2
    26 BMI -1.3
    38.80% Body Fat -2%
    26.20% Muscle 1%
    1438 RM kcal -37
    46 Body Age -3

    Great progress from my perspective!!!! About 1lb per week. Make sense to me…

    Great progress! Keep it up! 🙂

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