My own selfmade diet – looking for feedback

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My own selfmade diet – looking for feedback

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  • Hey everyone,

    For years I have been experimenting with healthy eating and fasting and from everything I have read and done, I have constructed my own diet. I’m curious what you think, if you have any tips, what could be improved, etc. I hope you will help me further.

    Below you’ll find a A5 summary of my diet. It is deliberately short and broad to give the user great freedom within a certain framework.

    Thanks in advance,




    “It’s not a short term diet, it’s a long term lifestyle change.” (Unknown)


    Eat and drink for 80%…

    – Less
    – Unprocessed
    – Plant-based
    + Fit body & healthy mind

    A summary

    Eat maximum three times a day, don’t overeat, water fast one day a week, nothing wrong with a little hunger.

    “The best we can do, is to eat whole foods, mostly plants, and not too much.” (Michael Pollan)

    Pure, raw and cooked vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, drink water, avoid additives such as sugar and salt and good fats are your friends.

    “Came from a plant eat it; was made in a plant, don’t.” (Michael Pollan)

    Plant foods are number one, two and three, in addition, a little full-fat yogurt, sometimes an egg, a little milk now and then and very little meat.

    “The most ethical diet just so happens to be the most environmentally sound diet and just so happens to be the healthiest.” (Dr. Michael Greger)

    The fundament and what makes the diet complete: have regular intensive exercise, low stress, be positive, have good relationships and friendships, laugh and enjoy.

    “Sorry, there‚Äôs no magic bullet. You gotta eat healthy and live healthy to be healthy and look healthy. End of story.” (Morgan Spurlock)

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