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  • FD #6
    After yearning to lose weight for years, I finally have found 5:2. It’s early days but I can tell already that it’s working. Clothes that didn’t fit are fitting, hunger cues are changing, energy is increasing.

    I’ve been inspired by so many stories on this forum, I thought I deserved to write down my journey and hopefully pay it forward.

    I started on February 1, 2020 and 14 days later I can see and feel the magic happening. Fast days are becoming easier and I can safely say I am committed to this long term.

    The challenge will be my upcoming two- month trip to Europe; but I am determined to keep two fast days a week.

    Un grand merci to all the folks who have shared their stories and inspired my journey with the 5:2 way.

    More non scale victories: my mother’s rings, which haven’t fit for years (but I refused to resize) glided onto my fingers. Be gone inflammation!

    My Levi’s size 29 jeans, which were unwearable are now on my body. And a pretty bra from 10 years ago also fits again.

    All this progress in 2 weeks. Amazing?!

    For the past few years my blood pressure has been borderline high. Just for fun I decided to check it today after my epic six fast days. Drumroll. 127/76. Pulse 70. Range normal.

    FD #7

    I never thought this would work for me. I somehow believed it could work for everyone, and I would be the exception.

    But it is working! And I’m over the moon about it.

    Dieting background:

    My lowest adult weight was 115 pounds, when I was about 30 years old, eating very little and exercising a lot. Then, I met my would-be husband, and started eating and drinking wine. Little by little, pound by pound, my weight increased in small increments over 2 decades until I hit my all time high of 156 pounds.

    I dabbled in Weight Watchers, (hated it), low carb, (I lost a few pounds but then I stalled). In hindsight, I was making too many low carb cakes. I tried intuitive eating, (that didn’t work either) and read about every diet book out there.

    Then I stopped weighing myself. That was about five years ago. I know I haven’t gained much more since all my clothes still fit.

    I am not a binger eater, I am not a yo yo dieter (I have never really lost weight, just gained), and thought I was destined to be this size as a fifty-something woman.

    In fact, when I first came across the 5:2 diet a few years ago, I thought it was the craziest idea I had ever seen! But then I started to investigate it and finally realized there was something to it.

    I started my 5:2 journey on February 1st. My first couple of fasts were clunky: I allowed myself up to 800 calories, just in case I got too hungry. Last week, I did three fasts in one week, M-W-F, to see how that felt and it was amazing.

    That’s when I knew the magic was happening.

    My plan is to do 4:3 when time allows. This week, with my son home from university, I’m doing a 5:2 with plans for a 4:3 next week.

    I am not counting calories on NFD; to me, this defeats the purpose of giving the 5:2 a real college try in its plain vanilla style. I really don’t want to overcomplicate this or make it another DIET.

    I have no final goal weight in mind. In my mind, I’ve already met my goal – TO LOSE WEIGHT. I believe my body will let itself use fat as fuel as I continue to fast. I already am feeling lighter on NFD, really enjoying the food, instead of feeling guilty about it.

    So, here I am on FD #7. It’s 1 pm and I’ve only had coffee and tea and am looking forward to my instant cup of soup (50 calories) before my Pilates class.

    Here’s to my 5:2 future!

    I’m cheering your 5:2 future too, Pernetty. Isn’t it lovely when you can see it will be your way of life. 🙂

    Pilates class just now:
    “Hey, have you lost a ton of weight recently?”
    asked my fellow student.

    Wow, just 17 days later my waist is especially way more defined.

    FD #8

    After three FDs last week, this week’s two feel like a breeze.

    Tons of research later I’m learning that although 5:2 is great for fat loss, it also has other other benefits that range from boosting your brain power to fighting cancer and dementia.

    Other benefits that I’m discovering:

    * My eating on NFD’s has settled down.

    * My digestion is improving.

    * I have increased clarity and mental focus.

    Now back to fat loss; it’s like the fat burning switch has been turned on. It seems to me the magic happens when the body begins to burn fat as a fuel source.

    I can feel my tummy fat melting away. I love that!

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