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  • FD #6
    After yearning to lose weight for years, I finally have found 5:2. It’s early days but I can tell already that it’s working. Clothes that didn’t fit are fitting, hunger cues are changing, energy is increasing.

    I’ve been inspired by so many stories on this forum, I thought I deserved to write down my journey and hopefully pay it forward.

    I started on February 1, 2020 and 14 days later I can see and feel the magic happening. Fast days are becoming easier and I can safely say I am committed to this long term.

    The challenge will be my upcoming two- month trip to Europe; but I am determined to keep two fast days a week.

    Un grand merci to all the folks who have shared their stories and inspired my journey with the 5:2 way.

    More non scale victories: my mother’s rings, which haven’t fit for years (but I refused to resize) glided onto my fingers. Be gone inflammation!

    My Levi’s size 29 jeans, which were unwearable are now on my body. And a pretty bra from 10 years ago also fits again.

    All this progress in 2 weeks. Amazing?!

    For the past few years my blood pressure has been borderline high. Just for fun I decided to check it today after my epic six fast days. Drumroll. 127/76. Pulse 70. Range normal.

    FD #7

    I never thought this would work for me. I somehow believed it could work for everyone, and I would be the exception.

    But it is working! And I’m over the moon about it.

    Dieting background:

    My lowest adult weight was 115 pounds, when I was about 30 years old, eating very little and exercising a lot. Then, I met my would-be husband, and started eating and drinking wine. Little by little, pound by pound, my weight increased in small increments over 2 decades until I hit my all time high of 156 pounds.

    I dabbled in Weight Watchers, (hated it), low carb, (I lost a few pounds but then I stalled). In hindsight, I was making too many low carb cakes. I tried intuitive eating, (that didn’t work either) and read about every diet book out there.

    Then I stopped weighing myself. That was about five years ago. I know I haven’t gained much more since all my clothes still fit.

    I am not a binger eater, I am not a yo yo dieter (I have never really lost weight, just gained), and thought I was destined to be this size as a fifty-something woman.

    In fact, when I first came across the 5:2 diet a few years ago, I thought it was the craziest idea I had ever seen! But then I started to investigate it and finally realized there was something to it.

    I started my 5:2 journey on February 1st. My first couple of fasts were clunky: I allowed myself up to 800 calories, just in case I got too hungry. Last week, I did three fasts in one week, M-W-F, to see how that felt and it was amazing.

    That’s when I knew the magic was happening.

    My plan is to do 4:3 when time allows. This week, with my son home from university, I’m doing a 5:2 with plans for a 4:3 next week.

    I am not counting calories on NFD; to me, this defeats the purpose of giving the 5:2 a real college try in its plain vanilla style. I really don’t want to overcomplicate this or make it another DIET.

    I have no final goal weight in mind. In my mind, I’ve already met my goal – TO LOSE WEIGHT. I believe my body will let itself use fat as fuel as I continue to fast. I already am feeling lighter on NFD, really enjoying the food, instead of feeling guilty about it.

    So, here I am on FD #7. It’s 1 pm and I’ve only had coffee and tea and am looking forward to my instant cup of soup (50 calories) before my Pilates class.

    Here’s to my 5:2 future!

    I’m cheering your 5:2 future too, Pernetty. Isn’t it lovely when you can see it will be your way of life. 🙂

    Pilates class just now:
    “Hey, have you lost a ton of weight recently?”
    asked my fellow student.

    Wow, just 17 days later my waist is especially way more defined.

    FD #8

    After three FDs last week, this week’s two feel like a breeze.

    Tons of research later I’m learning that although 5:2 is great for fat loss, it also has other other benefits that range from boosting your brain power to fighting cancer and dementia.

    Other benefits that I’m discovering:

    * My eating on NFD’s has settled down.

    * My digestion is improving.

    * I have increased clarity and mental focus.

    Now back to fat loss; it’s like the fat burning switch has been turned on. It seems to me the magic happens when the body begins to burn fat as a fuel source.

    I can feel my tummy fat melting away. I love that!

    FD #9
    It’s happened. I looked forward to my FD. I had three NFD days and enjoyed them thoroughly by including the foods I normally deny myself.

    To be clear, I am not a glutton nor am I greedy with food but in the past, I have internally judged food as “good” or “not good”.

    But now, I am dividing my judgement between two things – FD and NFD.

    So, on my NFDs I enjoyed french fries, chocolate, a few desserts including some home baking. Nothing crazy or over the top, just normal eating.

    Today, it’s back to business with an amazing cup of soup (how can it taste so good) and a boiled egg for lunch. I normally skip breakfast so my everyday habit is 16:8, which I have been practicing for the past year or so.

    I have three FDs planned for this week as we’re heading to Europe next Sunday. Then, the fun begins on figuring out how to include FD on an extended vacation.

    FD #10
    It’s rare for a “diet” to become easier the longer you’re on it. But, this is what I’m finding with FDs. They are becoming easier and easier to manage. Today I had coffee for breakfast, a cup of soup and a boiled egg for lunch, tea for an afternoon snack and will roll into dinner with baked fish and steamed broccoli.

    The increased energy is a bonus – and not having to think or prepare food is liberating!

    FD#11 was Feb 29.

    Then it was a crazy 17 days in Europe before the chaos of covid-19.

    During our time away, I managed a few OMADs (one meal a day), and then escaping Europe, it kind of turned into a few mandatory OMAD.

    But, we were lucky, we got out of Europe and are now back home in Canada.

    FD#12 March 18
    It feels good to have a fasting day. God, I love those cup-a-soups.

    FD#13 March 21

    FD#14 March 23
    Breakfast: coffee w/ tablespoon of cream, (50) calories

    Lunch: cup of soup, (60); 12 almonds (90) + the world’s smallest apple (40)

    Dinner: Stir-Steam: carrot, broccoli, ⅓ cup frozen peas, 4 frozen shrimp, soy sauce + hot sauce (180)
    1% Kefir (70)

    Total: 490 calories

    This fasting day is best described as mildly challenging. I just had a FD two days ago; it almost felt too close together. My plan is to continue with a 2-day FD, next on on Thursday. I have to remind myself that it has to be doable in order to go the distance.

    Go me! Not even a chance I would break a FD.

    I had a very rough night after the last FD. It was very hard to sleep – it seemed like my biology to survive was telling me — “get up and find something to eat!”

    I was up at 5:30 am ravenous. I normally don’t eat until lunch but I was starving – so I gave in and had breakfast, and then a hearty lunch. It was very odd. My appetite was very strong.

    Cut to the day after. I slept way better and my appetite seems to be back to normal. Perhaps, three FD so close together was the trigger.

    So, for the next month, I will maintain a 2x a week FD schedule.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    FD #16
    I wasn’t going to try on any old clothes but I couldn’t resist. I really felt thinner this morning, especially my very strong, muscular thighs. Et voila, my famous black dress pants (from 2001, size 6 CDN) glided comfortably over them and fastened without struggle over my waist.

    This is a serious NSV — I haven’t been able to zip them up since about 2007.

    It’s funny what small clothes survived my gradual weight gain. For some reason, these high quality dress pants were kept in my closest, perhaps because they were a staple in my wardrobe at one time.

    Talk about a Happy Dance!

    I should mention that I don’t weigh myself and my clothes (from my closet archives) are the closet thing I have to measuring. It is very reliable as I know exactly what my weight was when they fit.

    Maybe one day I will get back on the scale but for now, I’m enjoying the journey.

    After my massive hunger attack after FD#14 and my higher calorie FD#15, my hunger returned to normal.

    It was very easy to resume my “normal eating”, which is to say what I would normally consume before beginning 5:2. Like I said, my weight gain was very gradual and it had stopped a few years ago so my weight was very stable for a long time. I was not an overeater, an emotional eater or a binger eater.

    So, I am following the original 5:2 advice — fast for two days and eat normally for five days.

    Here’s to the last week of March, and hopefully a better April.

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