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  • It’s been a while since I read the book – I really should go back and read it.
    I’ve been sticking to a routine & just having the following on fast days …

    A coffee in the morning with 1 sugar and a splash of semi skimmed milk.
    A bananna for lunch (sometimes I skip this as I find it makes me hungrier).
    I have green tea and water throughout the day.
    For dinner I have 2 slices of weight watchers bread as toast and 1 can 200g Heinz beans and sausages.
    Sometimes I have a Jaffa cake or 2 depending on how many calories I have left.
    That usually takes me under 500.

    Anyway, I hope I’m doing it ok. I don’t remember any specific foods being restricted.


    maybe the sugar in your coffee could be left out as your body could react by needing more sweet stuff.
    Also the banana is pretty high on fruit sugars if I am not mistaken. In Heinz beans there is usually added sugars as well..

    What I ate today on my fast day:

    – black coffee but also 1 coffee with hot milk
    – herbal tea
    – lots of water

    At noon: 30 grams of oatmeal with blueberries and raspberries, these are 1 to 2 calories each, I think iI had 20 in total. Also 1 kiwi.
    I made the oatmeal with about 60 ml of coconut flavored soy milk, just because I had some left 🙂

    Also 1 Snackajack caramel flavor cracker, mostly because I like the horribly chemical smell of these 🙂

    Then.. for dinner, I had Thai soup from the super market and some red peper and cucumber.
    Then a tiny bit of yoghurt and muesli.

    All this should be a little over 500 calories, not bad 🙂

    Now I tend to crave some chocolate, which of course I shouldn’t have 🙂 I think the evneings are the hardest part because I’m used to have a little something extra and also because often I am at home.

    Good luck!

    My typical fast day, I have 3 square meals: breakfast is porridge with skimmed milk. Lunch is either a salad bowl, with a measured amount of low fat dressing and cottage cheese or turkey (~100kcal); alternative lunch: cod in butter sauce with measured amount of vegetables (~130 kcal)iso.
    Dinner this evening I have venison steak (100kcal from Aldi) and vegetables or salad bowl. Alternatively dinner, is salmon fillet (100kcal) with stir fry vegetables and teriyaki sauce (150kcal)
    I always manage to bring the day in at 500kcal – give or take a few. I drink coffee with skimmed milk and sparkling water throughout the day.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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