My AMAZING medical result

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  • Hi All:-)
    I have been on the 5;2 since valentines day 2015 – yes I like to start new things on days I will easily remember! So it’s been just over nine months for me. I haven’t lost a significant amount of weight but then I really didn’t need to. I am 165 cm, started at 63kg and am now 59kg – I have been really dilligent with my fast days with the exception of the last few weeks when I’ve been out of my routine but I’ll get back in sync very soon:)

    The best thing for me about the fast days is that I don’t have to worry about what food I’ll eat at work on those days because I won’t eat anything! If I crave something I can have the next day – easy.

    Now for the amazing medical result!
    Data – female, aged 59; medical condition, low platelets diagnosed ITP 1997 when spleen was removed; platelets tested every 6 months since 1997 where they hovered around normal (normal is 150-400) readings generally around the 140-150 mark; advised there is nothing I can do to increase my platelets.

    Started 5:2 Feb 2015 – my platelet readings were April 2015-175 and November 2015-204 AMAZING:))The only thing I’ve changed in 2015 is my adopting the 5;2. The doctors here in Canberra Australia have no explanation. I will stay on the 5;2 and consider moving to 6:1 in 2016 if my platelet readings continue to be strong!

    Thank you Dr Mosley.


    Congratulations, Annie!
    I was happy to read about this positive change.

    I don’t have a spleen either. I have been on 5:2 since Feb 2015….glad to see it has a positive impact upon you. I feel great too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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