Motivational posts :-) Time restricted eating and fasting does it work or not.

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Motivational posts :-) Time restricted eating and fasting does it work or not.

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  • Hello!

    I have in the past found delayed eating helpful for weight and appetite control. Oddly, my energy levels and particularly my mood, (I don’t know if the hunter within me increases my mood to encourage me to go out and search for food).

    I’ trying to remind myself of the positives because fasting had some bad press recently. I have also gained some pounds during lockdown and what with working from home.

    I’ve developed very unhealthy habits – i.e. a whole pack of biscuits has been devoured during zoom meetings without anyone knowing including me… until afterwards (it was me).

    I’m in my 40s and just looking for positive posts and support. TRE has worked in the past but I have regained all the weight this year and seeking buddies. I keep reading that fasting doesn’t work and I know diets generally don’t work for me, I know what to eat it’s just implementing that!

    All I can say is that TRE, fasting & restricting carbs works for me. I started with the fast diet ~4 years ago. Blew through my goal in 3-4 months (weighed 185lbs goal was 170). Theses days I try to stay between 160-165 (wake up weight).
    Carbs have always been a trigger for me/find it hard to stop eating them once started – especially sweets. Only remedy that works for me is either complete abstinence (e.g. no donuts at work), or limiting availability (only make small portions when I can share). Rarely buy pre packaged food as I don’t trust ingredients/avoid vegetable oils & sugars.
    I was on the road recently – salty food, few beer with work mates, etc. Weighed 173 lbs morning after I got home. Down to 161 this morning (week later). Very few carbs of any kind this week, TRE & a 48 hr fast. Grandkids visiting tomorrow so homemade Mac & cheese for lunch 😀

    Hi Alittlebird,

    Are you still “seeking buddies”?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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