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  • Hi,
    This is my story.
    For the most of my life I have being in the upper limit of my healthy weight limit. I am so passionate about food, coming from a Asian culture and surrounded by so many delicious food. I love cooking and definitely eating.
    I got married at the age of 28 and I was ~60kg (5 feet and 2 inches). Just after the wedding we moved to Melbourne and I have started cooking and eating various new recipes. From 6 months I hit 64kg. Then only I started doing exercise and some ad-hoc dieting. I would say it ad-hoc because I started eating healthy, continued for few days and again started my normal eating habits and again be the good girl for few days…. Anyway I managed to loose ~1.5kg by two months.. lol. Then I got to know about intermittent fasting (Luckily). Again I must say I did 16:8 diet but ad-hoc and lost 3kg more.
    Now I am fluctuating between 58kg to 59kg. So I decided to stat 5:2 fast, this time so serious I promise. Today I started my first fast day.
    My goal is to reduce weight to 54kg by next March. Please wish me good luck….


    Ammi congrats on setting your goals! I fell off the wagon but am serious again as well. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the States and I am sure that I will be overeating a bit. I did the Eat Stop Eat program a couple of years ago and loved it. I do find 5:2 a little easier to stick with but cravings still get the best of me sometimes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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