Miso soup and Zero noodle – experience?!

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Miso soup and Zero noodle – experience?!

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  • As I have read in many places about how fastday-friendly this combo is, I have gave them a try. I agreed that their nearly non-exist calorie is brilliant! I make a bowl of miso soup (diluted to 300ml instead of the 160ml as recommended) and add a pack of warmed Zero noodle. less than 50kcal and I was really full.

    HOWEVER, after fast day with this as dinner, my scale do not move this morning. I know it could be the salt content in the miso soup and the water holding ability of the noddle so I might have more water weight. So, it jsut might be short term thing.

    I wonder if anyone in this forum have tried them on fast day and have a OK long term result. (As I hope those good comments I read are not all jsut advertisement so I was fooled 🙁 )

    I tried the 0 Cal noodles once, but they were too awful to eat. Not the taste, but the feel of them, I’ve never eaten anything like it – it’s not like eating food, it’s like eating some sort of weird plastic, like it’s soft but crunchy at the same time. I can’t explain it. Anyway, if you can stomach it, it’d be brilliant, you just need to stick it out and measure over a much longer time frame. Next-day weighing rarely shows the actual story! x

    I make noodles out of zuchinni. I bought a Rofu (spiral slicer) on amazon and I eat these noodles all the time in place of pasta. I want to try the Miso soup. Do you know if they make one that is low sodium. Today was my first fast day.

    good advice about the Zuchinni, I am gonna give it a try.

    Regarding miso soup, I bought Yutaka as they are the only one I can find that said “No MSG”. Taste nice. I think if I focus on the long term effect, not obsessed with weigh myself the next day, they are fine too. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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