Mid 40's, F, USA, beginning ADF journey water only fast days

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Mid 40's, F, USA, beginning ADF journey water only fast days

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  • Hi,

    Some more details for me; current weight 145 lbs, goal weight 110 lbs, height 5’5″, rarely eat sugar, no dairy except for eggs, but love the “good” carbs such as beans, pulses, ancient grains, fruit, etc.

    I’ve perused this very useful forum for a couple of weeks and have read some lovely open and honest, as well as courageous, fellow dieters’ (WOL’ers’) journeys which have been incredibly helpful and inspirational. Thank you for that.

    I’ve read a lot of Dr. Jason Fung’s research and trials for IF, along with some limited research (there’s just too much to read, some being contradictory) and have decided to incorporate this WOL for me as I am already in middle age and do not want to gain any further weight.

    I have had a litany of medical tests done on me by and referred to medical providers by my excellent primary care physician. So far all blood tests including cholesterol, A1C, thyroid, vitamins/minerals, lead, radon, CTs, Xrays, pulmonary, hormones (not pre-menopausal), and so forth have come back very healthy range. I do have slight chronic low blood pressure, slight plaque on 1 lung, and exclusion based diagnosis of “Fibromyalgia”. Since there are no medically specific testing for Fibromyalgia I certainly am not inclined to trust that invalidated “conclusion”.

    I have been chronically unsustainably exhausted for the past 5+ yrs, and moreso from when I was 5 but not nearly as severe as when I turned 40. I also suffer from occasional headaches and migraines, severe pain in my bones and overlaying muscles (not really in joints), and have absolutely no energy. I also have panic attacks where it feels like a seizure.

    Asides from rx pain medication I do not take any medications. I also take pain meds sparingly as I try not to ingest such things, though I also take many natural supplements.

    I used to be able to eat out for lunch and dinner with ALL the courses AND wine and still remained relatively thin in my 20’s and 30’s and if needed lose weight quickly. Now in my 40’s I can’t do that. I don’t even miss eating that way. BUT I do miss the fast metabolism.

    So here I am doing ADF. I’ve actually completed 3 full 38 hr fast days. Today would have been my 4th but I just made it a NFD as I was just exhausted. I feel a lot better for it.

    My diet consists of very healthy foods, all organic and for meats/eggs free range organic grass fed organic; a lot of variety of vegetables, limited fruit (love fruit but avoiding reawakening a strong sweet tooth), tofu, meat, beans, pulses, ancient grains. For condiments my favorites are; excellent balsamic vinegar, horseradish mustard, hot sauce, soy sauce.

    What I find really fills me up is eating 6-8oz (170-227g) of avocado tossed in balsamic vinegar. That abates hunger for 5-6 hrs, it’s incredibly useful. Also a lot of soups and cabbage with vegetables tomato based stews with fresh herbs is both healthy, filling, and low cal. I don’t have cravings so much and don’t have a problem with my NFD diet as I can stick to 1,500 calories/day. What I can’t do is only eat 25% or 375 cal on the recommended 5:2 diet so I just water fast every other day. The water fast is no problem vs eating a pittance the whole day, though I do suffer from lethargy on fasting days. So I will stick with that.

    What I’m having an issue with is exercise due to my fatigue. When I walk 1 mile I come home and need to sleep at least 2 hours for mild recovery. I do gentle yoga stretches and use the rebounder for a few minutes every few days, which also leaves me winded. I used to run marathons for charity before this chronic exhaustion made me BFFs with my primary care physician. I also lived in the gym daily and had a personal trainer before my sudden onset of feeling like I’m 90 at 40.

    I’ve gabbed on too long but that’s my intro.
    Please excuse any typos, I’m writing via my smartphone. It’s nice to meet you all and thank you for sharing your progress with the rest of us.

    Started ADF Tue, 03.23.21, it’s now my 2nd week and it’s not as energy draining or fatiguing as the 1st week. In fact, a few days ago on my NFD I awoke with super energy and zero desire to eat. That lasted until almost 6pm then I started feeling a little tired again, but having eaten throughout the day.

    My sugar cravings have stopped completely, not that it was strong prior as I wasn’t a “carbaholic”, just guilty of eating too much good, healthy foods before. I also don’t drink any alcohol or juice so had no issues with withdrawl there.

    I eat very healthfully AND deliciously with ALL ingredients being organic, grass fed, cage free, etc on my NFDs, ie;
    Stir fried tofu w.little oil but lots of nonstarchy vegge + soy sauce
    Oatmeal w.fat free grass fed milk + cinnamon + banana + blueberries + protein powder
    A whole peeled grapefruit or pomelo
    6oz roasted skinless boneless chicken breast + 2 tbsp horseradish mustard
    Homemade creamy tomato soup made with fat free ricotta
    As much Nonfat Greek yogurt mixed with homemade salsa or pico de gallo with celery sticks
    Homemade hummus with carrot and/or cucumber sticks
    Eggplant with tomato and nonfat mozzarella bake
    Salad made with 7oz avocado + marinated artichoke hearts + lacinato kale + 1 red/orange/yellow bell pepper + 2oz basil + 2 tbsp best quality balsamic vinegar
    Light tuna salad (made w.nonfat Greek yogurt) on endives or red cabbage leaves
    Snacks will be unsalted roasted cashews, peanuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds, etc.
    Caprese salad w.only 1 tsp of best quality organic cold pressed first press extra virgin olive oil
    Baked potato w.nonfat Greek yogurt mixed w.homemade salsa/pico de gallo
    A whole baked sweet potato/yam

    I also take a massive amount of supplements divided throughout my NFDS and stop eating by 5pm, though aiming for 4pm, including all liquids.

    My fasting days are actually dry fasting days = no water/liquids whatsoever starting from at latest 5pm the prior evening to 8am the following morning the dsy after my fast, so 39 hrs.

    I drink between 18 – 20 8oz cups of water on my NFDs so am never dehydrated even on my dry fasting dsys.

    My NFD calorie intake is just almost always around 1,600. My TDEE is 1,610 (measured) as I haven’t incorporated HIIT, extended walking, or training back in yet. I will be doing so in another 2 weeks after I’ve completely acclimated to ADF WOE/lifestyle.

    My problem has been not being able to physically eat enough calories on most NFDs. My stomach volume as well as appetite has shrank quite drastically that sometimes trying to get in all of this nutrient dense high volume food is physically painful. I also have no appetite or hunger issues on my dry fasting dsys.

    My starring weight was something like 152 lbs. Today I weighed 142.4 lbs. Majority being water weight though I can actually feel my clothes having become quite loose already.

    My current “exercise” during the 1st month ADF lifedtyle adaptation period is;
    Deep breathing 15 min x 3x/pay
    Rebounding 3 min 3x/day
    Planks 2-3 min
    Occasionally using the kick scooter for a 10-15 min stroll
    Walking 1 mile every 3 days
    So, not enough of a “burn” to count as exercise calories though it’s better than the bedridden condition I was in earlier due to some health issues.

    Will keep updating my progress on my thread.

    Also, need to edit my intro, I put water fasting only on ADF in the because I thought it wouldn’t sound as crazy as dry fasting every other day. But the 2 weeks on ADF were all dry fasting and I’ll stick with that as it’s not difficult in the least and it supposedly enhances autophagy and apoptosis including helping with loose skin whilst losing over 40+ lbs of fat & skin in your mud-40’s.

    Also had to reincorporate nonfat dairy back in on NFDs for protein & calcium as I was relying on seafood for both ptior. But I’m too fearful that eating sashimi every other day could give me heavy metal toxicity a la Victoria Beckham. Though I absolutely love sashimi with pickled ginger, soy sauce & wasabi, and seaweed salad, I just don’t trust that our oceans are clean any longer and thus have sadly, painfully, had to reduce seafood intake to “treats” or “special occasion” meals whereas I was having all seasonal fresh seafood nearly on a daily basis before ADF including king crabs, Dungeness crabs, prawns, all types of sashimi, oysters, mussels, clams, abalone, sea cucumbers, whelk, seaweed salad, and I could go on and on.

    PS – please excuse any and all typos. Mobile typing w.1 finger is non constructive.

    The site’s TDEE/BMR/BMI calculator link;


    My TDEE per the site is 1,542 BUT measured accurately at University sports center it is 1,610. So almost similar to average adjusted TDEE from this site’s calculations.

    Have been getting periodical itchy skin all over while losing weight. Entire arms, back, stomach, entire legs, glutes, ankles, sometimes even my hands and scalp, though the last two not as much. There’s never any rash or spots or bumps, just skin itching.

    I don’t have dry skin and no pores blocked.

    I know when you reincorporate running or other strenuous cardio back in after being sedentary it causes itchy skin due to new sudden increased blood flow. Well it can’t be that as I haven’t fit in any strenuous prolongued exercise, waiting a month to adapt to ADF lifestyle first before piling on the cortisol. But the itchiness is fairly similar to new runners itch.

    I’ve read opinion based only ideas that it could be from; ketosis during dry fasts which apparently puts you into ketosis faster than water only fasts, toxin release during fat cell apoptosis as fat cells contain toxins and prior used drugs/supplements (prescription, OTC, recreational, excess fat soluble supplements) stored in fat cells also released into the bloodstream with fat cell released content, excess skin reabsorption, etc.

    I don’t measure ketones because that’s not the diet for me, I love my healthy carbs, and I couldn’t care less about having/not having circulating ketones.

    I’m a bit flabby having gone from 115 – 120 lbs most of my adult life to 155 lbs (starting weightloss journey weight beginning of March 2021) and a max 160 lbs from health issues that left me bedridden for nearly 3 yrs, so I do need to tighten up excess skin as it’s shed, which I also dry brush 2-3x/day to help with this.

    I will consider the frequent periodic episodes of itchy skin a good thing for now.

    04.06.21 2 full weeks on ADF!
    NFD today Weight 142.2 lbs
    Starting ADF weight 152 lbs
    Goal weight 110 lbs

    Though I ate 1800 calories, it feels like I have to force myself to eat so much. I forced myself to eat 1800 today as I had only been able to consume 1500 on prior NFDs. I don’t want to eat less than my TDEE due to not wanting my body to be in a chronically caloric deficienct state since I do a 36-39 hr dry fast ADF (every other day).

    Forcing myself to eat so much is actually physically painful now as I have to consume my TDEE (currently 1,610 measured) AND nearly 1.25 gallons of water from 7-8am start time to latest 5pm. In essence the food and water are competing for stomach real estate.

    I’m also never hungry. Not on my NFDs, not on my FDs. Since I don’t eat sugar, drink alcohol (am a teetotaler), excessive starches or carbs, nothing really overexcites my appetite. I suppose that’s a good thing when losing weight but I also need to enjoy having my full TDEE on NFDs to ensure as minor a metabolic readjustment as possible.

    I was so grateful 5pm came, NO MORE FOOD OR LIQUIDS!!! Looking forward to my fast day tomorrow. I love fasting days, I have so much more time to do work and other activities than planning/preparing/weighing food, eating said food, drinking my water, teas, probiotics, etc.

    My periodic fatigue is very manageable at this point. I won’t say it’s completely abated but am hoping that will occur as my body acclimates to this WOE.

    My physical pain has dimished greatly to the point where I’m nearly pain free. I suppose inflammation is truly being either mediated or eliminated by this diet. Just amazing.

    My small lipoma on my side 6″ under my armpit seems to definitively feel smaller, as though the fat cells are releasing a bit of content, not as hard or as rubbery as usual.

    I’ve also been reading a lot of other people’s experiences on their journeys and am dreading hitting the feared stall and/or plateau(s). As I understand it, it will take a few weeks into the diet to hit them. Mentally readying myself for then. I still have a long way to go to hit goal weight of 110 lbs.

    I’m also concerned that this type of WOE as well as IF lowers oestrogen (as well as testosterone in men) and could mess with menstrual cycles, period flow, and hormones in general potentially causing premenopause or even full on menopause. Scary! But I need to get this weight off so I can function without Fibromyalgia keeping me comatose and in chronic pain.

    04.07.21 Dry FD

    There’s almost no ADF water/no calorie only studies and certainly NO ADF Dry fasting only studies so I was plessed to find the following.

    Really detailed breakdown of the study mentioned for ADF water/zero calories only fasting diet for 4 weeks improving all sorts of biomarkers;


    The actual published study/trial Brady Homer summarizes in his post: https://www.cell.com/cell-metabolism/fulltext/S1550-4131(19)30429-2?rss=yes&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter#.XWWSl33fcyI.twitter

    I did also read a Harvard study stating at 12 months after ADF subjects had raised LDL (bad) cholesterol by over 11%, ALTHOUGH that study had people eating the 25% of their TDEE on the ADF instead of all water/calorie free ADFs, so that’s a huge difference in terminology for “ADF”.

    So glad I’m doing the ADF DRY fasting! Not difficult at all save the first 7-10 days, which were extreme fatigue, headaches, cold extremities, with mild moments of hunger, all of which has since corrected itself.

    04.08.21 NFD today Weight 141.8 lbs
    Starting ADF weight 152 lbs
    Goal weight 110 lbs

    Still never hungry or even thirsty on dry fasting ADF days though I do get slight dry mouth in the evening & more pronounced when I wake up in the morning. It’s not uncomfortable though.

    My period is normally supposed to start between yesterday to tomorrow so if it doesn’t I’ll be a little disappointed. I’ve never missed a period ever. And my hormones are strong, no sign of declining oestrogen or progesterone levels via blood test.

    But I am fatigued today, moreso than normal these days, so maybe that’s a sign the good old period is about to begin.

    Drank my homemade probiotic water 30 minutes ago. Feeling a lot better, energy definitely returning.

    I really want to stop all food & water intake by 4pm but because of the amount of water I need to have on NFDs I’ve so far been unable to make it, having to extend it to 5pm. I’d really like to stop by 4pm to make it a total of 40 hrs dry fasting on ADF days instead of the 39 hrs I’m currently doing. Here’s to going for it today again.

    04.09.21 Dry FD

    My period started this morning, all is normal, no fluctuations in hormones as of now but it’s only been 17 days of ADF. Also no PMS symptoms, pain, discomfort at all.

    https://www.nmdwellnessofscottsdale.com/drzenblog/intermittentfasting states
    “animal based research revealed that prolonged intermittent fasting can cause a hormetic stress on the body”.

    Maybe best to do 4 weeks on, 2 weeks off cycle AFTER I reach my weight goal so the body doesn’t acclimate to ADF as much and doesn’t cause a constant “hormetic stress”? That’s what I’m thinking. We’ll see.

    04.10.21 NFD today Weight 140.8 lbs (64kg)
    Height 5’5″ (165cm)
    Starting ADF weight 152 lbs (69.09kg)
    Goal weight 110 lbs (50kg)
    Started Dry Fasting ADF 03.23.21

    Feel really good today. Yesterday and the day before I was more tired than usual due to my period which started yesterday morning on time per my normal monthly schedule.

    I made it and ended all food and water by 4pm yesterday, didn’t even have my probiotic water until 9:15am this morning, so 41.25 hrs dry fasted!

    What I’m finding is that dry fasting ADF is shredding my belly fat so noticeably it’s almost shocking. Usually when I lose 10 lbs I lose from my extremities first then my face,then my butt, hips, thighs, ThEN my waist. This WOE has not only rid my stomach fat first, but it leaves me with absolutely no hunger or cravings whatsoever.

    I still eat my own made from scratch baked goods, usually fruit and nut loaves made with very little sugar, about 1/3 of whatever recipe calls for, and I never use fake, artificial sugars as I hate the taste of all of them having tried them. If I want sugar I’ll eat organic sugar, raw honey, or blackstrap molasses in much smaller amounts.

    KCADFO – Keep Calm ADF On

    Still having diarrhea on my NFDs. Probably from all of the water intake along with the food intake. Stools have consistently been quite mushy piles. I hope I’m not losing nutrients/calories in having such bowel movements. I need every calorie to count. Today I was only able to eat 1,520 calories, that’s with me forcing myself to eat all of it. I can’t stand to look at food anymore today.

    I count every calorie, measured, weighed, recipes’ nutrition breakdown via myfitnesspal.com. I also count all supplement calories as well as for teas, don’t like coffee therefore don’t have coffee but coffee has 3 calories/cup.

    Last food & water intake at 5pm.

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