Michael Mosley videos? Further direct support?

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Michael Mosley videos? Further direct support?

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  • Hi,

    I have been a member of the fasting forums for some time. The other day I watched some you tube videos of Mr M talking about health and various tv programmes. I found them really motivating.

    I found it/ listening to him really motivating as lots of what he said resonated with me. For example I dropped my breakfast and my appetite fell- who knew! I saw the 8 week blood sugar diet on the net and saw there was some support on there too- has anyone tried this? Or can anyone direct me to more videos radio programmes to listen to as I cook the families evening meals and tidy the house (the exciting life I lead!)?

    If anyone has any thoughts or help thank you in advance.

    Hi Bingeingqueen. I find listening to Mike’s talks to be very motivating too, even though I read his book. If you do a search for his name on YouTube it should bring them up.

    I agree about skipping breakfast and that it helps to lower my appetite during the day. I never was much of a breakfast eater, preferring to have just coffee in the morning. Whenever I’ve been guilted into eating “the most important meal of the day”, I just ended up eating more overall. Who made up that rule about not skipping breakfast? The cereal makers, no doubt!

    I’m not familiar with the blood sugar diet. This 5:2 diet seems to be working pretty well for me when I don’t overeat. This is the beginning of my 3rd week and I’ve lost about 5 pounds so far.

    Hi Califdreamer 🙂

    Interesting isn’t it with regards to skipping breakfast and the motivation that comes from watching Mr Mosley. I think the latter because he says things with conviction, and backs up everything he says too. When everything else hasn’t worked and someone provides something that does, it’s very motivating!

    Well done with the 5:2 and weight loss. 5 pounds so far 🙂 Do you think you will be able to stick at it?

    Bingeingqueen, it is very motivating. Yesterday was a fast day and I lost over a pound. So now I am at a total of 6.6 pounds total after 3 weeks. I have had a few crazy eating days in those 3 weeks, but still ended up losing overall. If I had eaten more mindfully on the NF days, it would have been even better. So that’s the thing to concentrate on now.

    I think I can stick with it because it’s easy to do. 500 calories on fast days isn’t starving. And I always know I can eat the next day.

    Have you found it easy to stick with?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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