Menopause – small gains can't shift

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Menopause – small gains can't shift

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  • Hello, new to the forum but not to 5:2- have been living 5:2 lifestyle for nearly 6 years lost almost 2 st – (sorry struggle with kilos!) I reached my ideal weight but since the menopause which kicked in a couple of years ago I’ve struggled to maintain it – only over my desired weight by about 3/4 lbs most weeks so not a huge amount but feel happier that bit lighter. I don’t feel I have changed my former eating habits which happily maintained my weight goal. I have been fasting for 3 days some weeks but no difference. Any tips would be welcome.


    I am in a similar boat in that being post menopausal it is a bit more difficult to lose or maintain a stable weight. This is in part due to the fact that the body produces less oestrogen after menopause and also muscle mass is gradually lost.

    I am not an expert on this but I went on the net to research it in order to understand it better.

    I am back on 5:2 after falling off the wagon and have 6 kilos or so still to lose. I have had to slightly reduce my daily calorie intake and at the same time increase my exercise quota and the weight is coming off. I have come to realise that since I am post menopause I will have to keep up a regular daily exercise program along with 5/2 or I won’t lose and certainly won’t be able to maintain!

    Go and research effect of oestrogen on weight and muscle mass post menopause, you’ll see what I mean!!!

    Good luck


    Me again, I just had a thought, perhaps you could try a variation of 5:2 and see if that makes a difference? The 16:8 may help burn up some stubborn fat?

    Thanks Lilimar – am doing the 16:8 most days & find that quite easy to do but haven’t noticed much difference in weight loss/maintenance or rather plenty of maintenance but at a level 3/4 lbs above what I want to be! Will certainly look at oestrogen effects and keep experimenting with other ideas. Just want to be in situation where I quite naturally maintain my weight without having to be aware of what I eat and when all the time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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