Medications on an empty tummy

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  • Hello!

    This is day one for me. I forgot to factor my medication that needs to be taken with food. I also took my multivitamin which has Vitamin A. I had hoped a glass of Metamucil would be enough, not the case. Between the 2 I’m now feeling very sick.

    What do others do on their fast days to best balance their medication?

    Im a newbie, but have been reading some. Have you askt your doctor if its ok to start on this diet? Thats the first think to do. Im using meds, and went to my doctor just before i started. But the meds, i would normally take without any food. I think you should try something else. If dont seem it any solutions to this. What about changing meds? I dont know.

    I take levothyroxine first with water for my thyroid this is taken 2 hours away from food. I take multi vits and B12 Vit D and Omega 3 6 9 I always drink tea with fresh lemon juice with these 4hrs later as they work more effectively I also take atenolol and asprin for my heart condition at the same time I take statins with water at night for my heart protection I am doing the 4: 3 fast diet I do not experience any problems on either fasting or eating days On fast days I eat one meal about 5-6pm and drink all day often tea with lemon no sugar I did not ask my doctor for advice I don t know what medication you are taking so cannot really advise you but make sure drink well on fast days and try to eat clean Bless you sometimes you are told to take meds with food because they may upset your digestive process sometimes because the medication works more effectively Don t give up find out more info about your condition and your medication Good Luck

    Hi, have you read the information leaflet that comes with your medication as it should tell you why you need to take it with food. If it is unclear then ask your pharmacist for an explanation.

    If you only take it once per day you can take it every evening with your dinner.

    Thanks guys,

    My partner is a doctor so all clear in that department. I have “lady” issues, the medication helps control insulin so that in a year or so I have a better chances of baby making 🙂

    I’m advised to take my medication with food, because like most meditations its also a poison. The food buffers the absorption to minimize my bodys freak out at finding poison in its system.

    I think what I need is a bulky high fiber low calorie breakfast option. I want to save the majority of my calories for the afternoon. Any suggestions?

    Hi Ms.Duck, this is a great point. So I am so so new to this but I’m glad you brought up this point. What about taking with a small amount of food. Since women are allotted 500 calories on fast days? I’m guess you too are on metformin and I know it’d be miserable without food as well as not being safe. Is this what you ultimately did?

    hi — I am starting the 5:2 tomorrow. I usually have to take an aspirin or two during the night to help me sleep because of arthritis. Will taking an aspirin or two during the night mess up the fasting? Aspirin contains fillers and binders, which are probably starch of some kind…. will that mess up the benefit of the nightly fast? thanks.

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