medical oddity…or maybe just broken

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medical oddity…or maybe just broken

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  • Hi, I am someone who has never seen a doctor that didn’t say “well that’s weird!” about me at some point. My friends in University usd to call me a hypochondriac in dnial since I was always sick but would say I was fine and refuse to see the doctor.

    I have Celiac, epilepsy that isn’t typical (my seizures are weird dizzy spells and are partially caused by gluten), Fibromyalgia, an irregular heart beat, early onset arthritis (started in my 20’s), and osteopenia (I am just very recently turned 41 but have had it for several years now…it is getting worse), scoliosis, and mild brain damage from the epilepsy that causes memory loss. Oh, and because of the epilepsy apparently, I have balance problems.

    My husband has told me I won’t be able to donate organs when I die becaused they would be returned as defective merchandise, but that scientists will fight over who gets to dissect me. 🙂

    With one seizure medication I gained approximately 60 pounds in 3 months…and had lost my apetite. I am now 50-60 pounds above where I would be able to tolerate looking at myself.

    I am hoping that I will be able to help my back (I have also been in 5 car accidents…3 serious, 2 minor…none were my fault and I was only the driver for 3) and other joints by getting weight off.


    Welcome Sara,

    What a health story! I am sorry to hear that you seem to have your plate pretty full!

    My daughter had to be on medication (Prednisone) for a year due to an auto-immune disease and that caused her to gain quite a lot of weight, so I feel for you.

    Are you still on those meds?

    I wish you the best with this new way of life and I hope that you will see many health improvements beside the weightloss!

    Happy and healthy new year!

    Hi Sara, WELCOME!!! I think you will like this plan. my daughter and I have M.E/CFS and fibromyalgia, so we can relate to the hypochondriac label. glad you didn’t give up and accept it.

    how long have you been diagnosed with celiac? many of your symptoms can be the result of celiac. some of those anti-seizure meds can sure pack on the lbs.

    I’ve been on 5:2 since the end of July. have lost 22.8 lbs and I can’t exercise. my daughter hasn’t lost as much but she is still doing well. this is the easiest diet I’ve ever done(and I’ve tried them all 🙂 ) on my fast days I eat only an evening meal and drink lots of water with lemon. I find that if I eat earlier, especially anything with carbs, it makes me hungry.

    read as much as you can on the forum, and try different ways and you will find what works best for you. be patient with yourself and be sure to measure yourself. sometimes when the scales don’t go down, the measurements do.

    good luck and keep us posted on how you are doing. Phyllis

    Glad to hear of your success, MountainMyst. It’s very hard psychologically when you have an illness that means you end up being labelled. I’ve had ME/CFs for six years after a bout of salmonella, look well but feel awful a lot of the time. Have you noticed that this diet has helped your exercise tolerance at all?

    Good luck Sara in the start of your fasting. From my own past experience I know you will find several health improvements from this.


    Hi EllieD, yes, don’t you just hate it when people think you look good so you must be healthy? I tell them I’m like a sports car with a broken engine, still looks the same but doesn’t work. 🙂

    I can’t yet say I’ve had a great increase in exercise tolerance, but I’m hoping to someday. I figure I’ve been ill for 20 yrs, it’s going to take a while to reverse. I have been able to increase my activities from about 1-2 hrs a day, to 3 or 4 IF I don’t try to do it all in a row. I do things in short bursts with long rests in between. by mid afternoon, I’m struggling to try and cook a easy meal and start each day cleaning up the supper dishes because by that time, I can’t stand anymore.

    I’m hopeful that we will all see improvements from this plan. keep at it and we will do our own research on this illness. good luck and let me know how you get on. Phyllis

    Good to hear it’s helping you. I manage to work, but not a lot else. Hoping this will mean that the weekend isn’t spent recovering from the week before. Will let you know how the first week goes.



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