May 2017 31-Day Challenge (1st Anniversary!)

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May 2017 31-Day Challenge (1st Anniversary!)

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  • @steve toon taxi driver – so very sorry to hear the news about your mum, condolences to you and your family

    Day 31 Portugal FD
    Last day…can’t believe it. Didn’t make my goal, I can tell without weighing! I will weigh on Saturday which will be my start weight for June. Weather lovely here, just very comfortable temperatures to be out walking/ running. i love exercising outside. My daughter’s A levels (needed for university) are over on Friday – just two exams to go, thurs am and fri am. Will be such a relief for her and us to get them finished.

    See you in the June challenge.

    Day 31 – Perth, W.Aust – NFD – final weigh in 70kg

    Oops, I’ve missed posting for a few days, nothing much to report, mostly NFDs and CDs. I tried my first 6:1 as a maintenance option, think I will still fluctuate with 5:2 and 6:1 for a while till I make sure I keep to my 70kg.

    Well done to all for sticking with the posts and hopefully a few goals have been achieved, and if not, that your resilience has built ready for another try. Good luck to all those doing the June challenge.

    Day 31 sunny Belfast FD
    I am content to call a close to this month with a pound or two on
    @lola907‘I hope your troubles are small ones. Don’t beat yourself up. Tomorrow is a new day, a new month and a new beginning.
    @coda the wedding itself was in Hillsborough and then we went to Virginia, Co Cavan to a venue run by the chef Richard Corrigan. I have never tasted food like it. Even the breakfast was unbelievable. Spent the day people watching. Some style, I can tell you! I felt considerably under dressed! How long are you going away for? You’ll have a ball, and how lovely to meet up with friends from this forum!!
    @fatrabbit your journey is inspirational
    @steve Toon Taxi Driver. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your mum. It leaves such a hole in your life. I’ll be thinking of you and your family. Xo

    I will finally weigh tomorrow and start afresh. I went to the pool today for the first in a month, so I’m on the right track.
    Onwards and downwards!

    @steve toon taxi driver. Commiserations. However expected it’s always hard.

    Day 31 : UK : 16:8
    Eating window seems to be working while I’m on holiday so sticking with it. Weighing in today at 77.9kg, so very pleased as over TDEE yesterday. Don’t have a tape at the moment but if I will try and find one today and sign in for June with new measurements.

    Well done everyone, take every achievement, however small, as a positive and but the setbacks behind you. See you all in June. Lauren.

    Day 31……Florida…..FD

    Well, May was a total bust for me. I’m up three pound from my start weight. I’m going to have to do some re-evaluation for June, if I’m going to lose anymore

    Chin up Princess….. your crown is slipping!

    Day 31 UK NFD Weighed in this morning and exactly same as my start weight Ah well, I’ll get my Holiday out of the way ,where I’m expecting to gain a few pounds ( but hopefully not too much ) and will buckle down for the last half of June

    @stevetoontaxidriver – so sorry, it’s never easy.
    @pissupoosa – aw shame about your exam, good luck for the resit. and a big thanks for hosting this month
    @coda – have a great holiday and look forward to hearing about your meeting up .
    @bert1802 I’m sure you’ll get your motivation back , your posts are always so entertaining

    Bye all , see most of you in the June challenge xx

    Day 31, Gozo Malta, nfd

    I’m 2 and a half kilos above target weight. Have a lovely day everyone

    Day 31, Mountaintop PA, NFD 148.5 lbs

    Ending the month on a low note–the good kind with 1.5 lbs in the rear view mirror. I had a goal of maintaining and now I have new changing goals. Final weight 148.5, which is only 6 lbs more than I was at age 24 after having my first child.

    I had the seamstress take in six pairs of almost new pants and a couple of dresses. It’s so nice to wear clothes that fit nice.

    But more than the outward appearance I believe the IF Fast 5:2 is maximizing my energy and clarity. The fasting traditions of some religions and cultures are testaments to good health.

    I continue to walk nearly every day with my Fitbit for focus counting the steps and miles. The combination of fasting and exercise is a winner for me.

    Onward to a new month, the first of summer. Now is the time to “make hay while the sun shines” as the farmers say.

    Day 31– Colorado USA– day 3 of B2B2B FDs…..actually doing it!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸΌ

    These last few days have been my best Fasting since January. Day 3 is just starting but I feel as if “I’ve got this.” Finally gotten my mojo back! Thank you, Pocketeers!

    I won’t be near my scales for a couple days, but look forward to posting results as soon as I can. (I’m curious!)

    Day 31, Belfast, NFD

    @steve toon taxi driver – sorry to hear the sad news about your mum.
    And @debster251 – sorry to hear about your friend. I was at an old neighbour’s funeral just yesterday…we really are fragile beings. Sending big hugs.

    The last week of May hasn’t been too successful for the ol’ fast days, but I’ll get back on the wagon tomorrow. Overall I know I’m getting rid of the lbs, so I’m not going to stress or beat myself up about it.
    I will do my final weigh in after one last FD and update the spreadsheet then lol! ****THANKS AGAIN @pissupoosa FOR HOSTING!!*****

    Hello all final day of May challenge day 31 FD UK Co Down

    @stevetoontaxidriver – so sorry for your loss, its not easy to watch someone suffer but it is equally as hard when they finally go and no matter that you want their pain to end, it hurts. Thinking of you in the days ahead. You are amazing to have kept posting when all this was going on – testament to your strength. Some would have had a reason to stop but well done and draw on this strength to carry you on in the months ahead.

    @pissupoosa – thank you so much for keeping so all together this month and for setting up a wonderful spreadsheet we can all use – amazing! these are for you –

    @debster251 – back home again 19th June really excited (in a nervous but good way) to meet up with Songbird and Chiltowngal – leaving my very healthy tomato plants in the care of my sons – I hope they are still as healthy when I come back lol. I have some peas, sugar snap, strawberries, salad leaves and pak choi in the greenhouse too – have left instructions they are to be greeted each morning with a cheery hello lol. I will put Virginia Park Lodge in my little book to maybe visit sometime in the future – thanks. Maybe the NI contingent should have a get together later in the year – that should keep our focus?

    Weigh in tomorrow for end of May challenge and starting point for June. I am so glad my OH is on board with this WOE – I won’t have to sit and watch him eat breakfast ha ha. He is happy to have something light later and a meal in evening. That is the plan so hoping with all the sight seeing (bike riding) any damage will be limited?

    @lany36 – I saw your post over on June Challenge, you have your hands full. Of course, putting your family & kiddos first is priority! We’ll be here for support whenever you can stop by.

    @fatrabbit — Well done! Terrific results for your efforts! I’m happy when I can knock off 2 lbs, 10 sounds amazing. But we’re each on our own journey. Just glad we have this group to share it with!

    @flourbaby — I use the old “take the temptations to work” method as well. I work with busy, busy RNs where sometimes our only breaks are on the fly. They are happy to grab up any snacks left in the break room. Luckily for me, I can’t do anything with wheat or chocolate, so that knocks out a good 80% of what’s put there! 😜

    @steffieagle — wow! Down to age 24 weight. Fantastic! Sounds like you’re doing everything right: good attitude, exercise routines & results. And thank you for the reminder it’s not just weight loss, it’s the many healthy benefits of fasting that we can look forward to.

    @pissupoosa — many thanks for hosting our May Challenge.
    See you all in June!

    Day 31 – USA (Illinois) – NFD

    Doing very well continuing under maintenance weight at 158. I credit all of you for strength and MFP for accountability. Had a restaurant dinner meeting last evening and opted for a “black and blue” salad. It has bleu cheese, bacon bits, with steak tidbits. Others around me were having deep fried food, french fries, etc. so I was dern proud of myself!

    @steve_toon_taxi_driver – ever so sorry for your loss. Even when we expect a death could happen any time, it is still hard to have it happen. It certainly is an unhappy time to lose one’s mother. Hugs to you.

    @steffieagle – it truly is wonderful to wear clothes that fit! Each season, I go through what I had a year ago and make my pile of items going to Goodwill. These are the ones beyond hope of renovation by my seamstress skills. I’m finding old pants mostly have too much room that covered my much larger belly – the rise goes up 6″ above my belly button!

    I plan to stick with this group on to June, so hope to see you over there.

    Onward and downward!

    Day 31. Hampshire UK – FD

    I did 3 x FDs last week – 2x 5:2 and 1 x 800 cals day. Probably only going to get to do one FD this week – which is today.

    So for May: mixed results for me this month!

    Great news – I managed to get under 9 stone for the first time in 9 years – YAY!

    Not so good news – I didn’t hit my goal weight!

    But good news – I can get into/actually properly wear my white jeans that I haven’t worn for 9 years – so looks like I should measure myself rather than just relying on the scales. Trouble is I think we are all hard-wired to go only by the scales!

    So I am guess I on to the June challenge…

    MASSIVE applause to everyone that has lost weight such as @fatrabbit :0)

    Also congrats to anyone that has done a water-fast this month – I am in AWE!!

    Lastly, big thanks to @pissupoosa for hosting and for creating the most amazing spreadsheet ever!

    See you all on the June challenge!

    Day 31 Lancaster, PA FD
    😊I enjoy hearing from everyone in our group. Still catching up on posts….
    @snowflake56 Very intrusive of that patient. I can see how it can be a terrible situation to have to go through. Threatening both you and your husband. Sounds like he might have a major mental disorder. I hope you are feeling better now.
    Your husband being a Doctor; You and your husband are in a good place. You both are really doing good for others sharing this WOL.
    @pissupoosa So sorry about the exam. You will Ace it in September though. Do you have a link for the charity for the disadvantaged children of Sri Lanka? I’d like to help.

    Day 31 Chicago, Illinois USA – NFD

    Day 31 Chicago – NFD

    Day 31 Aus FD

    Day 3 of b2b2b!! Yay!! Haven’t kept it to water only today but would be under 250 calories so very happy with that and really looking forward to weighing myself in the morning as I feel that this b2b2b had made a real difference. I’ll see in the morning I suppose, but I’lI’m feeling good regardless.

    @steve-toon-taxi-driver so sorry for your loss, there never is an acceptable time to lose your mother. Thinking of you.

    Day 31 USA-WA FD
    Going to do one more FD to end the month and then a final weigh and measure for May and the start for June. I was reflecting on a lot of us having life challenges this month, from grief and loss of loved ones, to flooding, to health challenges. I am impressed with all of us for hanging in for one another. Weight loss or no, this group is such an anchor!

    2nd Post Day 31 US FD
    @lany36 I understand we have twin teens also… need I say more? Keeping in constant communication is important. Just in case something comes up that could be a problem. Family and children are definitely first priority. Warm Wishes to you and your children.😊
    Good for You @happymargo I’m looking forward to seeing your results of your b2b2b 😊I bet you feel lighter and stronger.✨
    @steffieagle We have that in common, I enjoy walking with my fit bit also. I’ve gradually worked my way from 3,000 to 5,000 then 10,000 steps a day, last weekend. That’s a first for me.
    @coda have a great holiday… I’m looking forward to hearing about you all meeting up together.✨
    @lola907 I understand how that can happen but Keep that Friday feeling about how strong you have been. You can do it again.😊 The start of another month and a new day to do well again. It’s tempting to let disagreements with hubby’s cause bad feelings. Don’t let it get into your psyche enough to sabotage your success. Stay firm about your abilities and your successes. Be cool 😎 with yourself and hubby will come around, without you giving up your strength and successes.πŸ˜Šβœ¨βœ¨βœ¨πŸ€œπŸ»βœ¨πŸ€›πŸ»βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨ You have more chances… You can do this!😊😊

    @steve-toon-taxi-driver Condolences to you in respect to the loss of your mom. Having a long illness is always difficult. May you and your family find peace in this difficult time.✨

    Day 31 US FD
    Booper.dooper our daughter had lost 9.5 lbs in Mayβœ¨πŸŽ‰βœ¨πŸŽ‰
    229.2 -219.7 = 9.5lbs
    Since Mid March 238.6 lbs. = She has lost 18.9 lbs.βœ¨βœ¨πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ I and @fordprefect, my hubby, her father, are so proud of her… She is beaming and getting happy about this new WOL.✨

    I lost 2.6 lbs for May. Starting at 156 lbs. ending at 153.4lbs. Woohoo ? 🀣

    Day 31 – USA – NFD

    Wed. is my usual FD but taking doggie to groomers with OH and it will be our date. Will post final wt. Sunday. Size 16 jeans are loose now, buttons are screaming on size 14s, but I can at least get them around the thunder thighs and barely across the muffin top. Looking forward to June and more serious planning on FDs. Probably only met 1/2 my goal for May. @lola907, understand how stress with mate can affect choices; @Stevetoon, very sorry to hear about your mom; @happymargo, @fivetwofan5252, @Booper.dooper, @okeydokey, @steffieagle, @anna6 – great progress/success to all of you!

    Day 31 – SW WA USA -FD

    Back home & ending month with a FD after celebratory NFDs.

    Need to catch up on posts.

    Have a strong day fellow fasters!

    Day 31 – USA – NFD

    Second post – thanks so much @pissupoosa for hosting us this month and for the extraordinary spreadsheet. Can anyone post it again so I can fill in the blanks?

    @okeydokey — your family is having fabulous success! Way to work this WOL together as a Team. Nice!

    Day 31, Germany, NFD

    @stevetoontaxidriver I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother, it’s hard to let loved ones go. Take care.

    @debster251 sorry about the loss of your friend at such a young age (compared to mine, will be 61 in June). So much life not lived. We cannot avoid every illness, but we can try to live as healthy as we are able too, with the normal downfalls once in a while.
    The incident with the patient is still in my mind, but I’ll get over it. My husband didn’t have a discussion with the patient (he brought his wife with him) he did what he had to do and then told him he had to look for another doctor. He was diagnosed before for having a major mental disorder, so we agree with @okeydokey. Hugs to both of you xxx

    @fatrabbit you’re doing so well,another 10lbs gone this month xxx

    In one hour I’ll go to my first ballet-class. The balletschool is in the basement of the building the practice is in. Two weeks ago we spent the afternoon with Katherina, the teacher. The building had a sewer problem. The plumbers thought it was somewhere in the building so they started to mess up in the practice (3 days from 7am until 8 pm, after 3 day of messing up they found out the problem was on the outside of the building) and the balletschool. On Tuesday they flooded the wooden floor at the balletschool, so K. had to close. She moved to us to warn all the parents and children who came in for their ballet-classes. She invited me to the adult beginners ballet-class the next week. I went, but was to tired and just sat there. Well, no beginners to start with (3 years of ballet was the minimum), ages were between ~14 and ~40. I’ve never made a ballet-move in my life. First hour: classical ballet, second hour: modern dance. She adviced me to do some stretching this week and ordered real ballet shoes for me. So in one hour from now I’ll be doing warming ups, throw my leg up on the barre and try not to be as clumsy as I feel now. Why did I say yes to this??? One thing is good though, I’m slim like a ballerina now (52,2 kg), now I just have to practice the elegance.

    Day 31, Germany, NFD

    I just wrote such a long post, now it’s gone!

    @steve-toon-taxi-driver I’m so sorry about your loss, take care

    @debster251 So sorry about losing your friend at such a young age, so much life not lived. As @okeydokey asumed: the patient has been diagnosed with a severe mental disorder, but his reaction shocked me anyway. My husband always stays calm, did what he had to do and then told him he had to look for another doctor. Hugs to both of you.

    @fatrabbit you did so well again, you lost 10lbs this month xxx

    As I’m slim as a ballerina now (52,2 kg), I decided to become a ballerina at almost 61 (next month). Okey, it was a bit different. In the basement of the building the practice is in there is a ballet-school. The building had a sewer problem, we had pumbers for 3 days, the ballet-school was flooded, the practice also was a mess. Katharina, the teacher, moved in with us for an afternoon and invited me to a beginners adult ballet-class. Well, I had a look, no beginners (at least 3 years of practice), ages between ~14 and ~40, they all moved so elegantly. But they were all very friendly, so in one hour my ballerine-life is starting and after a warming-up I’ll throw my leg upon the barre and try not be too clumsy (but I will ofcourse). First hour: classical ballet, second hour: modern dance, after that: exhausted.

    Day 31, Germany, NFD

    I just wrote such a long post, now it’s gone!

    @steve-toon-taxi-driver I’m so sorry about your loss, take care

    @debster251 So sorry about losing your friend at such a young age, so much life not lived. As @okeydokey asumed: the patient has been diagnosed with a severe mental disorder, but his reaction shocked me anyway. My husband always stays calm, did what he had to do and then told hom he had to look for another doctor. Hugs to both of you.

    @fatrabbit you did so well again, you lost 10lbs this months xxx

    As I’m slim as a ballerina now (52,2 kg), I decided to become a ballerina at almost 61 (next month). Okey, it was a bit different. In the basement of the building the practice is in there is a ballet-school. The building had a sewer problem, we had pumbers for 3 days, the ballet-school was flooded, the practice was a mess. Katharina, the teacher, moved in with us for an afternoon and invited me to a beginners adult ballet-class. Well, I had a look, no beginners (at least 3 years of practice), ages between ~14 and ~40. But they were all very friendly, so in one hour my ballerina-life is starting and after a warming-up I’ll throw my leg upon the barre and try not be too clumsy (but I will be ofcourse). First hour: classical ballet, second hour (if I can do more): modern dance, after that: let’s see if I can get upstairs so my husband can carry me home.

    @snowflake56 That sounds like so much fun! I always wanted to learn ballet but the one time I took a class when I was about 8 the other girls all laughed at me as I was so clumsy so I went home and pretended instead. My sister was good at gymnastics and I was so envious. I think I would be much less self conscious now, some things do improve with age. Enjoy yourself:))

    @okeydokey brilliant news about your daughter:)) Congrats to her:)) My son has now lost 15lbs, 10 this month. His rice crispie episode actually ended well as he was so much more hungry the day he ate them for breakfast that he can see the link between carbs and hunger quute clearly now. He actually woke up happy this morning which we both think is diet related as well as down to his taking fewer antidepressants. Those have not helped him at all, in fact they made things worse. They left him so flat he didn’t feel much of anything. We spent a lovely afternoon cooking and discussing food and I introduced him to the joys of good coffee. So nice to see him smile:))

    Day 31 US FD
    @snowflake56 Good for you! Dance is a great way to get and stay in shape. I taught aerobics when I was younger, which was great at getting and staying in shape. Soon I’m hoping to find a good dance class for myself…. my leg is getting better… at least a 5-6 more months before I could do an aerobic dance class again.

    Wow, We made it through May! Congratulations and Thanks✨ Everyone!

    Hoping to see everyone in June with @strawberriesandcream ✨hosting. Here is the link:

    Day 30 Florida USA FD
    Day 31 Florida USA NFD SO disappointed today- after NINE 500 calorie fast days in May, I lost ONE pound, from 125 to 124, on this last day of the month. I tracked calories everyday on the App Lose It, and took care to stay under my 1250 calorie TDEE on the NFD’s. I’m baffled as in 2013 on 5/2 I lost 4 pounds/month. I’m okay with how I look but I still have clothes that don’t fit me well. I can’t think what to do except Carry On as I have been and be even more mindful on NFD’s. Any tips welcome.

    Day 31 – West Mids, UK – FD

    Weight 11st 11 3/4 llbs – weight loss – 5 1/4lbs woo hoo

    Bust – was 43 now 42 – minus 1″
    Waist – was 35 now 33 – minus 2″
    Hips – 41 1/2 now 40 1/2 – minus 1″

    Really happy with this,, although did not achieve target; managed well with FDs and it became normal. Had some blips with exam pressure and bank holiday, but hopeful of achieving more in June…. Thank you all and @pissupoosa for your time in hosting

    Day 31 (can you believe it?) USA, Missouri Ozarks, FD

    Today’s weight 143.8, below goal weight of 145.

    I want to thank our gracious host and all of you fellow posters for a wonderful month. I managed to stay in maintenance, below goal weight, every single day ! Even on days when I was SURE I wouldn’t.

    Looking forward to the same in June.

    Thanks, again.

    Second post, trying to read back and catch up a bit. Hope to do more later.

    Steve, so very sorry for your loss. May wonderful memories sustain you and all who loved your mom.

    Okeydokey – or should I say Booper-dooper! Congrats, way to go !

    Coda, your holiday sounds wonderful. I wish you sunny skies and safe travel.

    SongBirdMe – sounds like you are doing great I maintenance mode (especially after just returning from a recent trip. Are you, like me, amazed sometimes?

    And the black and blue salad sounds great, what a cute name.

    Some great successes being reported on this thread, congrats to all.

    @steve-toon-taxi-driver My condolences for your loss.

    @snowflake56 Great to hear that you’re giving ballet a try! I don’t think it’s ever too late to start, and it’ll do great things for your posture, balance and flexibility. I actually dance ballet as well – the dance classes I’ve occasionally mentioned are all classical ballet classes – twice a week. Sadly, we’re in our last week before the summer break.

    @fatrabbit Kids can be so mean (I suppose they didn’t understand that you hadn’t danced as much as they presumably had). I hope you get the chance to give dancing another try at some point.

    I said I’d brave the scales, and so I have. (I wish I hadn’t).
    I am now 18 pounds UP from my goal weight….last seen at the beginning of the year.
    DON’T leave the wagon like I have. I haven’t fasted since early March, I’m afraid I just can’t at the moment. Old eating habits have crept back.
    The price of staying at goal weight is ETERNAL VIGILENCE.

    @fatrabbit ✨Great news✨ of your son Obliterating 10 more lbs making a total of 15 lbs so far!! Congrats to him.βœ¨βœ¨πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
    He is doing so much better and learning so much from you about food and eating healthier. That is going to be huge in helping him in being healthy, happy and successful as he goes through life. ✨😊 Be happy….you showed him the way and helped make that happen!😊
    @fatrabbit aka slimbunny
    πŸ°πŸ‡πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈ ✨✨Superb success on purging 10 more lbs this month. βœ¨βœ¨πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰Congratulations!
    So very sorry @fatrabbit aka slimbunny. Kids at that age don’t know much and they act without thinking of the consequences. Hatefulness is a product of ignorant minds. If you get a chance … take a Dance class now, It could be fun… with the grown ups. πŸ’ƒ ✨

    @mogaman I’ve also had a plateau this month. Although when I began in March I lost 14.5 lbs, doing basically the same things. I have resorted to trying something new. I added a 3.5 lb hand weight into a pocket of an older cotton sweat jacket. I then fold it around to keep the weight in the pocket. Then I tie the sleeves around my waist. So I have an inexpensive waist wrap to carry weights around my waist as I walk. I will add a 5lb weight after I get back from our holiday to San Diego, CA. The last week in June.
    The premise is …. we might not be obliterating weight as fast as we were because we currently weigh less than we originally weighed. By adding more weight during the day and when walking πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ. We could possibly use more calories faster… I just started this yesterday so it is to soon to tell.
    If you find another solution … please let me know.πŸ˜Šβœ¨βœ¨βœ¨πŸ€œπŸ»βœ¨πŸ€›πŸ»βœ¨βœ¨

    Day 31 – MT USA – FD

    Well, I started on a FD and am ending on a FD. I’m going to check my weight tomorrow and am hoping that post-FD will bring me under 140 which was my goal. It’s been tough on me to do this for a whole month with no weight loss, but I tell myself to just keep going. So see you on the June challenge!

    Day 31 Notts UK NFD

    Where has this month gone and who allowed it to go so quickly!! Lunch with my sister today, she had made a beautiful salad and then came out the cake and ice cream – oh well was very nice. She was a little bit down today – waiting for a gall bladder operation and its taking a long time coming – having now to put up with stomach and back pain. Don’t like to see her like that she is always so cheerful and upbeat so its hard to see her so low.

    Many congrats to all who have lost this month and onwards to June and a better outcome for those who like me have not had such a good month.

    Steve so sorry to hear of the loss of your mum, its a hard thing to go through but you have proved how strong you are and you will come out the other side.

    Onwards and downwards everyone, bon chance and see you in June.

    Day 31 NFD St. Louis USA
    Weight 136.2 but usually see loss after Thursday FD
    Will fast again tomorrow and would be happy to join the June accountability group. Thank you @ strawberries and cream for hosting and thank you @pissapoosa for hosting May.

    @steve-toon-taxi sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. It’s always hard no matter when or how.

    Welcome to the new comers. This is a great group helpful friendly and just all-around supportive.

    On my best to all of you. We can do it together.

    @mogaman this link might help in response to the plateau issue and in understanding what’ could be going on.
    ✨My daughter experienced the whoosh affect. Maybe this can explain it.
    @coda had posted the information about losing weight faster and unexpectedly after a plateau, It is the whoosh effect article

    Hope some of this helps…

    @mogaman this link might help in response to the plateau issue and in understanding what could be going on.
    ✨My daughter has just recently experienced the whoosh affect. Maybe this can explain it.
    @coda had posted the information about losing weight faster and unexpectedly after a plateau, It is the whoosh effect article

    Hope some of this helps…

    Ooooops I have no idea why that posted twice.

    2nd post

    home from ballet-class, it was fun, couldn’t do everything the others did, but it went well. I did both classes, will go on with both of them.

    @fatrabbit it’s sad you had to stop doing ballet because of the other kids, they can be so mean. But you can try it now, adults are more patient with beginners. I’m so pleased your son is doing so well, onother WOE has so much effect on wellbeing.

    @okeydokey I’ve never done aerobics, I’m really bad at doing things fast, esp. doing it in a group. Before we moved here, we did ballroom 4 times a week for 5 years, it was great, we both loved it and were in such good shape. What kind of dance would you like to do when your leg is well again? Your daughter is doing great too, you and your husband are such good role-models.

    @chumi did you start with ballet-class as a child or as an adult? I can only do it once a week, but I can workout at home. I haven’t asked if there a summer break, but I think so. As a child I never wanted to do ballet, I was good at swimming and playing tennis, I haven’t done both for years now, I don’t even know why. Lazyness???

    @mogaman Since you asked for some tips….
    From the first link I posted, I was starting to question this guys ideas … but as I read on about “reversed dieting.” He later states that metabolism doesn’t become wrecked it has adapted to lower amounts of foods and how to safely add foods to adapt to more amounts of food and a faster metabolism. He talks about staying at TDEE. So I see it as similar to the NFD’s
    I will continue with my FD’s and NFD’s anything other than that …
    I haven’t decided on changing anything yet…. But I am keeping an open mind.✨
    Of course I would have to adapt the amount of the weight that is physically healthy and supportive for me specifically.

    Day 31 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    Weight today 54kg – Staying below Goal weight of 55kg – 6th month in maintenance! πŸ’ƒ

    Yesterday was a very good FD
    Broke my fast this morning with lunch out in the sunshine with a couple of girlfriends after a 2hour morning Pilates Workshop concentrating on Waist and Below!

    @lindasue – congratulations for staying below your maintenance weight – Hope you thoroughly enjoyed your lunch – It is so nice to be appreciated by both your boss, who gives credit where it is due and and by the attorney who you link up with closely in your work.
    @snowflake56 – how heart warming to hear that one of your patient went out of their way to let you know that they appreciate you – that is what makes it so worthwhile. 52.2kg! what a slim woman you are and taking up ballet lessons – as you say it’s never too late – what an inspiration you are – I look forward to hearing more about your adventures as a “ballerina”
    @debster251 – Sounds like the wedding was fabulous and that you all had a wonderful time. How wonderful to have Richard Corrigan cook for you – just a tad envious!!! So sorry to hear about your friend and as you say it does put life into perspective HUGS
    @Strawberriesandcream – well done for completing your first FD for May
    @fatrabbit – WOW another 10lbs gone in May
    @steve-toon-taxi-driver – So sorry to hear about your mum – Even when expected death is so heart wrenching but remember that “Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day”
    @fivetwofan5252 – big YAY for getting under the 9st mark! πŸ’ƒ
    @coda – bet you are looking forward to going on your holiday next week – not many days to go…..Have a fabulous time and look forward to hearing all about it on your return
    @booper-dooper – WOW 9.5lbs gone in May and a total of 18.9lbs since you started the challenge πŸ‘

    @metatauta – here is the link for the spreadsheet:-

    @ciren2 and @bert1802 – Hope you both hop back on that wagon for June – we will be there to support and pull you along as required – “Yes you can! The road may be bumpy but stay committed to the process”
    @fatrabbit – πŸ‘for your son – don’t forget that you have been leading by example and supporting him in this journey – TOGETHER YOU ARE definitely BOTH STRONGER

    Well done to the group of Pocketeers doing the B2B2B to see out the end of this challenge!

    Huge congratulations to those who lost weight small or large; achieved their goals for the month or have successfully maintained πŸ‘
    To those who seem stuck on a plateau, just think of it this way -“When you get to a plateau, think of it as a landing on the stairway to your goal. And maintenance is a lifelong plateau, so a bit of “rehearsal” for maintenance isn’t the worst thing in the world” πŸ˜‡
    To those who have struggled or even put some weight back on – Tomorrow is the start of a new challenge – Let us all move forward together “The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow” πŸ€—

    @pissupoosa – Thank you so much for looking after us this month and for the great spreadsheet – you made it so easy for us to fill in it ourselves πŸ’πŸ€—

    THANK YOU for the funny stories and laughs – THANK YOU for sharing your life with us – THANK YOU for the support and words of wisdom – THANK YOU for being part of this amazing global family that has no borders and takes everyone in.
    I hope to “see” many of you in the June Challenge and if you are not continuing on this journey with us good luck and you can always rejoin at anytime!!! OR just pop in to say Hi and let us know how you are doing!

    “The greatest thing you have is the 24 hours in front
    of you.
    The past is gone; the future is distant.
    Today you CAN succeed.
    Set a goal you can achieve in the next 24 hours.”

    Sorry, I was not able to check the posts for the last 10 days, but I was fasting per planned. My target weight for this month was 81kg and I was able to reach 80kg πŸ™‚

    Day 31 – UAE – FD (Final weight 80kg)
    Day 30 – UAE – FD
    Day 29 – UAE – FD
    Day 28 – UAE – FD
    Day 27 – UAE – FD
    Day 26 – UAE – NFD (weigh-in 80.1kg)
    Day 25 – UAE – FD
    Day 24 – UAE – NFD
    Day 23 – UAE – NFD

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