Maria's fasting days

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Maria's fasting days

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  • Maria’s fasting days

    On fast days, I have tea (with milk) in the morning, black coffee and the odd Miso soup during the day, then something healthy when I get back like a veggie curry, stir fry or jacket potato, cottage cheese and salad.  I know jacket potato is not brilliant for its GI but it’s swings and roundabouts on this way of eating I think. I find that meal very satisfying after a day of real fasting so it works for me.

    If I’m doing a fast day when I’m at home then it’s more difficult not to ‘graze’ so I try to at least make the grazing heathy. I tend to make a large pot of veggie stew, have some for lunch, maybe a cup full late afternoon and then pep it up with spices / curry for an evening meal. Anything left gets frozen in portions for a quick meal for when I get home late from work (I keep portions of cooked brown rice in the freezer to have with it)  The key thing is flexibility for me – if a planned fast day becomes a non-fast day then no problem, I just fast the next time it’s convenient and no guilt :-).

    Today I was “in the zone” so ate nothing until 5 ish, then had some reasonably healthy leftovers and a piece of fruit. I’ll have a glass of wine (or two) to see in the new year but won’t get back on track with the serious calorie restriction until I get back to work later in the week.  One thing I have decided to do is not to have breakfast most days – even on non-fast days – as I think this will work well for me as a long term weight control strategy.  Of course I might also get the health benefits of the 12 – 16 hr ‘fast’ when the body goes into repair mode rather than build.

    See Maria’s story here.

    Question for you, may be in the wrong place, so apologies.

    I have been attending a life coach and weight management one-to-one for over a year. We have come to an end now, with 3 months check on progress.

    I have read the book and even all the science bits (especially as ketosis is mentioned and I had concerns with having had serious kidney problems in the past).

    The question I have however, is regarding base metabolic rate (bmr).

    My bmr has been measured as 1364. I calorie count 1200 cals a day, upping to 1400 on long run days for extra energy boost.

    What I want to know is – the figures in the book are based on 1800 for women 2000 for men being bmr. What happens if your metabolic rate is lower than this – 200 cals on fast days? I have hypothyroidism and taking HRT, which would explain the low bmr. Also almost 44.

    Hi Maria

    Can I please ask where you get your Miso soup from and do you buy a packet or tin?

    I’ve jsut started the diet and although I’m doing well on the fasting, I seem to crave something savoury at lunchtime and would prefer the Miso to an apple.


    Hi Maria

    My name is Thais . I work for a Brazilian press and really would like to talk about the diet . Can you please give me your eamil?

    thank you very much

    best regards

    I am having trouble converting the measurements in the book (100g) to those I understand, like cups, oz’s and so forthth……help Next question: are there more than one Museli? I bought a bag but it has nuts and raisins, is this the right one? If not then what? Confused???????

    Can you break up the fast into 3 small meals per day and still get the weight lose or do you have to have 12 hours in between?

    Mariposa, go on the internet and you’ll find a conversion chart.

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