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  • Hi there,

    I work so have to take lunches to work. On fast days I find this difficult as we only have a microwave and most recipes are for cooked meals. Are there any low calorie lunches ideas out there ‘to go’ ?xx

    Boots, M&S, Itsu and numerous other outlets sell calorie counted sandwiches, snacks etc., although apart from Itsu and soup most of them would probably contain quite a large proportion of your daily allowance.
    Can you not find time to make a salad to take for your lunch on a FD, or take a couple of pieces of fruit or a flask of soup?

    Hi Maddy, depends what you actually want for lunch and how many calories you want to eat.
    Many recipes on web sites and in books are actually low in cals. Remember that calories shown on prepared foods are an estimate. Nothing wrong with that as most of us are guided by them. If you spend a little time on the net browsing food sites you may be surprised at how many recipes are actually 5:2 friendly. I am a great supporter of many M&S Ready Meals but you say you have a Micro wave at work so…. Browse sites like BBCFOOD, FOOD.COM etc, many meals are low cal. One example is Somerset Stew. It can be made at home, used as a family meal adding Mash and sausages for non diet family yet it can be put in a container, taken to work and re-heated. Calorie count around 170 cals per portion. Making a family meal one day and putting aside a low cal portion for work is a good way of making meal choices easier especially if it is low cal and can be incorporated into your 5:2 lifestyle.
    Good Luck.

    We make small salads for lunch, or alternatively take some vegies which we cut up first and a piece of fruit. Easy lunch ideas and saves a large portion of calories for dinner, which we prefer.

    New to this just started yesterday. I have lunch at my desk, so just keep going while I eat. Took cup a soup yesterday, very low cal. But next I might get cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks. More Ideas would be appreciated.

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