Low Globulin reading from blood test

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Low Globulin reading from blood test

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  • I have lost from 205 pound down to 173 pounds over a four month period using IF. It works for me and I feel fine. I had blood work done and almost all readings were static to last August, except my protein counts are outside normal. Globulin is at 1.6, normal is 1.9-3.7 and albumin/globulin ratio is therefore too high because the globulin is low.

    Is this unusual and something with which to be concerned? I have upped carbs slightly and increased calorie intake since high relative protein intake apparently can contribute to this. I really like the way I have been eating without the tweaks, so am I overreacting?

    I just got my blood work back and have the same issue. Did you ever figure this out?

    I just had a blood test and showed low globulins also! All other tests were normal, including liver function and lipids. A chat with my phlebotomist indicated that she also fasted and had the same issue! While I realize that the plural of anecdote is not data, this looks like a trend.

    Doctor is having me re-test in a month. I am not going to fast for a week or so before the blood draw. See if that makes a difference

    Did you ever figure out if the IF had anything to do with your low Globulin levels?

    I was retested and found to be still low but much less so. I just put it in the “stuff happens” box and carried on. My guess is that it does have something to do with fasting then spiking blood sugars when the fast is broken.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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