Loving the fast days

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  • I do alternate day fasting. I actually prefer my fast days. Lots of energy and fuss free. Eating days I don’t worry but definetley not the alert/concentration of a fast day.


    I need help to get me thought the fast days! I am fine up until the evening then I just want to eat bread all night, I am 52kg so don’t need to lose weight but would like will power to do this once a week for maintenance and the other health benefits

    I also enjoy my fast days. And as Vet272 mentioned I also enjoy the “fuss free” nature of those days. In fact I have a “fuss free” trick that has really helped me with my fast-days. What I prefer to do, when I have the opportunity, is to prepare my fast-day meals a day ahead, and to put the portion I want to eat in separate containers in the fridge.

    The fix-ahead doesn’t apply to my breakfast. I eat the same breakfast every fast-day. Two scramble eggs with about 1 to 1.5 oz. of smoked salmon. (I chose this breakfast because I saw Dr. Mosley fix this fast-day breakfast on one of the videos.)

    The biggest challenge in my fast-days has always been the supper meal. I’m at home and if I’m fixing a supper meal on my fast-day it provides a formidable opportunity to bust out of my fast – maybe fix something less than healthy, maybe take too big a portion, maybe snack on a “few” almonds while I’m cooking, etc.

    If I’ve prepped my fast-day supper the day before, and portioned it out in some containers, I’ve found this to be a great way for me to avoid the environment of my kitchen and all the temptations that would normally occur in the process of preparing a fast-day supper.

    And… it’s “fuss free.”

    I am in agreement with especially liking my fast day. It has to do with the lack of long food prep. I have laid out what I want to eat in my head and have it on hand. Will say one of the lovely things is a soft-med boiled egg eaten in an egg cup with crunchy raw veggies on the side. Fresh fruit is also a treat. If I think I am getting too many carbs I add a few raw almonds. First meal eaten at 12:30 PM is generally yogurt and almonds. I drink quite a lot of water intermittently which is my habit. I don’t mind having repeated foods and vary the evening meal. Have had success loosing 25lbs and maintaining that new weight from May through SEPT on 5:2.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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