Losing weight without exercising???

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Losing weight without exercising???

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  • Hi, I’m just interested in people’s experience, are people managing to lose weight without a radical change in their exercise patterns? I guess I’m asking if its possible to lose weight without doing more than incedental exercise ie just going about your daily life? Thanks

    You can easily lose weight without going to the fitness. Just make sure that you keep busy and don’t sit around all day. Things like cleaning, gardening, walking and even playing WII fit games or something are great ways to lose weight.

    I have not exercised regularly and seriously since I started in March. I have lost close to 15 pounds.

    As Amanda said, I try to use that day to mow the lawn, vacuum and try to be active and also do weights on occasion.

    Hi Mumo, AmandaBB is right. I walk around the block on my lunch break, take the stairs whenever I can etc., but I don’t go jogging or to a gym and I’m still losing weight just fine. I’m sure it helps to move as much as possible but you don’t need to turn your life upside down. Good luck!

    Thanks everyone for your comments. It’s heartening to hear your all losing weight without crazy exercise routines. I’m a mum to two boys under 2, the youngest is 4 months old so getting out for a run or a session at the gym isn’t always that easy! I’m pretty busy running around after them and we go on long walks as a family on the weekend so I guess that’s better than nothing at the moment! Thanks again.

    Don’t underestimate the health benefits of chasing after young children. At least it’s not a sedentary job. Check out the health effects of sitting all day and be thankful!


    Hi Mumo, I haven’t changed my exercise regime at all since starting almost a year ago. I swim once a week (pretty high intensity) for 1 hour and walk to & from shops etc. at weekends. I was always a stairs rather than escalator girl but I have a totally sedentary job with no real scope to introduce any exercise (other than walking 5 steps to collect the printing) at work. I’m a couple of Lb off the 3stone mark for weight loss at the moment and I thoroughly expect to be dead on 3 stone at my 1 full year weigh in.

    Two weeks into 5;2 started out of desperation to loose weight at a time when I am not able to exercise as I can’t
    walk and I am 1.5kgs down! Thumbs up this is good!

    I’ve lost the best part of three stone in five months. no exercise.

    The reason I considered 5:2 in the first place is that I was increasing my exercise, not counting calories at all and gaining weight. building muscle can only account for some of the weight gain. Exercise just wasn’t working. Once I started 5:2, I haven’t had to go to the gym 7 days a week, and I still drop weight.

    My key is remain in shape and healthy. I continue to push myself with jogging, weights and zumba classes but also paying attention to calorie intake. I now exercise about 5 days a week versus 7.

    doing exercise is more important if you are trying to lose health. it is helpful to burn calories. the regular practice will help to reduce weight throughout. but, if you make a radical changes you must follow some of the exercise which you have started earlier.

    I think it is better if we spend some time to do some workouts it really helps us to have a healthy and fit body. I used to exercise every day and make time to do in the morning and it helps me a lot. I feel a lot better when I’m exercising.

    Exercise is good for your health of course and if you can exercise then do it if you want to. However, you don’t NEED to add any exercise to 5:2 in order to shift weight.

    Personally, exercise is nothing but a total hinderance to losing weight for me but it is now helping me tone up (having lost 4 stone with NO CHANGE to my exercise at all).

    Do what you can, if you can but don’t feel that you HAVE TO add exercise. And if you’re like me and hav never lost a lb in your life through exercise then don’t expect extra exercise to do anything but drag your weight loss to a crawl now.

    All exercise does for me is to make me hungry. I shan’t be doing any exercise on my fast days and will be doing either HIT exercise before breakfast on my feast days directly after a fast day or a walk after breakfast. I do exercise to keep fit rather than to lose weight.

    On a bright side, many housewives I know seem to be rather fit. Walking does help. To me exercising can be in many forms. But I chanced upon this that provides fat loss without intensive exercising since it includes the nutrients such as amino acids for muscle mass retention.


    I used to be fit boxing, BJJ and MMA but don’t do any now if I do go back it will be small amounts of heavy weights to keep bone density up and muscle tone. Having trained a lot the only thought I have is that diet counts massively more than exercise. It can also make you much hungrier.

    Hi Mumo,
    Howz you ?

    Well!! as per my experience i also don’t like hard workouts which made to look for any other effective method,& then as a result of my desperation to loose weight i got to know about dance workouts, Oh man you can’t even imagine how happy I was as this is the only one activity which do not ask for much input and provides the best output.

    Hi and a good morning to you all. I joined 5:2 on 1st November and so far lost 4Kg.

    I walk 2 kilometers + every day, but not when its raining.

    I am 64 and gained 8 kg (77Kg)when I stopped smoking last December, and I would like to be my goal weight (68kg) or close by the end Dec.

    I used to walk nearly every day but only half a kilo to 1 but since I joined 5:2, I increased the distance and speed. I find it very rewarding as I feel so much better, sleep better and I feel happier in myself!


    As it’s popped up on ‘recent topics’ again, I thought I’d better update my experience for those who can’t exercise or are like me and exercise does nothing for their weight.

    I’ve been doing 5:2 for 3+ years and it is now a permanent part of my life. For the first 2.5 years I did not change my exercise regime at all (just swimming once a week, as explained above) and in that time I lost ALL of the 3 stone in weight and 2-3 dress sizes.

    At that point I decided that I should tone up my newly svelt frame and went absolutely mental at the gym for a year, swam 4-5 times as much as I did before, as well as adding 4 different classes, from yoga & pilates to Body Combat and Boxfit at least once each per week. I initially lost a tiny bit more weight but throughout the year I put it back on and added a few more lbs until I weighed more at the end of that year than I had before I started at the gym. To be honest I don’t think I’d toned up enough to justify the increase in weight and I had kept rigidly to 5:2 throughout, so I’ve come to the sad conclusion that exercise is just contra-indicated for me as a weight loss aid.
    I am naturally reasonably fit and don’t get out of breath walking up a mild hill, so I’ve decided to just not bother with ‘extra’ exercise anymore and go back to tackling the weight with diet alone. Having stopped going to the gym in May this year I am now almost the same weight again that I was before the ‘gym fiasco’ started and I’ll continue on 5:2 without extra exercise until I’ve reached my personal goal. Then I will exercise as & when I feel like it & try not to do too much and push my weight back up again.

    I realize I am odd and most people would benefit from adding exercise to their 5:2 experience if they can. However there have been occasional people on this board who either couldn’t exercise for one reason or another and worried that 5:2 wouldn’t work for them because of that (hopefully I prove that that isn’t the case) and those who try 5:2 and it doesn’t work but maybe that’s because (like me) they are just not the type of person who CAN lose weight through exercise and are doing too much exercise for 5:2 to be affective for them (like I was last year).

    Best of luck to everyone – I guess the lesson is to be aware as you try out different approaches and just see what works for you.

    If you’re looking for a great way to lose weight that works take a look at my video where I explain how I lost 20pounds in 3 weeks! 🙂


    What an absolute truckload of horsefeather.

    To lose that anount of weight you would need to expend more than 4000 cal of energy while taking nothing in. Physically impossible. What a joke.

    I agree with you and even if you did succeed in losing so much in such a short time, it will be back on in just a couple of weeks.

    Excercise don’t work for me to loose weight I walk at least 2km daily, with dry weather, for my health and to get out of the house.

    I lost 9kg with 5:2 in 5 months (Nov -March) and still on goal weight. Now its Winter in S-Africa and I am terrified that I shall gain again. We don’t have heated homes and electricity is Very expensive so its mainly Paasta, rice dishes and soups all the time.

    That is why I am now fasting 2x per week again. This is my 2nd week and today is day 1.

    Strongs to all Fasters and have a Happy day.

    Hi! Well, losing weight is impossible without exercising. But if you want to do minimal exercise but still want to lose weight, you can do HCG diet. This is how it works:

    HCG Injections is an inexpensive and safe treatment that has helped tens of thousands of people lose weight.

    The HCG weight loss plan a long with HCG injections helps people who are having problems due to overweight. These people crave for food more than usual and until it becomes uncontrollable and still eat much even if they are really not hungry. And due to these factors, a great increase in the amount of weight occurs. Because of the low levels of metabolism, these stubborn and unwanted fats are then piled up and stored in different areas of the body such as hips, thighs, buttocks, and waist.

    Using HCG diet injections daily may result in a weight loss of about 1 to 2 pounds a day or even more. Explore and know more about the tips on how HCG diet can be of help.

    Unbelievable, once again what a load of horse feathers. To lose 2 pounds a day would mean that you were consuming 8500 calories, all derived from fat storage. How is that possible, Id love to know.

    Losing weight is absolutely possible without exercise as stated by hundreds of people on these boards who have lost weight successfully on 5:2. 5:2 and Fasting improves health on so many levels, weight loss being one measure — without fancy tricks, chemicals, pills, etc. HCG injections? Not FDA approved. No thank you.

    Exercise has very little, if ANYTHING, to do with losing weight! “Lose weight at the dinner table; build muscle at the gym.”

    In fact, steady state cardio can PREVENT you from losing weight. Last April, I quit the gym (was doing 4-5 days, an hour or two each), started low carb and IF, and lost 45 lbs. Now working on the final 15 or so.

    Your body stores fat when insulin is produced. Carbs , especially refined carbs like flour, bread, pasta, sugar,etc, and protein to a lesser extent, make your body produce insulin, which tells it to go into storage mode. “Fat” (good fats, like butter, olive oil, etc.) do not produce an insulin response and so allow your body to release free fatty acids from its cells, so they can be burned for fuel. THAT is how we lose weight.

    Dr Jason Fung makes it easy (and fun!) to understand:


    Hi, Mumo. It is possible to lose weight without exercises. You should stick to a diet, have a proper regime and stay busy, but when you lose weight without trainings you skim looks not so pretty and to make it look good you should go in for sports. That’s why a lot of people combine these two processes.
    See some tips that may help you with your diet https://gettingclose.net/anti-bugs-dropping-weight

    You can lose weight without exercise with the help of the following methods, eat less after sun down, eat smaller portions of food, serve in smaller plates, sleep for at least seven to eight hours each night, eat mindfully concentrating on each morsel, eat more protein, drink at least 8 glasses of water each day and stop eating junk food and sugary drinks.

    Mumo, take heart – you’ll burn more calories walking while pushing a pram than you would just going for a walk without it. Putting the baby to sleep with the bouncing of the pram could have some side benefits for you.

    Healthy eating and walking 2 hours regularly help me to avoid excess weight gain and maintain a healthy weight. I have a big family and don’t have time to go to the gym so I keep on a healthy diet. I like cooking and take at work containers with low-calorie homemade food (ordered them here http://allinpackaging.co.uk/food-packaging/ ). I live not far from work so I’m walking home regularly. I’ve already lost 5 pounds.

    Hi! I want to share my thoughts about exercising.

    Honestly, I tried a bazillion things as individual exercise; I just can’t stick with it. I did gym, zumba, yoga, baladi, cycling, swimming, stretching, badminton, aquagym, snowshoeing, crosscountry skiing, walking, walkjogging, workout, etc. I hate all team sports so that is out of the question. Even functional fitness (taking the stairs, gardening, heavy housework, etc.) sucks.

    I am a very lazy person, and I hate being sweaty, I hate the burning sensation in my muscles, the short breath, hate hate hate. I always hated moving my body and was shamed relentlessly for being clumsy and fat when I was younger, and none of my parents are sporty; it just was not in our values so I never built a real interest.

    I’ve been thinking about how to make myself do more exercise, and so far I’ve come to the following conclusions:

    – It has to be short sessions (maybe HIT like in 5:2 book), to incorporate more walking, and not doing it everyday. It has to fit in maximum 1:30 hour, commute, changing and shower included.

    – it has to be super convenient: close from home, or even in the home, or be useful at the same time (let’s say scrubbing floors vigorously.)

    – I gotta make myself comfy: I got myself 2nd hand gym equipment and some exercise dvd.

    – I gotta keep it interesting: Once in a while I do a one-time try of a new activity, and will repeat it occasionally if I found it very enjoyable, which did not happen often; the only exercises I repeat occasionally are walking, swimming and yoga on an irregular schedule.

    – It also has to be free or low cost: I’m done investing time and money in things I do not enjoy. I am only paying for yoga cause I like the ambiance at the studio.

    – It must not hurt, make me feel dripping with sweat or embarass me, full stop. I don’t believe in no pain – no gain. I don’t care about performance either.

    I’ve been 5:2ing for 3 weeks and so far my energy levels are still quite low. I did not lose a lot cause I did eat too much on the feast days, but I still lost a bit. I intend to lose 15 pounds first, and to very slowly add up to my routine. I do not have the intention of exercising every day as I dislike it too much to make myself do it everyday. See, it’s like the 5:2 mentality: everyone hates dieting. Doing it 2 times a week makes it easier. 🙂

    Hi Mumo! Yes, it is possible to lose weight without making radical changes to your exercise patterns. While exercise is important for overall health and well-being, weight loss primarily depends on creating a calorie deficit, which can be achieved through diet modifications.

    In fact, many people have successfully lost weight by making dietary changes alone, without significantly increasing their exercise levels. This can be done by reducing calorie intake and/or choosing healthier food options that are lower in calories, such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.

    In addition to making dietary changes, there are also other lifestyle modifications you can make to help support weight loss. For example, increasing your daily physical activity by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking farther away from your destination, or even just going for a walk after dinner can all help to burn extra calories and support weight loss.See more: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/10-how-lose-weight-fast-without-exercise-how-to-weight-loss-faster/

    Ultimately, the key to sustainable weight loss is finding a healthy balance between diet and exercise that works for you and your lifestyle.

    you just need to lead a healthy lifestyle: get enough sleep, eat fruits and vegetables, don’t be nervous and enjoy life

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