Losing weight is not my goal; reducing risk of cancer and cognition problems is.

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Losing weight is not my goal; reducing risk of cancer and cognition problems is.

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  • I’ve read many posts here and the focus of every single one has been weight loss. As this nation is overweight, I applaud those of you who have lost weight. And if you have children, I’m so glad that they witnessed your commitment to losing weight.

    but weight loss is not my goal. Reducing age-related health problems is. In the Dr’s documentary, the doctors involved in age-related research mentioned spcedicfically warding off Alzheimers, cancer, cardiac problems, lowered HDL and glucose, maybe thyroid problems.

    Is anyone else focused on health issues other than losing weight? I’d like to know if you’ve measured the results, like in blood tests, the HG1, improvement in any other medical issues?

    There are quite a few of us posting who began fasting and continue to fast for the health benefits described by Dr Mosely. I began fasting three years ago not to lose weight but to stave off diabetes, to reduce cholesterol and to remain as healthy as possible as I age. I’m 65, take no medications and have regular blood tests to check on my progress. Weight loss was a bonus. Amongst other health benefits described by posters are improved asthma, reduced impact of fibromyalgia, assistance with epilepsy, reduced blood pressure, improved fitness levels, reduction of skin irritations and improvements with glucose levels … Whilst the focus may appear to be weight loss most people’s early posts indicate their strong desire to improve their health or to ward off the diseases of ageing. Weight loss is a bonus.

    I’d recommend watching Forks Over Knives and/or reading the China Study and considering moving toward a largely plant-based diet for health. I am a cancer survivor and have been vegan for six years, and have never felt better. Due to the type of cancer I had and hormonal issues, weight loss has stalled so I am trying a juice based 5:2 diet, but the vegan diet, eating clean, organic food, has kept me very healthy. I also just read a study about vegan blood being able to kill cancer cells eight times more effectively than blood of those eating a standard diet.

    Health and fitness are my primary drivers. I’m 67, ever near my target BF%, on zero meds and very fit. I believe that fasting (I do 5:2 with water fasts) is a very effective way to lower disease risk beyond weight control.

    Unlike DianieKG I eat a lot of animal fat from eggs, fatty fish and grass fed butter. Lot’s of non starchy veggies with lots of fiber too, but most veggie fats are very inflammatory so I avoid them.

    The evidence that I’ve seen indicates that the quality of the whole foods you eat is the overriding factor, not avoiding animal products. Sure a vegan diet can be healthy compared to the “standard diet” but I don’t think it’s the most healthy way to go. I know quite a few vegans and they are about as fat as the general population.

    Dianiel, I’d love to read the “vegan blood” study it you could post the link.

    This! Me!

    I am at a healthy weight to start with, so I am not seeking to lose any weight really. I am choosing to try this because I have heard so much about the benefits of fasting for improved health and greater longevity.

    I am particularly afraid of cognitive decline, dementia and heart disease. My family doesn’t have much of a history of cancer, but I am thrilled that this WOL reduces cancer risk too.

    I actually decided on this diet because I had heard so many good things about the CRON diet (Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition). It has been shown quite convincingly (in most organisms) to extend lifespan. The ‘stress’ of a low calorie diet means that your body goes into a repair and maintenance mode that is good for you. Fasting seems to kick the body into the same ‘stress and repair’ mode, but means that I can live a more ‘normal’ lifestyle inbetween.

    One of the big changes I am making by starting this is tryng to make sure I eat GOOD calories since the ‘optimal nutrition’ is an important aspect of the diet.

    So yes, you are not the only one. 🙂

    Although I will be tracking my weight to check that I stay within a healthy weight range.

    Hi DiverDog. Interested in your comment about inflammatory “veggie fats”. I’ve never thought vegetables contained fats – can you elaborate? Thanks!

    Penz, there are many veggie fats used in processed foods and food prep today, corn, rapeseed (canola) peanut etc that are very unhealthy for humans or animals to consume.

    Of course there are vegetable oils that are healthy to consume such as avocado, true nut oils, coconut and olive.

    The notion that any plant product is healthy and any animal product unhealthy is a very dangerous assumption. In fact many animal products are rendered toxic because the animals are fed toxic vegetable products like corn and soy.

    Plants defend themselves from predators like insects and us by generating chemicals called lectins that can make use sick. Some most people are tolerant of and some we are not. Some of the worst are from grains, legumes and cow dairy. The best explanation I’v seen of this in the book “The Plant Paradox”

    This is me too, although am looking forward to the side benefit of weight loss. I am 45, no one in my immediate family have lived passed 70. Am hoping to break the record! Also I am a nurse, and i hate looking after patients who are sick because of unhealthy choices, but i see me in the same position if i don’t do anything. I don’t want to be the overweight lady in bed 3 with diabetes and leg ulcers, all because i was too lazy to do anything when i should have.
    I just had my health check at work and my cholesterol is high, i haven’t been taking my tablet!, and sugars are at the high end of normal. We have yearly checks at work so i can keep a track of my blood tests.
    I am having my first fasting day today, planning on monday and thursday fast days.

    Also mainly doing this for health – fasting has removed my symptoms of endometriosis, but I’m also attempting to protect myself from cancer which runs in my family. I have definitely noticed that my mind is sharper when I’m doing 5:2 as well!

    It appears that, (just as Michael updated the 5:2 diet to account for more data/science) that there IS in fact potentially a better/easier way than 5:2 to lower (permanently) your IGF-1 levels: https://youtu.be/Q7AvgBgI8f4 (4 min video)

    I don’t know what the science says about OTHER hormones/chemicals, I’m only really just new to looking into it properly. But from what I’m reading, a whole-foods, plant-based (vegan) diet is the best one out there? Perhaps incorporating vegan cuisine in the 5:2 plan would be the absolute best of both worlds?

    Hi Vashti:

    Your video was 6 minutes last time.

    No need to sell your product here – fasting is free for all.

    Strange. I don’t have any products (books, recipes, websites etc) to sell even to GIVE away (unlike Michael Mosley – but I guess what’s good for the goose isn’t actually good for the gander, eh?).

    I’m a truth seeker. Have you seen any of the science? I’ve just started looking into it. And, from what I’ve seen so far, it may well end up being the next “updated” version of the 5:2 plan.

    I stumbled across this thread whilst looking at Recent Posts. Relax DiverDog, I’m not stalking you, we just have the same interests.

    I am now 73 years. I started 5:2 pretty much when it did, lost a chunk of weight, stopped, regained some weight and started again. Like many, I started in order to lose weight. My lifestyle meant that I already had enough muscle mass and I thought I was healthy. Last summer I hit my first weight loss target and set another one seven pounds down. I have not achieved that and don’t really care, that target stops me putting it back on. Two things have changed my priorities.

    1. At 73 I am increasingly aware that this body is not what it was and it needs more respect than it used to get. If I am to continue canoeing and walking the hills I need to stay fit.

    2. A couple of years ago I had colon cancer, which led to an interest in what happens inside me.

    Because of those two influences I now follow the Related Science articles thread, read as widely as I can and try to follow the diet advice of Prof Tim Spector with regard to the gut biome. Dr Valter Longo’s book on Longevity is not released in UK until next month, but I have it on order. I have had no 5:2 related tests done. The periodic tests the cancer people make to see if it has come back and the periodic checks of the elderly by our medical centre have indicated that my cholesterol, blood pressure etc have improved over recent years. I take no medication.

    Penquin, I’m always happy to see you post anywhere! You were a big influence on me to try water fasting and I’m really grateful.

    I’m looking forward to reading Dr. Longos book too. I’ve listened to his interviews and read some of his papers. I’ve mimicked his “fasting mimicking diet” 5 day plan three times.

    I’m convinced that fasting, time restricted eating, minimizing toxins, holobiome support, solar exposure, sleep, exercise and higher fat, cycled protein and low carb diet is the way to go for optimum healthspan for me.

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