Loose skin?

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  • Hey Everyone!

    So today my friend was warning me about loose skin, and I got sooo scared and my motivation just dropped like ton of bricks!
    Does anyone have any information about this , how easy you get it , is there any way of getting rid of it or anything else?

    Panic mode is on!

    oh dear Husky!!

    charming friend that is lol!! well, am not sure how much weight you want to loose, but the only way to firm up loose skin is by exercising! unless you can afford surgery, and personally I woudnt want to go under the knife grrrr…

    please do not worry yourself, as long you exercise or are fairly active you should be fine!!

    keep up the motivation, you can do this 🙂

    haha yeah she was just telling the truth huh? 😀 I have aobut 18-16kg’s to lose, I do swim twice a week and I just bought a stationary exercise bike, and I try to do kattlebell workouts few times a week .. So I’m moving, but I got alot of weight to lose and I dont want to get loose skin..

    Thanks for your support!:)

    Nice friend! lol.
    If you are only looking at shifting 16 – 18 kilos I very much doubt that you have anything to worry about. I’m looking to shift around 16 kilos in total and the thought of loose skin has never crossed my mind. I’m currently approx 10 down with another 6 to go. (3.5 to healthy weight and then 3 more for wriggle room).
    this diet doesn’t strip the weight off you overnight – you will not end up looking like a contestant from The Biggest Loser.

    Hi Husky, don’t fret about loose skin. I did worry a bit about the possibility myself to start with, as I was dropping weight so quickly but that soon levelled off and with such slow, steady weight loss as I’m getting now (that you get with 5:2) it would be unlikely to end up with baggy skin. I think the horror stories you see on ‘Bodyshoker’ TV shows are the people who have had gastric band surgery or been on some extreme ‘quick’ weight loss programme.

    I have already lost more weight than you are aiming for in total and so far (she says, touching wood) I’m no baggier than I ever was to start with. And that’s despite all the swimming, which is supposed to be not so great for keeping your skin taught anyway because of the chlorine.

    I am now starting to think about trying to improve my muscle tone and deal with the bingo wings but they were always there and are no worse and maybe actually a bit better than they were already.

    AND this is from someone who has been dealt the ‘rubbish, inflexible skin’ gene. I am already covered in stretchmarks (thank you puberty!), so my skin is NOT the best, most pliable stuff in the world and even I am fine. So honestly – don’t worry about it.

    Thanks for your answers everyone 🙂
    Yeah not going to worry about it anymore,the less stress the better my 5:2 will go. Probably a silly thing to worry about when I’m not going to lose all the 16 in a one month or less 🙂 Slowly but surely!

    Hi Husky.. I’ve gone down 3 sizes around my waist since August and don’t have any loose skin. Hope that helps

    NB I’m only down 1 – 1.5 size across my shoulders as am broad shouldered anyway.

    Hi Husky,
    I’m sure thus is no longer of concern to you, but there may be others looking for answers. As a result of pregnancy, I have saggy skin on my stomach. This is ‘excess’ skin, a bit like an old burst balloon, and no amount of exercise will make it go away. I think this type of skin is what is being referred to in your post. Being overweight filled it out, and I expect had I been very overweight, then lost alot of weight, I would have experienced the same effect. I think it comes down to how stretchy your skin is naturally. I suffered from severe stretch marks as a result of growing fast in height as a teenager, and again in pregnancy, despite having rubbed every oil known to man on my belly!
    So my answer is, your weight loss is not huge, your skin should easily spring back.
    If you have several stones in weight to lose, and have stretch marks as a result of your weight, you might find that your skin does not spring back as much as you might hope. I don’t think ‘stretchy’ people realise this happens, so don’t let anyone make you feel bad about not having toned up enough, because it may not help!

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