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  • Someone may have posted about this before, but I just read the article linked to at the right side of the page, “Foodies on the 5:2” and found Karen Burns-Booth’s food blog, which has some interesting recipes for fast days, especially soups, and recipes for fish and for vegetables, which I plan to try. (I think either the Salmon and Spring Onion Gratins or the Parmesan & Chive Salmon with Garlic Nutmeg Spinach tomorrow, and maybe one of her bean soups and mashed cauliflower on Sunday.) Anyone else who actually likes cooking for their family as well as themselves on fast day, like I do, might want to check out the recipes at:

    I usually make an entree and veg for myself and my son and add a starch for him, or make a big pot of miso soup with extra tofu and shiitake mushrooms and kale salad or saute for both of us, and buy a serving of good local sushi for him and have just one piece of it myself. Since I don’t like red meat or poulty, am not crazy about eating a lot of fish and eggs (I stop liking it if I eat too much of either), and am not in love with tofu, and he doesn’t like lentils, coming up with fast day meals that we both really like and want to eat over and over again is a little bit challenging. But I like a challenge 😉 It’s just so easy to make good, relatively quick fast day meals with fish or eggs. I forget how vegetarian cooking is a bit more fiddly and time-consuming, and find it difficult to fit grains, cheese or nuts for protein combos into 300-calorie dinners. Most grains, nuts and cheese are so calorie-dense that 200 calories (leaving 100 cal for veg and fruit) comes out to a very small serving. So I’m always on the lookout for recipe ideas!

    Hi franfit, I just found lavenderandlovage as well via a google search for 5:2 recipes. She has got some great family recipes that are simple to follow and look tasty. I want to use her cauliflower ‘mash’ with something around 250 calories as it looks so tasty!

    [Addition] Found a recipe for chicken and chorizo stew at, that was a little high in calories, so I modified it by adding a drained can of chickpeas and a zucchini, which brings the total calories per serving down to 286.

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