Let's talk about naps.

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  • Hi everyone, this is more of a request than a post linking to an article so apologies if this isn’t for you. Considering the situation wherein we may find ourselves locked indoors, day napping is becoming more and more relevant!

    My question is whether taking a nap on a fast day reduces or increases the effect of 5:2 fast day.

    What are your thoughts?

    Wishing good health to all

    Hi BYOUK,

    No idea to be honest – but my initial thoughts are:-

    1) that when you are napping you are likely to be using less calories than if you were doing something else (unless it is snacking), so you may end losing less weight than normal.

    2) if the napping upsets your normal sleep patterns it could be counter-productive. I believe studies have shown that the way the body processes food is adversely affected by poor or insufficient sleep which upsets your circadian rhythms and that in turn affects how various hormones are released which can make you feel more hungry, even though you don’t really need the food.

    I guess a lot depends on how long the naps are for, if they make you feel more or less energetic when you wake from them, and if you still sleep well at night.

    The above is not too much help I suspect.

    (FYI My background is over 7 years on 5:2, with my weight over 14 kg down from where I started, and with an average BMI of 23 over the last 6 years.)

    Hi Mr Data,

    Thanks for the in depth response that certainly makes sense. To be fair, I’m feeling more energetic on fast days so this point could have been rendered moot!

    That was plenty helpful thanks!


    Hm, I haven’t really thought about when to nap. I just do it, when I feel like it, but I also experienced that sometimes it helps and sometines I feel even more tired.
    I will observe it with the fasting days and see if it makes a difference. 🙂

    I don’t think a nap would make much difference to a fast day, but worth a try!

    Best nap tip: if you wake up groggy you are probably dehydrated. Drink lots of water to catch up. And next time drink plenty of water in the hours before you nap so that you won’t wake up groggy.

    Happy napping 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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