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  • Let us know how it’s going

    It’s going well but I feel weak and woozy on fast day afternoons and am worried about the effect on my work. Does everyone feel this?

    Eight months in and almost a stone down – not a lot but then my BMI was only 25.1 to start with. It’s been quite slow progress although always heading in the right direction. I just thought that I would report that I changed my fast days last week to Monday and Wednesday (from Monday and Thursday) and this week to Wednesday and Friday so that I could have an extra long weekend over the Bank Holiday while family were visiting.

    We’ve had wine, fish and chips, Chinese takeaways, puddings albeit not huge portions and my weight has only gone up by 2lbs.

    Interestingly though, I feel really blobby and I can’t wait to fast tomorrow. Really looking forward to getting back into the routine and eating loads holds no fascination for me anymore!

    Ended Week 12 last week and Im 5.1 kilos (11.2 lbs) down. Had my blood pressure taken too and it’s return to normal.

    Definitely change around the tummy area which has always been the hardest to budge. I take photos monthly too and have noticed a drastic change in body shape *thumbs up*

    Also if I exercise including on fast days I lose more than I normally would in the week.

    My fast days are Tuesday and Thursday 🙂

    How its going you ask Fast DIET!!!!I am at loss to explain how my weight went up by .1kg after having 4 fast days in the last 8 days? Any suggestions?
    Sure I’ve lost 24 lbs in 25 weeks but I felt I had my best fast ever Yesterday, no carbs, breakfast of eggs and dinner of fish and lettuce , so how come I didn’t lose weight?

    Hi Beavergong,
    Maybe it is just water? If I do not drink a special herbal tea twice a day on normal days my thighs get swollen and the jeans are too tight (and I feel so fat).

    Beavergong maybe your body is tricking you, holding onto fluids, and building muscle, maybe by next week your true weight loss will show, i dont know why these things happen, but they sure do frustrate us, be proud of how far youve come, of all the great benifits youve seen to date. do your clothes feel any tighter this week, or do you feel like youve shrunk still? xx

    Started adf a month ago. The hardest part was starting. I’m not craving processed foods as much this week and find myself really looking forward to fast days. I’ve decided to stay off the scale and let the mirror track my progress instead. Starting weight was 227 at 5’5″. I’m having fun and it’s getting to be easy. I plan on letting my body guide my food choices on feeding days.

    Hey There,

    4 years and 4 months in:

    Down 102# (274# > 172#)

    LDL/HDL NORMAL! (was way out of whack)

    Triglycerides 74 mG/dL (was greater than 400!)

    Blood pressure NORMAL without medicine (was 165/100, now 134/79)

    Strength training has added a layer of new muscle on my old bones – and those muscles will be helping me eat my meals from now on …

    Going forward? …

    I am 7# from my target weight … Once I reach that weight, I will declare victory, then set a new goal of perfect BMI at 155# – another ten pounds!

    Beyond that?

    I will continue two fast days a week, perhaps using the window IF method in order to maximize Glucagon exposure and capitalize on the benefits of autophagy …

    I see no good reason to stop fasting, and every reason to continue …

    A big THANK YOU to Dr. Mosley and Mimi! …

    You saved my life!

    @redteetiger – you might be experiencing a reaction to blood glucose dropping. This is a normal process when fasting, the liver dumps out its stored glycogen and when it is out there is typically a period up to a few hours where the blood glucose can get a little low before the liver starts really pumping out more glucose from other sources. One thing that works for me is just doing a couple minutes of exercise. The bodies muscles have a lot of glycogen stored in them, they burn that and the waste is lactic acid. The liver converts the lactic acid back to glucose. So some exercise can actually cause your blood glucose to go up. Measuring blood glucose is pretty easy and common as people with diabetes have to monitor it.

    @beavergong – If you eat on your fast days you shouldn’t expect your weight to always drop. There are many factors but you can easily retain more fluids. If you don’t eat then your weight was simply higher than you knew when you started or else you managed to out-drink the normal dehydration that normally occurs with water fasting. If you monitor your weight closely you will see you always lose weight while fasting. Yes it is possible to drink more water than weight loss, but that doesn’t mean you gain weight while fasting. Most of the weight in the human body is from water, that is why there is so much variability in weight.

    I was doing well, and then I ate too much food this week … I regained one of the two inches I previously lost in my waistline. Good thing, my skin care – which I’ve paired with fasting – is still doing its magic. My All Purpose Hydroquinone Cream and my Nivea still make my skin glow, despite my increased weight. I hope to quit the habit of eating too much and return to my previous progress.

    This is working really well for me. I am an all or nothing kind of person, so I have always needed a bit of discipline with my eating. I am finding myself looking forward to the fast days, as I get a feeling of relief almost. I feel physically more energised and my body gets a bit of ‘time-out’ .

    Doing so-so, if I’m honest.
    Started 1,5 years ago and all went well: lost almost 10 kg.
    Then my dad died, which was bad in a lot of ways.
    Then last month my daughter got married, which was wonderful but I ate too much again, haha!
    So I’m making a new start… Wish me luck!!

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