less then 500 cal ok?

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  • Just getting started with this diet. Is it ok if I take less than 500 cal on fast day? Does it help to lose weight more faster. Any inputs, greatly appreciate.

    Hi there fastraj,
    I have posted a similar question just half an hour ago..hope to get some responses too!

    I would be keen to know answer to this too. I started yesterday but haven’t read the book so had 500 calories. I just worked out my total daily intake calories and it says 1662 so that means my fast days should be 415?

    Hi everybody

    I have slipped into a habit of having around 330 cals on my fast days (I have a sumptuous 2 egg chicken bacon omelette with vegies and heaps of salad around 6pm. I don’t eat during the day on a fast day – like some others, I find that eating something makes me want to eat everything! I have water and tea.

    Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s not. I was on a plateau a couple of months ago, and I dropped my cals on a fast day, but then I also started watching more carefully what I was eating on a non-fast day too, so it’s difficult to attribute it to one or the other.

    I have lost nearly 12kg (which is nearly 2 stone) since the beginning of August – it’s not phenomenal weight loss, but it’s been pretty steady and I’d prefer that, because I’ve had a lovely time getting here, with plenty of treats and indulgences on the way!!!

    Incidentally, my success has spurred on many colleagues and now my husband to join us, and I’ve just forwarded the website link to another colleague this morning.

    All the best!

    There are a couple of opinions I think, but the most of us agree on that the 500 calories aren’t a set value. Yes, they’re also influenced by your TDEE, but as far as I’m concerned they’re a maximum. Some people do 36 hour fasts without eating anything, and to be honest I only eat some protein in the form of a chicken breast on fast days because I also work out those days and need to refuel my body a little bit.

    So yeah, fast day calorie amount can be anything from 0 to 0.25*TDEE.

    cause i can’t manage a calorie controlled fast day, as all my meals are made by the college, i decided after reading the book, to control my calorie intake by only eating some fruit & drinks on them days. so i usually have about 200 calories 2-3 days a week.
    its an experiment still

    Hey Raj, are you still around? How are you doing? You posted ages ago so it’s probably a futile attempt, but still would like to hear from you if you read this 🙂

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