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  • Hi everyone!

    So a little bit about myself:
    I am a 29 year old girl who loves going out and having a good time with my friends, date nights with my boyfriend, Sunday sessions and wine! I am 79.9kg.

    Back when I was 24 and first started reading up about fasting I did really well with 5:2 and dropped to about 67kg/10st5 really quite quickly and remarkably I found it pretty easy. Before that I was always a ‘bigger girl’ and hated it.

    I maintained for a little but then gradually started to get lazy with my fasts and I sadly ended up putting all the weight back on.

    This time last year I decided to get serious again in time for my 28th birthday so that I could fit in a dress i loved! And I did it, getting back to about 68kg. My ultimate goal was 60kg but at 68kg I was slim, looked healthy and had a BMI of about 21 or 22. How I wish I hadn’t taken it all for granted 🙁

    I wasn’t in a fulfilling relationship at the time.. and as my boyfriend was rather anti social, we didn’t go out much or see people all that often so fasting and being good wasn’t that hard. I was also easily fasting for 40 hours, twice a week on 0 cals and following a low carb/high fat diet on the other days which I loved.

    Fast forward to August of last year my ex and I broke up and I met my now boyfriend who is the love of my life and everything I’ve always wanted! We have a great life together filled with fun and adventure… but of course with that comes food, wine and not a lot of room for fast days (and excuses not to fast even when I could)!

    So again, in the 7 months we’ve been together I’ve piled it all back on again and am shockingly back up to 80kg. I am more than mad with myself but have promised myself by my 30th next year I will be where I want to be!

    BUT I feel like I just don’t know where to start. Since Christmas I haven’t lost anything and have probably been putting weight ON! I’ve been kidding myself.. doing a fast day here and there, a 16:8 day if i can’t fast, a low carb day, telling myself I’ll do it tomorrow, making awful food choices on my non fasting days. I know that the first time I ever did this i did 2 days at 400/500cal and didn’t worry much about the other 5 days and the weight fell off of me; but I’m older now and i don’t think I’ll be so lucky this time around.

    Has anyone else been like me and lost most of the weight TWICE and put it back on?

    20 kgs seems such a huge amount to lose i feel really quite overwhelmed.

    Thank you for reading!

    Dolly xo

    Dolly, lots of people have been in that same boat. Are you worried that if you try to Fast that your boyfriend would sabotage your efforts? Have you told him that you want to go back to a slimmer, sexier version of your current self? He should want to help you! My husband and I LOVE good food and good wine, yet we still Fast 2 days/week. [must say that now that we are at our weight goals, we have a glass of wine every day with dinner. You could get there too]
    On the Fast Diet, you will lose about a pound a week — you know that. 20 weeks, bit by bit and you will be fine. Good luck. Let us know how it goes for you and what decisions you make.

    Thanks for your reply!
    No my boyfriend is actually very supportive – I sabotage all by myself, I can’t blame anyone. I’ll just find reasons and excuses not to fast like telling myself I’ll do 16:8 instead etc.
    I will keep going again.
    Yesterday I did my first day under 500 cals (normally I max out every single calorie I can) in months so I feel good this morning.
    Have done my two fasts this week and excited for the long weekend. Just hoping I can be somewhat sensible!

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