Kale recipe anyone?

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  • Hi
    anyone have ideas to what I can do with a large bag of kale? Need to use today , happy to make up and freeze if that’s possible
    Thanking in anticipation

    Hmmm…a large bag of kale? My initial response would have been buy an iguana or a guinea pig…but for human consumption…probably the best (okay…most palatable) recipe I have is to shred it or chop it finely and steam it…before serving add a drop or two of vinegar. Greens. The good side of it is that you can eat the whole bag and calorically it is insigificant.

    Kale chips are good – tear the leaves off the vein and into bite size pieces. drizzle with a small amount of olive oil (I like using a mister) and sprinkle with salt. bake until crispy, usually 15-20 mins.
    Another favorite is to wash well, tear the leaves off the vein. make a dressing of lemon juice, just a very small splash of olive oil and some minced garlic (adding a little dijon mustard is pretty yummy too). add to the leaves and massage the dressed leaves with your fingers for 3-4 minutes. i add onions and eat as is on low calorie days. this can keep in the fridge for several (3-4) days.
    On regular days I add lots of goodies to the salad – grape tomatoes, pomegranate seeds, danish feta, beet root, toasted pine nuts… whatever grabs your fancy.
    Otherwise I’ll just cook the leaves (always stripped form the vein) with a little olive oil, garlic and tomato.

    A pet iguana would be fun too.

    If you go to thepioneerwoman.com, she has a recipe for panfried kale that sounds good. Her blog is also hugely entertaining. Tastykitchen.com also has a lot of kale recipes.

    Hey…the Kale chips actually sound pretty good! May have to try these.

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